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NEW cnd Nail Design Stickey Base Coat 0.33Oz by Creative

A soft sticky base coat designed to anchor nail enamel to the nail.It grips polish to the nail to prevent peeling and chipping.Works like double sided tape!

Key features

  • nd nail stickey base coat 0.33 oz

Honest reviews


First use great. Second use not so great

I got hooked on using Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat because it not only dried my nails in under two minutes it kept my polish for about 5-6 days w/o chipping. That fad didn’t last too long seeing that my Seche Vite is thicker than usual and my polish will peel either the same day or two days later. Without using the Seche Vite my polish will last about 5 days without chipping. Unfortunately I’m in the process of teaching myself how to do acrylic nails and my nail beds are a bit damaged so none of the polishes I use for my nails will stay on my nails w/o chipping for about 2 days. I needed another alternative so I read up on this CND Nail Stickey and the reviews it came with. I purchased 4 bottles from eBay and this is my second time using this and the polishes I used this time(Wet-n-Wild and Milani) don’t agree with this Nail Stickey. I polished my nails this past Friday and have been touching them up since. That’s just how much my polish have been chipping. I’m not happy about this at all. I polish my nails every week and post the tutorials on Youtube and I expect my polish to at least last 5 days w/o it chipping. Maybe the next type of polish I use will work under this Nail Stickey because right now, I feel like I wasted my money on something that should work because it cost so high.

Bonnie Jackson, PA

Best base coat I have used….

I discovered CND when I was given a free sample of their polish. I was hooked. Next, I decided to try the Stickey base coat. I love it! I *never* used to do my nails because they would end up chipping after 3 days. It just wasn’t worth the time and hassle. Now that I have discovered Stickey and CND, I do my nails about once every 10 days or so. The base coat helps to hold the polish and prevents chipping. After about 4-5 days, I may have a tiny, tiny chip on the end of a nail but it’s so easy to just touch up. Here’s how I use Stickey:1) Buff my nails to remove ridges.2) Apply one coat of Stickey to clean nails.3) This is important–while the Stickey is still slightly tacky, apply nail color (this helps it grab the polish)4) After color has mostly dried, I apply one coat of CND Air Dry topcoat. I start with my thumb and by the time I reach my pinky, the thumb is dry.That’s it and my nails look great! Love, love, love CND products. I now use this brand over OPI.

Neva Collegeport, TX

Does its job

Thought I would test this out with all of the good reviews it got. Put it on my nails and the polish stayed on for about 3 days, but that’s because I wash the dishes without gloves by that time. I use my hands a lot; when I used my hands the way I do everyday, not a chip in sight. Unfortunately, not base coat can survive dishpan soaked hands. You will have to use gloves (which I don’t like) when washing dishes in order to keep your polish on.

Monika Table Rock, NE

proved its self

I used my old favorite on my left hand and this on my right. knowing the right hand always chips first. I used the same top coat on each. the right hand out lasted the left by 2 days. I’m, sold!

Dale Lejunior, KY

It helps!

I tried this because of the Amazon reviews. I usually use gel polish, but the colors are so limited, and I had some new OPI polish to try. I used the cnd base coat, then two coats of OPI, and then a top coat. It lasted quite nicely for over a week. I’m pretty hard on my hands (I’m a radiologic technologist), so for me, a week is good. If your job isn’t too demanding on your nails, it might last even longer.

Freda Epworth, IA

Nice base coat.

Nice base coat. My nails chip very quickly, so I’m always looking for the best base coat I can to help remedy that. Although it wasn’t a miracle cure to my nail chipping (I’m not sure if anything will ever be), it did help in preventing major chips. For anybody who isn’t hard on their nails, this would probably work much better for them.

Audrey Englewood, NJ

miracle product

I have tried every base coat on the market and nothing has worked. I was so sick of polish chipping off an hour after applying that I was doing research on investing in a uv dryer and soak off gel polishes. I found this sticky base coat and decided to give it a chance. Amazing. My nail polish stayed on for 7 full days two weeks in a row. Even after putting up a x-mas tree and decorating the house. Not a chip to be seen. Great product.

Lucia Barnard, MO

Perfect base coat

I’ve tried just about every base coat on the market. I discovered this when I had my nails professionally manicured. I’ve used it for 2 years and love it. I had trouble with staining, ridges and chipping. This base coat has solved all those problems. I work retail so my nails get lots of rough treatment.

Raquel Littlefield, AZ


This little blue bottle is full of magic. My first manicure using ‘stickey’ lasted 8 days before I noticed two tiny chips. Joanie Rivers was my favorite base coat before I discovered stickey. The gal that gave specific direction for the application of stickey was correct, those direction were true to a tee. Try to apply your nail polish while stickey is still drying, it adheres to the nail polish more effectively. Good luck all.

Susanna Los Indios, TX

Super value!

I purchased the CND Stickey Base, along with their tip coat and have been very happy with my purchase. It goes on smoothly and makes my polish last. A little goes a long way!

Consuelo Amlin, OH

Hands down the best base coat

I’m a huge fan of this base coat. I feel like I’ve tried every brand out there and this is the only one that I can get at least 5 days of flawless looking nails. It is the best!!

Mallory Beardsley, MN

Really does keep polish from chipping

Stickey works just as it says it will and really does keep polish from chipping. I gave only 4 stars because I use light polish, and often there is a blue cast from the Stickey. It would be perfect for you if you used darker polish

Vera Shady Valley, TN

Pretty good but not the best

As for CND Stickey, I don’t like the brush, and the tips of my polish rubbed off very quickly. Out of all the base coat products I have tried, CND Stickey is second best. (The best is China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat.)

Winifred Berlin, CT