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New Nail Art Jumbo Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plate 1 Viva Mexico by Cheeky®

New Designs Nail Art Stamper Image PlateIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing.These VAGA stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design – probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique.Helpful hints:Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails.Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Our stamping plates are made of high quality, easy to clean material offering you nail art accessories for endless use and unlimited creativity.
  • With our impressive stamping plates collection every nail art enthusiast, hobbyist and professional nail artist, will be equipped with original nail design images.
  • Stamping plates make perfect gifts for your creative friends, who share your love for nail art.

Honest reviews


cheeky 2013 viva mexico

I really like it if you have short nail I don’t this plate is for you except they single stamps at the top. but over all nice plate

Opal Keewatin, MN

Another Great Cheeky Plate

You can’t go wrong when you buy Cheeky plates and I really love these Jumbo plates because I have wide nail beds and medium length nails and I get a nice full coverage with these. Cute designs.

Sophia Riverdale, NE

Viva Awesome!

These plates are really amazing.. I have all 10 and each plate stamps amazing. No issues at all. And I use regular nail polish for stamping too. Great image selection on this plate. I highly recommend these plates.

Tricia Little Lake, MI


I am a nail art enthusiast. I love rhinestones, acrylic, glitter, etc. This is a perfect addition for anyone who wants designs but can’t draw. The designs are large enough for adult nails. I haven’t tried them on my toes. I suggest getting a well pigmented nail polish to use with this. Usually sally hansen has a really good black color i like to use with this. This stamping plate is fun. Better than i expected. Plus, you can’t find these specific mexican inspired designs anywhere else.

Renee South Milford, IN

Good Product

I like this set of nail plates; they’re nice and big. I have small nails but they are somewhat long, and there was plenty of room. Good depth, correctly etched, okay designs, nice thick plate (doesn’t bend or flex). Overall, I would recommend it.

Shelley Carrier Mills, IL

Awesome deal, decent quality, no issues

I love this plate with all the designs! Stamps excellent with konad brand stamper and any metallic hued polish like china glaze has, konad special polish is the only white tht works though. It’s a slight hassle to clean at first but just do it immediately and u won’t have a problem since all the images are close together. Also gift cards work great as a scraper as they don’t ruin your image plates one bit. So sorry I doubted them! Well worth the money!

Amelia Osage Beach, MO

Great Tribal Designs

Beautiful plate with all the tribal designs. I’m addicted to tribal designs and this plate did not disappoint me! I did have to wait 6 weeks for delivery but it was worth the wait!

Twila Cedarville, MI

Viva Mexico Is Right!

Got this one because I saw a review on Youtube. The images are actually very nice and stamp better than some other Cheeky plates because the lines are not as ridiculously thin. That said I haven’t tried every single image; but the ones I tried are really nice!

Chelsey Egypt, TX