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NEW 2013 Gals “Princes Set” of 25 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit.

Set of VAGA Nail Art Stamper Image Plates If you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing. These stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design which is probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique. Using our Nail Art Plates 1. Make sure to remove the protective cover off the plate before using. 2. Make sure you are using new and thick enough nail polish that is suitable for stamping. 3. Please clean your nails and apply base coat for best results. 4. Work fast in order to get the suitable result, otherwise the polish will get dry and will not stamp properly. 5. Different designs require different stamping techniques the most important variable is the amount of force used to pick up the design on the stamper. In some designs it will pick up great using tiny bit of force and in some you will have to press a bit harder. Please use the stamper from side to side for best results.

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Our stamping plates are made of high quality, easy to clean material offering you nail art accessories for endless use and unlimited creativity.
  • With our impressive stamping plates collection every nail art enthusiast, hobbyist and professional nail artist, will be equipped with original nail design images.
  • Stamping plates make perfect gifts for your creative friends, who share your love for nail art.

Honest reviews


Video Testing of the quality.

Evelyn Oakdale, WI

Nice etching but a too small

I purchased these plates as soon as they became available and at the time I had to wait for them to ship from China. I received them after 5 weeks. And they were surprisingly very well etched. The designs are all geometrical shapes. However, the designs are not like the XL Cheeky images which I love since I have large nail beds. That’s why I can’t give these plates 5 stars. The designs are way too small for a nice even roll on my fingers especially my thumbs which I have to double stamp causing a overlap in design giving it a messy look. I may have learned my lesson and just stick to the XL plates. But these are a nice addition to my collection, just don’t see myself using these often…

Latoya Locust Grove, GA

Needs new backing

I got these plates and have been really impressed with the image quality. I have to take a star off because after a few times of using the plates, the backing starts to peel off. The backing feels like a similar plastic to the blue protective covering, only glued on better. Please be careful when using these plates after the backing starts to peel because the edges on the plates are very sharp. I love the images, though, and will replace the backings myself once they completely come off.

Vivian Bowring, OK


While these look like nice quality plates, the full nail designs are TINY, even more so than many other plates. I thought since Gals are products made by Cheeky, they’d be the size of newer CHeeky products – they are not. The individual designs don’t have much detail, and there aren’t many of them. The nail tip designs, are oddly large considering how small the “full” nail designs are, but since I file my nails to an oval shape, they aren’t much use to me unless I want to put them in the middle of my nail. So once again, I have another collection of plates that won’t fit my thumbs or even moderate length nails. Each is 1/2 inch wide by 1/2 inch tall, from the center, so actually SMALLER than Konad because of the rounded base.If you have small and short nails, then you’ll probably enjoy these. If you are a professional who has to deal with many nail sizes, stick with the Cheeky XL plates or just don’t taunt your customers with larger nails with these designs so they won’t know about what they can’t have. Or get busy coming up with a different design for thumbs. I like the ease of picking a plate and knowing it will work on all of my nails. I guess that’s too much to expect again. Big waste of my money.

Beverly Uniontown, MO

once you get the hang of it

Once you get the hang of using it its great! the designs are clear and fun! remember to get polishes that work well, that are thick and opaque or the images wont come out well, not because of the design but because of of the type of polish. ANd dont forget to order a scraper and stamper if you dont already have them.

Diane Coquille, OR


Some of my plates seemed to of have been mishandled and with scratches, other than that the plates stamp fine.

Marcie Sandy Hook, KY

Hot Nail Stamping Plates!

Another great set of plates from this company. WAITING ON MORE SETS TO COME OUT!!!!!

Carmen Brokaw, WI

Wish the images were longer….

I really like this set. The images stamp crisp & clear. The only problem is that the images are really short especially with the half moon. I have to either double stamp or use the images as tip designs. Waiting for more plates from you GALS without the half moon 🙂 .

Lourdes Ropesville, TX

It works

They just don’t fit all my nails because of its size but I would still have boughten it again… And would recommend it to others…

Zelma Dunlow, WV

Patience Not Included.

This set does a great job of holding the paint so it’s easy to get the imprint. You will however need A LOT of patience when using these type of printing discs because they need to be wiped clean after each use (you have to wait for each nail to dry and carefully use acetone without removing the polish on your nails). The quality of the stamps are excellent and I’m tempted to buy a another set as a gift.

Bertha Rice Lake, WI

Nice designs, but way too small.

