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New Nordic Hair Volume, 30 Count

Hair Volume 30 tablets

Key features

  • Nourishes and strengthens the hair
  • Contributes to maintaining normal hair and nails; Helps to maintain healthy skin

Honest reviews


New Nordic Hair Volume Tablets

Can not say very much because I have not taken them very long. It will take a few months to see if it works for me. So far it is ok and I am happy with the tablets.

Addie Oldtown, MD

Honestly, I saw NO difference and in fact…

Honestly, I saw no difference in my hair or my nails as stated in the product discription. And I actually seem to lose MORE hair. I have used hair strengthening products in the past with great success (shampoos & conditioners) but I thought I would try a "vitamin" to boost the length and volume of my hair (it’s thinning out from age and stress 🙂 Anyway… I don’t know if I was getting too much biotin (as I do take a daily vitamin, eat right, etc) or if I was stressed and no amount of supplement could help me at the time. But I took the entire box and still no difference. I can’t recommend this product.

Jenny Parrott, VA


have to admit i can fairly rate this because i am horrible at keeping up with taking it regularly, but i my order again and give it another try.

Julianne Cranberry Lake, NY

An amazing hair and nail product

Overall, paired with vitamin chews (Beauty-Bursts) my hair and nails grow beautifully! I have noticed significance difference in my appearance! The details in the directions mention that everyone has certain color pigments in there hair ; yellow, blue, red, and it was nice because I definitely saw a big change in my hair color, and strength. I have very thin hair, so I was very pleased! Although, it must be mentioned that vitamins like medication should be taken daily and as instructed or else you won’t get the desired results. Yay!

Valeria Plymouth, MA


maybe this is not what is advertised on television cause after i bought this for mom, she told me she followed the instructions and after taking it for a while a big chunk of her hair fell out.I WILL NOT BE BUYING THIS FOR HER AGAIN!

Darlene Wikieup, AZ

Seems to work

It seems to be working. I use it in conjunction with a shampoos touted to promote new hair growth. My hair is still thin, however, there’s a bit more of it as proven by my less "scalpy" look. I gave it four stars because the tablets are huge, and I find them difficult to swallow without cutting them in half.

Alta North Troy, VT

Avid Leo Reader

Read about this product in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I have to say that it has helped my hair and I use it in conjunction with viviscal.

Elisha Tecopa, CA

Don’t know

I dont know if this worked for me, I took it religiously and didn’t notice any difference, I keep shedding hair like a dog. I’ll give it another try anyway, nothing seems to work for my hair loss 🙁

Celia Mauricetown, NJ

New Nordic Hair Volume

I have very thin, fine hair. This product pumped up the volume. I really like it, and used it daily. Takes a few weeks to see the difference, but it does work.

Chandra Birnamwood, WI

No change!

I had high hopes for these pills, but nothing has happened after a month, which makes me unwilling to keep trying.

Carlene Colfax, IN

A must have

I can’t believe more people haven’t discovered this. It’s now being sold at CVS in addition to GNC. This stuff is way cheaper than Viviscal and definitely grows hair stronger and healthier.

Rosella Crows Landing, CA


I used this product for several months and thought it worked, but kind of hard to tell for me. I also took a different tablet that my hair dresser told me about and found it was too much of the same product. So I was paying too much for this product when the tablet worked just as well for me and were less money.

Lena Goshen, OH

Thanks for such a great product!

I can tell you that it worked!!1 My mom noticed it right away; within the month; what a difference I could tell!!!! Thanks for such a great product!!!

Neva Heflin, AL