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NEW Travel Make up kit with Double layer W/ eyeshadows, blush and lipstick

. This product contains 8 eyeshadows, 3 blushers, 1 lipsticks, 1 eyeliner 1 mascara. This fits perfect in a small purse especially in clutches! This kit only weighs o.6oz. This feature is great for those times when you are in a hurry! NO MORE messy and cluttered make-up bags! This is a must have product by every woman to make your already busy life much easier. Always find yourself digging through your purse trying you find that mascara? Or that eyeliner? Well look no more! Everything you need is in this make-up palette. It is easy big enough to spot in your purse but small enough to take with you anywhere!

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Cutest set ever

I bought 2 of these and It has been the cutest set Ive ever had, will buy more soon.

Hilary California City, CA

Perfect purse kit

I stopped carrying my unorganized makeup bag and replaced it with this kit! It has everything I need for touch ups. All I need now is this kit and my foundation, and I have everything I need to makeup my whole face. The colors are very neutral, and work for many skin tones and coloring. I admit, the small brushes aren’t that good, but they do the job on the go. The kit is nice and sturdy and was shipped to me fast and undamaged.

Lorene Firesteel, SD

cheap product

This is not worth a penny. Tried it once it was old and ugly. The eye shadow flakes down your face.The mascara was old had to throw it away before using it.The lipstick was dry and smelt funny.

Trina Cliff Island, ME


I received this product after a long wait. The mascara was dried up the lipstick was an ugly color the make up seemed old and not properly stored. Don’t do it.

Antoinette Danville, PA

its ok

The shadows are kind of muddy and the blush is really easy to break the mascara was dry as a bone the lip stick was ok nice concept wish it were executed better

Cecilia Bethlehem, MD