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New Thin 10 Pair Natural Black Long Fake False Eyelashes Eye Lash Makeup

Our false lashes are made from synthetic hair to create the most natural look. Synthetic black false lashes are suitable for men and women who experience hair loss. Will instantly feel as though they are your own giving you the confidence back again. Beautifully hand crafted; giving your eyes a finishing touch. These lashes are easy to apply lashes that are comfortable to wear and re-usable.

Key features

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  • Easy to Apply ,comfortable and reusable
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Stay Secure until You TakeThem off,
  • Suitable for Professional Use or Nonprofessional Use
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Honest reviews


very nice, very inexpensive lashes

I’ve written this review about a very similar product, but I think the information contained will help here as well. I’ve bought them all.Due to a temporary loss of my own lashes (not a total loss, but they are very, very short just now) it is necessary for me to wear false eyelashes. Until this happened about a month ago, I’d only worn them once, and they were put on by a make up artist, so I’ve had to learn a lot on my own. I really have benefited from the product reviews that other women have posted on Amazon and am so grateful for the help. That is why i wanted to share my experience here. I am looking to have natural lashes, perhaps with the best mascara application on, not to be glamorous or obvious or as evening wear. That alone eliminates a lot of the options here.As an experiment I bought these lashes, which come in a pack of 10 pairs as well.New Thin 10 Pair Natural Black Long Fake False Eyelashes Eye Lash MakeupThey appeared to be identical to the ones I mention in the next paragraph, and they arrived today, from Hong Kong. I can say that the packages look identical, the lashes also look identical, and the labels on the packages are identical. So if you want to save a little bit of money and can wait for them to arrive, go ahead and give these a try. For under $3 for 10 pairs, how can you lose?10 Pairs Handmade Natural Soft False Eyelashes Fake Eye LashThese lashes are quite nice. The hair is very soft, as is the band onto which it is attached. They are a bit longer than I would like, as they nearly touch my brows, but that is a common problem with false eye lashes. In experimenting with different types and different brands, I’ve learned the advantages and disadvantages of each. Soft banded lashes like these are very comfortable to wear because there is no stiff corner to poke you when blinking. On the other hand, when the band is so soft and flexible it can make it a bit more difficult to place the lash securely against the edge of your eyelid by pushing gently on the lash tips themselves or on the band. It can tend to shift or move, whereas lashes that have a stiffer band can be more easily nudged against the edge of the lid.One tip I can offer is to let the adhesive set up for a good 20-30 seconds. You want it to be tacky or sticky and not “wet” when placed against the lid so it will “stick”. I tend not to wait long enough, and when the adhesive is wet it just won’t “hold”. These lashes do not come with any adhesive, by the way. There is adhesive in black, white, and clear. I tend to favor the white. It will generally dry reasonably invisibly, but if you need to you can always use some virtually black eyeshadow powder and a very skinny slanted brush to gently dab along the lash strip as an “eyeliner” to fill in any gaps between the lash strip and your own lashes, or to cover up any adhesive that may be showing. One problem with clear adhesive, I’ve discovered much to my surprise, is that it is impossible to tell where you’ve applied it to the lash strip, how thickly it has been applied, and while it sounds like a good idea, I’ve stopped using the clear one I bought as a result.These lashes can be reused, and with care you can probably get 2-3-4 wearings out of them. They are basically disposable, but i would say that you don’t have to toss them after one use.When this problem (needing to wear false eyelashes) developed, I was traveling in Europe. I found the UK brand Eylure to have the best, most natural looking lashes, but they are very hard to find here in the US. One of the “Naturalites” line of Eylure is available here on Amazon:Eylure Naturalites Natural Volume – 020 – Adhesive IncludedThey do come with a tiny bottle of adhesive, and I’ve taken to carrying one in my purse at all times for emergency re-gluing. These particular lashes are very fine, have variable length, like natural lashes, and certainly look the most “normal”. Because they are so fine they are particularly fragile so take care and you may be able to get 2-3 wearings out of them. They are also $6.99 each pair, so are much more expensive than certainly either of these two sets of ten pairs are, and more than the Ardell brand lashes that are commonly available in the US. In the UK there are several very subtle “natural” styles by Eylure, but regrettably are not available here that I can find.These Ardell “demure” lashes are available on Amazon as a single pair or in this pack of four pairs for $14.76.Ardell Fashion Lashes Pair – Demure (Pack of 4)They are fuller than the Eylure, but not as long as the lashes in the 10 pair pack mentioned above. The description on Amazon says “they may be reused up to three weeks”. Balderdash. I’ve not come across any brand of lash that could possible be worn for 10+ hours a day, every day, for three weeks! They are very nice subtle lashes, and seem to be somewhat more durable than the Eylure. I like them quite a bit, so see what you think.In one of the helpful reviews I’ve read here on Amazon about lashes a reviewer mentioned, a website for women with hair loss from cancer. She praised the clear adhesive that they sell (note my comment above about that) but when I went there I discovered some other false eyelashes to try and ordered two pair – one their #100 Basic Layered Eyelash ($4.99 plus shipping) and the other was on sale – #206 Criss Cross Low Volume lashes for $2.99. I’ve not yet tried the first pair, but the Criss Cross one turns out to be one of my favorites. I thought the criss cross lashes would look artificial but I’m assured they don’t. They are 100% human hair, the lashes are longer than I’d optimally like, and the band they are attached to is stiffer and looks like black eyeliner when I wear them. But once you get the band a bit more flexible by wearing or by gently rolling them around a finger to make it softer, I’ve found that because the band IS stiff it is a bit easier to place correctly. With tacky adhesive it is easy to gently press down on the lash tips to put some gentle pressure on the lash band to adhere to my lid. I was surprised.And there are some days that both lashes go on just right the first time and I’m out the door, and others when or the other (or both!) just will not seat properly and I’m frustrated and run late for work or whatever appointment I have that day. I never know how it will turn out. But it does get easier with practice. And I think that by the time I’m very adept with them my own lashes will have grown in enough that with some favorite mascara, I’ll be good to go. Or maybe I’ll decide that I love wearing false eyelashes every day.So, I hope this has been helpful. Thanks to all of you who took the time to write in about other similar products. I couldn’t have done this without you!

