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New Design Jumbo Nail Art Image Plate

New Designs Nail Art Stamper Image Plate These Cheeky® stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design – probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique. Helpful Hints:- Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails. Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design. Becoming an official “Cheeky Chick” Cheeky® is a lady’s best friend! It is a one stop shop for ladies beauty needs such as: makeup, nails, personal care products or innovative beauty gadgets, all are only few clicks away when shopping on our Cheeky shop. Cheeky’s famous high quality products and services are guaranteed with every purchase of one of our products. After the purchase of your first Cheeky item, you will become an official “Cheeky Chick” and most likely develop severe addiction to Cheeky’s products. You will find that enjoyable shopping experience, excellent service and stylish high quality products can be bought at a fair price. Please note that we offer fast (from the UK) and slow (from China) shipping options for your convenience. Please select your most suitable shipping option according to your needs and budget.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “Cheeky” under the title of this listing.
  • The world’s favourite nail art brand “Cheeky” is proud to introduce this fabulous set of Nail Art Image Plates. PLEASE NOTE THAT Cheeky IS A WORLDWIDE TRADEMARKED BRAND NAME. ORIGINAL Cheeky PRODUCTS ARE SOLD SOLELY BY Cheeky.
  • We recommend using Cheeky’s complementary nail art products such as: nail gems, striping tapes and nail art brushes to enhance the glam of your nail design.
  • Perfect for home or salon use.
  • Ideal present for a Nail Art fan – Girls and Women alike

Honest reviews


Super Awesome

I love my cheeky plates and will not ever purchase plates elsewhere. Such a great variety for a great price. I have plates A C & D and love them and would recommend them to people with small natural nails or false extensions!

Dayna Raritan, NJ

Images are not etched deep enough

The images on this plate are neat designs and the size is perfect. It arrived packaged well and the blue plastic removes from the plate easily. But…the images are not etched deep enough. I cannot get them to work! I’ve tried using different polishes (Konad and regular), I’ve tried using different stampers and scrapers. I’ve tried scraping at different angles and scraping from different directions across the image. I tried each image multiple times, and have only been able to get 3 of the images to transfer to the stamper. I like the images and really want these to work, so I will keep trying and hope I can find a way to make them work!

Ivy Aplington, IA


The different designs are amazing. I have fun trying to figure out which design I want to give a go. So far it has not disappointed.

Gay Belmond, IA

Extremely poor quality image plate and ZERO customer service!!

Well this is certainly one item, and company, that seems to promise a lot but fails miserably to live up to claims and expectations.The plate was packaged very well, even with little protectors around the corners to prevent damage… but once I had the wrapping and film off… what a disappointment!!Some images look ok, but several are very degraded in quality. They’re either grossly simplified or lack all the fine details… crooked, misaligned or off-center… gaps where there shouldn’t be or shapes running into each other where they shouldn’t.Some of the most affected images are: top row, image 3 3rd row, image 1 5th row, image 6 7th row, images 2, 3, 4 and 6I was choked considering these were some of the patterns I was most excited about… they’re ugly and unusable.I tried stamping with it and it’s mediocre at best with a lot of images coming out patchy; something I don’t experience with any of my other stamping plates from other companies, so I know it’s not me, my polishes or my stamping technique. Basically it looks like someone couldn’t have cared less about the quality of this plate.And a word about their customer service… NONEXISTENT!!! After my plate was still MIA 35 business days after shipping, I emailed Cheeky to inquire about the status of my order. NO response. I sent several more emails to Cheeky. I’ve never received a response to any of them… EVER!! You have a question? An inquiry? A complaint? Want a refund? Good luck with that!! Seriously!!Cheeky *claims* they ensure high satisfaction from this product… they like to make their customers happy… 100% positive feedback… and a money back guarantee if you don’t like it… BULLSH*T! Do I appear satisfied or happy?? Is this positive feedback?? Have I received my money back?? NOOOOOO!! All I can say is, BUYER BEWARE!!

Stephanie Columbia, IL

Cheeky plates 🙂

This plate is great there are a lot of really pretty patterns and for the price it’s a great deal!

Taylor Rewey, WI

Great Place to Start

This is an awesome buy for those who want to start stamping. The plate comes attached to a hard plastic backing and is very easy to manipulate. I like having all the images on one plate and I especially like having the French curve at the bottom of each image.The etchings are not as fine or detailed as any Konad or some of the Bundle Monster plates, but they get the job done very nicely. I’ve found that using stamping polish with these can be overpowering since the designs are a little "busy", so I stamp with a heavily pigmented drug store brand (or whatever is on deep discount). I’ve not had any trouble getting the polish to transfer so long as the plate and stamper are clean, the nail is oil-free, and the image is sliiiightly tacky before application. Speaking of, since the detailing is wider within the image, stamping with wet polish will blur the image. Apply the polish, scrape the excess, pick up the image, blow on it for 1-2 seconds, and then roll it onto your clean nail with medium and even pressure. Voila!The plate is easy to clean and I don’t have a problem keeping polish confined to the area with which I am working.This was my first set of images and I am still very happy with the purchase.Now, it does come from China, so expect a wait for delivery.

Cecilia Taylorsville, GA