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New Design Jumbo Nail Art Image Plate

New Designs Nail Art Stamper Image Plate These Cheeky® stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design – probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique. Helpful Hints:- Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails. Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design. Becoming an official “Cheeky Chick” Cheeky® is a lady’s best friend! It is a one stop shop for ladies beauty needs such as: makeup, nails, personal care products or innovative beauty gadgets, all are only few clicks away when shopping on our Cheeky shop. Cheeky’s famous high quality products and services are guaranteed with every purchase of one of our products. After the purchase of your first Cheeky item, you will become an official “Cheeky Chick” and most likely develop severe addiction to Cheeky’s products. You will find that enjoyable shopping experience, excellent service and stylish high quality products can be bought at a fair price. Please note that we offer fast (from the UK) and slow (from China) shipping options for your convenience. Please select your most suitable shipping option according to your needs and budget.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “Cheeky” under the title of this listing.
  • The world’s favourite nail art brand “Cheeky” is proud to introduce this fabulous set of Nail Art Image Plates. PLEASE NOTE THAT Cheeky IS A WORLDWIDE TRADEMARKED BRAND NAME. ORIGINAL Cheeky PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SOLELY BY Cheeky.
  • We recommend using Cheeky’s complementary nail art products such as: nail gems, striping tapes and nail art brushes to enhance the glam of your nail design.
  • Perfect for home or salon use.
  • Ideal present for a Nail Art fan – Girls and Women alike

Honest reviews


Didn’t work…

They did not work at all. Plate was wavy and scratched all to pieces when I attempted to use it. Huge waste of money and time.

Simone Norman, NE

I absolutely love this plate!

I have to say I’m very impressed with this nail plate! There are varied designs, some simple, and others more complex. I’m a beginner at this, so I’ve been gravitating towards the more simplistic designs, but have really got the hold of how to do it after reading reviews on this and other products.The etching on the designs seems deep enough – I’ve experimented with the special Konad Polishes, salon polishes (Zoya, Julep, etc), as well as department store polishes. I’ve found that Zoya glitter polishes work awesomely, as do the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polishes. I wish I’d known this before ordering a slew of the Konad Special polishes, but I got them cheap enough I’ll chalk it up to a lesson learned.I have been also playing around with gel nails – so I’ll do my gel nails gelly sandwich style (cured gel foundation, regular polish, cured gel topcoat), and then play around with the stamps on top of my cured nails. That way if they turn out wonky I can wipe it off with non-acetone polish remover and start again without worrying about ruining my base coat. I put a clear coat of regular polish on top once I’m done, and then I can switch it out multiple times with the wear of the gel polish.One thing I would note (as others have as well), if you buy the stamping kits, don’t bother with the included scraper. I couldn’t get a clean scrape with it, and all it did was scratch my plates up. I use an old credit card, and it’s awesome.Good luck and enjoy – this is such a fun little hobby. All of my girlfriends now are having me practice my stamps on them, and are buying their own sets as well!.

Heather Sneedville, TN

Beautiful designs fantastic quality

This plate is wonderful! The images are so beautiful and stamp flawlessly. I would recommend this product to my fellow stampers. Fantastic quality!

Fanny Parsons, KS

designs too big to fit well on most nails

This pattern does have a lot of really cool designs and I have been able to get good results with stamping them, although sometimes it takes a few tries. Definitely use opaque and contrasting colors to do the stamped layer. The only problem with these designs is that the images are much larger than any of my nails and so some of the designs don’t make sense because all you get on your nail is a small part. At least you can use each of the designs to get a few different possible results because only a small portion of the design actually shows up on a nail at one time.

Harriet Thedford, NE

nail plate

Love all the plates I have bought like this one. They stamp great. Well worth the money. I would just get it and see for yourself.

Angelia Mosby, MT

My very first nail plate

I purchased this after discovering nail stamping on Pinterest (of course). I love all the designs and have not had any problems with any of the designs transferring, even with being a first timer and all. I found the plate to be sturdy and high quality and I like that all the designs are together on one rather large plate. I do not have to worry about digging through a bunch of discs to find the design I want. It’s all just right there. I liked it so much I ordered Plate #10 from Cheeky. I got that last night and it seems to be just as high quality. All in all, big fan of Cheeky Jumbo Nail Art Plates and I highly recommend them.

Joyce Annada, MO

Wow – love it!

I’d give this jumbo stamping plate 20 stars if I could. I probably own over 150 stamping small plates by Red Angel, Bundle Monster, Konad, and others. This plate and the others I bought on Amazon from Cheeky are the best I own. The designs are gorgeous and different from all the others. The designs stamp cleanly and exquisitely each and every time. I love the fact that they are on a blue plastic sheet that keeps the plate from sliding around. The mirror images are a plus so that each hand has the correct positioning of the design. If they keep making these jumbo plates, I’ll be there to buy them. I believe I own 7 now.

Kathryn Roanoke, VA

Sweet Details

I just had to order this one because these kind of remind me of those Samoan tattoos for some reason. Love the details in every image.

Maritza Wichita, KS