Valeria Lismore, MN

Just received my eyelashes

These eyelashes are a hot mess don’t order them .I never seen lashes that short.You can not bend them you get what you pay for.The first pair I brought on here they was plastic theses terrible.I will stick to my beauty store or walmart and pay $2.99 a pair.You can go to walmart and buy the bulk with 5 in the pack for $9.99 and they human hair.

Madeleine Townshend, VT

Too long

I got because I feel like my lashes are lacking in thickness. I thought they were shorter, but I was wrong. They are particularly long. Some people may like them, but I don’t.

Callie Coolidge, TX

Very nice

I was pleasantly surprised when i got these lashes in the mail because i wasn’t expecting them to be so nice. these are definitely more natural looking than the $6 fake lashes here in the states. I like how thin the band is because its less noticeable and lighter on my eyelids. If you want them to be perfect you can always trim them accordingly and I am going to be buying from this brand again. I prefer the $6 individual lash set to this but these are good for more casual days and you cant beat the price. Shipping took about a week or two which is understandable because they are coming from far away. If you’re looking for natural light sets of lashes for a good deal these are perfect.

Myrna Somers, NY

Great price for what you get

These are very thin and be careful with the sticker. Pull too hard or at the wrong angle and you’re getting a funky lash. Now they’re lightweight and very flimsy so be light handed with the glue (hence Kiss glue) after you sizr them to your eye. Looks natural and mascara looks like you’re just adding to your own. I don’t know if they’re for beginners but for the price you can wear it out. It took me several times before I got it (getting them applied) but also realized later I liked better lashes! Kiss glue you don’t need very much so it’s lightweight and would be great for these. Can’t say they’re reusable however, (hence $) not that big a fuss. Hopes this helps!

Kim Glenrock, WY

they are good for the price

I really like how its a clear band =] I will forever buy these lashes and from this seller =] TIP. use pill box strips to store your lashes!

Marguerite Sagamore Beach, MA


What you pay for is what you get…I saw that the lash band was very thin so I thought it would be a breeze to put on just like all the others I have (I put them on in 5 seconds each side).The band on this one was stiff and unyielding, and bent the wrong way. It simply would not conform to the shape of my eye so I just threw it back in the box and put on the other ones that I have. It probably going into the bin or…. to put in my bathroom to scare people.

Debbie Kirbyville, TX

wont buy again

i hate this… it doesnt not stay on my lashes so well and it doesnt hold the glue so welll either ……

Helene Kennett, MO


i love this eyelashes! never in my life had my eyes looked big and pretty ( complimenting my self ( how stupid ) i tried revlon n alots of other eyelashes but they make my eye look like m wearing a fake eyelashes even the boys can tell! how embarrassing! when i started wearing this one my best friend was like hey ur eyes so pretty n they didnt even knw!! i love this eyelashes! its so natural!! really natural!!

Catherine Bloomsbury, NJ

I love these!

These are very natural looking (I wear all styles of lashes) I even cut them down n put them on my lower lashes! These are a must have in your makeup collection!

Trina Andrews, TX

natural and soft

They are great. They are so cheap and look very nice. The band is thin and the lashes are not stiff so the look natural. I will buy them again.

Annmarie Kincaid, WV

Look unnatural

Too long, made my lashes look spidery. I guess I shouldn’t complain, since these were so inexpensive, but still! I don’t think I’ll order again.

