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New England/earthline – Face Brush Natural Bristle Wood Hand – Skincare & Spa Products

For gentle cleansing, get back to basics with Nicole Reeds Skincare & Spa Products. UPC: 024208002208 Front Label Panel: Nicole Reed Bodycare Instructions: Cleans Deep Into The Pores. Use With Soap & Scrubs. Do Not Use On Broken Skin. Airdry Between Uses. Ingredients: Natural Facial Brush #220 Supplemental Facts: Earth Friendly & Bodywise. Note: Product manufactured in China.

Key features

  • Description: FACIAL BRUSH (ALDERWOOOD), Quantity: 1, Size: 1 EA, Brand: NENS INTERNATIONAL

Honest reviews



I decided to try this out before buying one of those spinning brush kits. It works great! I use it every morning and night to wash my face. I have very oily skin and this helps keep my pores nice and clean and keeps my face smooth of blackheads and dead skin that can flake off my face during winter months. I use Cetaphil cleanser because it doesn’t have any nasty chemicals. I just wet the brush, place a dab of cleanser on it, and start scrubbing in circular motion all over my face. As a result, I haven’t had to hide under makeup to cover my zits and blackheads. This really gets rid of the dead skin too! It makes my skin feel so smooth and it looks much healthier! Great price too! Will be buying more!

Evelyn Middle Village, NY

Much too stiff for the face

Seems well made but I couldn’t use this on my face. It is very stiff and actually hurt. I haven’t really found another good use for it either. I tried to soften it up by scrubbing my leg with it and using hot water but it didn’t help.

Tisha Dresden, ME

It’s A Keeper!

Better than a buf-puf, and less expensive than the rotating facial brush, so, with a little old fashioned elbow grease, this little natural bristle facial brush does all that and more. It is a great exfoliant for the face and neck, I love it! Definitely worth the $5-$6 dollars and then some. A++

Allene Carbonado, WA

Bristles are not stiff enough.

I wasn’t expecting a Clarisonic, but the bristles needed to be shorter, closer together with more in the brush, and could have been stiffer. I get better results with a washcloth.

Anna Bunker Hill, WV


The bristles on this brush are far too stiff for facial skin. I tried to stick it out for a few cleansings but the bristles never softened with use. Probably ok for a body brush but it’s too small.

Emilia Dustin, OK

Poor quality!

The quality was poor and not worth the $6-$7 that I paid for it. A few of the bristles were falling off and some of the bristles were short and long. I so do NOT recommend anyone to buy it!

Verna Franklin, KY

especially good for exfoliation

Fabulous complexion cleansing brushes,especially good for exfoliation! Just go easy in small circles and you’ll get used to them, some reviewers complained about them being too rough but I’ve used a Clarisonic so I’m used to exfoliating my skin.

Elma Raymond, NE