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New Professional White / Pink / Clear Color Builder Gel Uv Nail Art Manicure

How to use: Apply a thin coat of gel beginning in the center of the nail by a brush just like polish application. Be sure the brush hairs do not ‘fan’ out. Tiny ‘craters’ will cause if not enough gel will be left on the nail plate to allow for shrinkage during cure. Do not over-work the gel as this will result in air bubbles or an uneven cure. Check the cuticle and sidewall lines to be certain that no gel is touching the skin. You should leave a tiny margin all around the cuticle and sidewall line. Place the nails under the UV Light for a full 3 minutes to completely cure the gel. Apply a second coating of gel and cure for 3 minutes.Clean the nails with a lint-free nail wipe saturated with the cleanser to remove the sticky ‘uncured’ layer.

Key features

  • 100% Brand New
  • 3 pieces of different colors of UV builder gel for creating fantastic crystal french nail effect
  • Colour : Clear + Pink + White. Suitable to apply on UV gel nails / acrylic nails / natural nails / etc.
  • Help strengthen your nails with a durable shiny coat!
  • Suitable for professional use or home use. Net weight : 1/2 oz / each.

Honest reviews



God product to practice 🙂 And you get a lot of product in the box :)easy to work with ,but they run to the edges of the nails quickly 🙁 And they burn a lot 🙁 even when you use a thin lag in the nail :(But to practice is very good 🙂 and i will by again 🙂

Josefa Hazel Crest, IL

happy but the products not good

I am glad that i bought these since this was a test run to see if i could get my nails looking nice before going for the pricer IBD gel. only the white would cure. The other two did nothing but make a mess. Even though you could get the nails to look nice they seemed to crack off within 1-4 hours. I don’t think i will be buying this product again. The shipping was slow but i knew that going in it took about a month to get to the USA.

Claudia Warrenton, OR

great product and amazing price

I didnt want to invest a lot since I am just starting with gel nails, but this product is great! I have since ordered more.

Opal Clements, MN

Set of 3 Nail gel

I thought this was a great product.,At a Great price, And Speedy delivery. I would recommend this if you do your own nails. As with anything, do your research first. This is something that takes practice and is not for everyone. Do Not cure with product on skin. Very hard to remove. There are several tutorials on YouTube. I am by no means a professional but I have been doing my own nails for many years. Love the shine and strength it gives my natural nails.

Shannon Wetumpka, AL

Best Gel EVER

Screw Sallys! LOLThis stuff lasts longer than any of sally’s clear gel! AND it’s 1/3 the price here on amazon!!Most of my sets will last around a month to two months now! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GEL!!!!

Molly Somerset, VA

So excited to use!

I received these yesterday! I am super excited to use I saw some tutorials using this product and it looked easy enough! Just don’t forget to have your UV light before using otherwise your nails will not cure properly!

Olga Ordinary, VA

its just eh.

I dont think that i dont like the product necessarily but maybe I just really dont like the gels. they never seem to fully cure and then when I have to remove any excess the shine goes away.

Luella Richland, NY

Not bad for a starter!

I personally liked it, but have not been spoiled by another brand. All I wanted it for was to extend my natural nails(2 broke) just a bit to match my others. It did the job, no burning (as long as bonder was totally dry on my nail). My next purchase is Ibd Gel. I feel like I am pretty good at “building” to spend a little more money. This is a great product for the cheap price!! You get all three colors, for 8$!! Yes, it is thick, but this type of builder gel does have a higher viscosity than others, it’s purpose is to “build” a nail. I just filed it down after it set. I have a 36W UV light.

Belinda West Henrietta, NY

It doesn’t work at all

I am so aggravated with this product and seller . This so called UV GEL DOES NOT WORK IT DOESNT FREEZE WITH UV LIGHT AT ALL. SO PLS BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT. DO NOT BUY

Pat Ambler, AK

good for practice

I like these gels because they are cheap and you don’t want to waste good product on practice hands or fingers I do my nails as well and I use dehydrant and primer but if its on or close to cuticles it does lift the pink looks clear but for the price it is actually better than I thought and it dries upall product seems kinda thick but id rather practice with this than expensive stuff

Addie Westmoreland, NY