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New York Color Smooch Proof Lip Stain, Berry Long Time, 0.1 Fluid Ounce

Lasts up to 16 hours. Precise felt-tip applicator allow you to line and define your lips with precision, then fill in with color. Natural flush of color, buildable coverage when layered to your desire. Water based formula. Wear alone or layer under your favorite gloss or lip stick.

Key features

  • Color that lasts up to 16 hours
  • Will not transfer, rub off or smear, even when eating or drinking
  • Allows you to build color

Honest reviews


i don’t like this product!

I am so unsatisfied with this product. i got this about two weeks ago and not only is the color not nice when applied to the lips it also stopped working because the marker dried up. this is a bad quality lip stain DO NOT BUY THIS!! it doesn’t look nice and it dries up fast! also the way it looks once its applied isn’t very nice it looks ugly. and then once you apply it you cant even take it off. i hope this review helped all of you!!

Olive Bethalto, IL

Good Product Generally, But Not This One!

I have bought this exact product locally, in Target, for about the same price, but their color selection is usually limited or sold out. So when I saw this item available for purchase from Amazon, in a color I’d like to try, I went for it. Unfortunately, the tube I got must have been lying around a long time, or something. It’s dry and the lip stain doesn’t flow out evenly or easily. The ones I bought locally didn’t have that issue for me. So, good product in itself, lasts a long time on your lips and isn’t heavy or waxy or greasy – but don’t buy it at Amazon!

Toni Fultonville, NY

Pretty Color but It Dried Out My Lips and Only Lasted 30 Minutes

This gave my lips a nice, deep berry color that was attractive, but the formula is a bit drying. And since I live in an area that has extremely dry air that unmercifully chaps lips, it wasn’t something that I could continue using. I like moist lips. If the color had lasted, I might have tried to use this in conjunction with a transparent lip balm, but I was really surprised to find that the color had dissipated within 30 minutes – and that was without eating or drinking anything!So, for me, this was a failed experiment. So disappointing, because I had always heard that lip stains are the solution to temporary lip color. Back to the drawing board for me.

Rosalyn Kanosh, UT

Doesn’t apply easily

This is an unusual product in the sense that the way it is distributed is like a felt tip pen, only you have to hold it upright so it doesn’t apply as evenly as I would like it to

Pearlie Bushkill, PA

Love what it does, but its a horrible quality product

Ok so I read tons of reviews that said it would dry out very quickly etc. I liked the photos I found of it on people’s lips enough to try it out anyways. Ok so I have pretty light skin and my lips are pretty much tan without much color. I wanted this to do a natural look and its perfect for that. It is best applied over moisturized lips because its literally like coloring your lips with a kids marker it has NO moisture to it so apply to moist lips with a bit of chapstick, then put gloss over it if you want. Easy to apply but very light so dont expect a lipstick bold look. This is a very nice berry natural color.The bad thing….. It is true that the delivery system sucks. The felt tip already on first use isn’t very damp and i worry that like other reviews it will dry out easily. It does not have anything on it that would pump more product onto the tip of the pen, and shaking the pen doesn’t make more product come out. So if you purchase this just be warned that you might love it but it might not be worth the price when i dries out one week in.I will report back in a few weeks about how many uses i got out of it.

Shana Rocklake, ND

It’s a great color and has a great tip.

I like how pointed the tip is compared to other lip stains I’ve purchased – it makes it easier to outline your lips which is really how I use the stain. I like to use the stain as a lip liner because it will last all day. This one is OKAY when it comes to lasting but could be better. For the price though I would recommend it!

Henrietta Fishers, IN

Don’t Waste Your Money

This is terrible lipstain. It simply does not stay on longer than a few minutes, even considering I’ve chosen a dark color. The only thing I like is that the felt tip makes it easy to put on.

Monika Bartlett, NE

Great for wearing under gloss

Great product I love the stains for they do not rub off as easily and do not stain teeth .Let it dry then cover with gloss

Allyson Coltons Point, MD

Stung My Lips

It is like watercolor and although it does seem to be smooch proof, it stings a bit. The color is lovely

Audra Edwards, CO