Haley Holt, MO

Hard to apply

I got these lashes because they seemed really pretty and natural. I’ve worn fake lashes before, so it wasn’t new to me to apply but with these, I just cannot seem to get a grip. The lash band is clear, which I like, but has a little hard time with holding eyelash glue. I have yet to wears these and look forward to completing a full review on them.

Susanne Zacata, VA

Very Natural.

I love these lashes for the very natural look they give off. They are a beautiful baby doll look to them, they are thin and easy to apply. The only thing is to be careful when you take them out of the package because they are very delicate. And also you can tell they are hand crafted.

Pamela Blackstone, IL


looks more natural than many others sold like this, however most of the lashes fall off while removing them from the carton.

Iris Melvern, KS

Love ’em!

I believe that every girl looks beautiful with long luscious natural looking lashes! I have always bought ‘dramatic’ kinds which looked plastic. Meh! But I LOVE THIS SET OF LASHES! Just that, I have to cut the edges to fit my eye shape, the only thing which bothers me is that since it is supposed to look natural, the strip is really thin and I don’t know how to make it work. If not, its an absolute perfection!

Luisa Mascot, TN

New favorite lashes!

EXTREMELY happy with the lashes. Box was a little beat up but lashes were in perfect condition. Looks exactly like the picture. Highly recommend for daily wear if you don’t mind length. Lash band is thin and clear ("invisible"?) so blending with real lashes should not be a problem. Will be ordering more in the future! Only negative is that they take a month to arrive.

Nanette Painton, MO

Wonderful, natural looking eyelashes

These lashes look beautiful and aren’t too thick. They really are a natural look. I’d recommend these to a friend.

Evangelina Custer, SD

Love Love Love!

So beautiful, I’m ordering more for a friend. Very natural looking, and long, with out being overly thick or dramatic.Great for daytime usage, Attention getting but not crazy over the top.

Mitzi Stanley, VA


I ordered these for Halloween party dress up they are of ok quality but I would not choose them for everyday use

Jacklyn Edson, KS

Beautiful for a very limited amount of time

These are beautiful at first glance. They’re very thin yet VERY long. They have a clear flexible wire-like material for a band. I use DUO eyelash glue which usually works top notch with every other falsies and I’ve never had a problem until I got these. They were beautiful when I put them on but they don’t stick on for long! It only takes around an hour for the wires to fight against the glue. I think it’s because the band is too hard. I would not recommend if you plan on actually wearing it out… I was so embarrassed! I didn’t have extra glue on hand with me at that time but even if I did, it would be very troublesome to replace the glue every hour or so.Shipping is “free” but it takes around a month or more for the item to arrive..

Dena Hessmer, LA

They look Fantastic

They’re awesome!! I can’t really say they look natural but they look pretty awesome, they definitely draw attention to the eyes!!

Vivian Cochecton, NY


These lashes are seriously natural. Why would you want something that looks just as short (if not shorter) than your lashes? If you are thinking of doubling them up with another type of longer lash to give it depth- then you would still be let down. save your pennies

Lee Dietrich, ID

A bit too much for me

These lashes are very dense and I don’t think they can be worn to pull off a natural look. Its more suited for Halloween, dramatic makeup looks, stage makeup and drag makeup. I purchased these because they were inexpensive and I had wanted to practice applying lashes. I didn’t like that they felt so heavy and they lifted at the sides.Bottom line, if you want to practice applying lashes go for it but you are looking for a normal look, these are not gonna give that

Colleen Bloomfield Hills, MI

Nice like natural

I love these lashes. you may have to trim a little if your lashes are short like mine. really natural looking. so beautiful. however, i took off a star because the line is a bit thick. so you will have to hold it a bit while to stay. not only that but the line being thick, it feels a bit uncomfortable.

Louise Tolleson, AZ

I like it

so pretty on me

Melody Ridgewood, NJ

They are okay

I saw my friend using this brand of false eyelashes which looked so natural on her so I wanted to give them a try. Personally they’re too long for me so what I do is, I slip off a couple lashes and stick them individually to my lash line which looks so much more natural.

April Burrel, CA

Best Deal Ever

I cut these in a quarter size to use at the end of both of my eye. It is best value and works well for me.

Helen Cambra, PA

Good for the price

I like these because they are thin and natural looking and the band on them is transparent. That being said, the band is too straight to apply directly to your eyelid so what I do is, before trimming the ends, I hold both of them together so that the lash forms into a circle and hold it like that for 20-30 seconds. That gives it a bit of a curvature and it really helps with applying it.I liked that these are packaged with tiny gold dot stickers, so that they do not fly all over the place during shipping. They arrived ne day after the beginning of the estimated arrival date in perfect shape to me. for the price, I can’t complain.

Antionette Rector, PA

To small!!

This eyelashes are to small, smaller than my eyelashes. They look bigger in the picture, but they are not. Don’t waste your money on this !! Don’t recommend this at all.

Nelda Nazareth, KY