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New PANA High Quality Nail Polish Wall Rack

New PANA High Quality Nail Polish Wall Rack (Fit Up To 108 Bottles of Nail Polish) (Metal Frame with Heart Design Sign on Top, Unbreakable) *BRONZE Color*

Key features

  • New PANA High Quality Nail Polish Wall Rack (Fit Up To 108 Bottles of Nail Polish)
  • Metal Frame with Heart Design Sign on Top, Unbreakable
  • Dimension: 22″ Length X 26″ Height X 2″ Width, (Inside Each Row 1.65″ Width & 3.75″ Height)
  • Holds all kind of brand name Nail Polish such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and etc…
  • Comes with 4 Hole for putting up the Nail on the Wall, Color: BRONZE

Honest reviews



Functional as it is attractive. Each little shelf is perfectly made for polishes and it shows. I could not be happier with this product and will definitely order another one if I ever need it. Just be aware it only fits 102 bottles, not the 108 in the description. That is completely untrue.

Ines Huslia, AK

I love this rack!

This is perfect for anyone that has a lot of polish because they do their own nails or even for the professionals to display their colors. The rack is sturdy and gorgeous. It’s not something that sticks out once up either. It’s compact and fits great even behind a door. The only thing I don’t like at all is the loud sound it makes when the polish touches the metal. It’s annoying. Other than that this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I uploaded a pic for everyone to see. It’s super light weight and not bulky, that’s what I was afraid of when I placed the order. Very easy to install by yourself to. You’ll need a drill and Phillips.

Kaitlyn La Grange, MO

Defective and they want me to pay to ship back to them.

I give it a 2 star just because it’s beautiful from the front but I received mine defected. I sent them an email & they want me to pay out of my pocket to send back to them and they’ll send me another one. Quality checks should be done prior to packing. I have over $1K of nail polish and I dont trust that the one I received is stable to hold my collection. You can read my full review on my beauty website at […][…] If you have the extra money to send back defective products, then this is for you.

Jolene Murphysboro, IL

Not just for polish!

I got this to hold my Dinair make up bottles.I did have to cut and place hard plastic for the bottom because my bottles are plastic and small so I needed a solid surface for them to stand on. Hold polish bottles beautifully!Arrived in a timely manner and packaged perfectly!

Cornelia Deer Island, OR

Polish Racks

They are great. I ordered two. The only problem is one if them has the bottom hooks upside down so I couldn’t hang it for support by those. But it does for my polishes.

Latanya Kuttawa, KY

Well made product, even better service

So full disclosure, I have not actually mounted this rack yet (for reasons described below). However, I have examined the product and interacted with the seller on an issue.When I received this item, I took it out the box right away and gave it the once over. This is a beautiful rack, well made and stylish. I honestly was surprised at the weight it has and the solid construction. For the price, I think this is a really good buy.However, as I started looking into installing it, I noticed my rack was missing the little black tabs that you place the screws through to attach it to the wall (one in each corner for a total of 4 – as described in the description "Comes with 4 Hole for putting up the Nail on the Wall"). Basically, my rack was defective. I immediately contacted the seller.This has never happened in all my years purchasing online, but the seller seriously resolved my issue within 20 minutes. A few emails later and they had a new one in the mail to me. I’m impressed by this item and excited to get the new one, but I’m even more impressed by the service. Thank you!

Kari Cannelton, WV