Like others, I was very excited about the new sets as I am a big fan of the other Cheeky plate disc sets and XL stamping plates. This set was the first one available on Amazon, so I snapped it up.Pros: good plate design mix. There are a lot of designs you’re going to find in any plate set (houndstooth, for example) for a beginner who wants the basics, but also enough all-purpose new designs to make the set worth considering if you already have a couple of sets.Cons: Image size. The ‘half moon’ bottom of the full plate images shrinks what would be a reasonable size image for short-medium nails to unusable. Full plate image dimensions would have been 5/8″ long x 1/2″ wide, but with the half moon cutout, it shrinks to just over 1/2″ long x 1/2″ wide.Who should buy this: People with very small nail beds, people with short-medium nails who like having a half-moon cutout on each nail, people with long (but not wide) nails who like french tip designs.I’m going to give these to a small-nailed friend, because I just can’t use them. I don’t have long nails. I keep them trimmed to about 1/8″ from the quick, and don’t do french tip designs because I don’t have enough ‘tip’ for the designs to be visible!

Lea Townville, SC

Pretty good set

I really enjoy this set and like many of the patterns. For the most part these work really well, stamping clearly, and the plates, while a little thin, are fully backed.I took away a star because a few of the patterns have too much negative space to fill properly and become nearly impossible to use. But, more than that, the curve at the bottom of the all over patterns as well as their narrow width mean they don’t fit on some nails.

Dixie Alviso, CA

Love it!

such amazing designs. fast delivery, great designs, no flaws, transfers well. 5 stars all the way. also got the other " fairy set: equally as amazing as this one.

Brooke Anthon, IA

cheeky is my number one!

Without a doubt cheeky puts out my favorite plates and the gals sets are adorable. There are many images that I fell are geared to the little ones and that is a plus in my book.

Tessa Custar, OH

Nice plates

Fun designs, stamp well. No problems with what I have tried so far. Having a good time playing with these plates.

Julie Juncos, PR

2nd set

I had bought one of these before and loved them and decided to get this set also because they are so much fun!!!!

Myrtle Kasilof, AK


I bought this item because I needed an easy way to designed my nails and this item works very well i would diffidently buy this item again

Tammy Lewis, IA

super cool designs

I do my own gel nails at home and saw this in a salon and thought wow i have to have that!! so i bought the stamper, and nail polish that goes with it. once they all came i took off my current nails so i could redo them and use this, I kept trying different designs and taking them off bc i couldnt decide on which on i liked the most.I have enough designs to last me for a long time. LOVE IT

Millie Nunn, CO

alot of designs

my sister purchased this but when i saw it there were a lot of cool designs that she put on her nails and i would recommend this if you like doing your nails and want variation.

Adelaide Yap, FM

Must Have

These are great quality. I just used a plain over the counter .99 white polish. You can see the word "Kisses" perfect. I also have the Fairy Set.

Benita Kincaid, IL


these are great plates. The fast that they are from Cheeky make them good from the start. Wish the images were a bt bigger for longer nails and wider nail bed but over all good. Good engraving and great stamping. highly recommend

Alberta Fombell, PA

lovely cheeky plates

Im so excited got both my fairy and princess set today, have not try it out yet. The reason im rating 4 stars is due to my envelope was teared when i got it, i guess its too heavy for both set to be pack in one fragile envelope. Im lucky that none of the box is drop out. Another down side is i got a duplicate and miss out plate, BUT cheeky team was great for their customer service. I just got the replied from them that they will send me the missing plate and i can keep the duplicate one. Omg that was a very fast responsed and im very satisfied of the way that cheeky solved my problem.Cheeky definitely worth a 5 stars rating if the plates image gonna transfer well (i have not try the plates so im still giving a 4 stars ^^) and improve on the parcel packaging.. Overall, im a fan of cheeky plates still!

Tessa Richfield, UT


I got these right away and couldn’t wait to use them. The scraper I bought didn’t work as well with these plates as I thought it would but I didn’t buy the special polish. I’m going to be purchasing it soon to see if it makes a difference.

Lelia Valley Grove, WV

Nice plates!

These seem to be nice plates except they are small, which is ok if you have short nails or are just going to use them for french tips!

Josefina Kirkland, WA

Great Plates!

The images are crisp and clear. They stamp beautifully. Lots of unique images. Great overall quality, I definitely am glad to have these in my collection. And a great price too!

Maryanne Marysville, MT

Princes set

Fast shipping, well packaged. I love these plates very nice designs , protective backing, design transfers easly will buy more. 5 stars for sure!

Geraldine Midnight, MS

Great designs

I havent had a chance to use the stamps but i received the complete set and the designs were great. This was a good set for the price.

Mavis Bradgate, IA

great stamps

These stamp great I havent had a chance to use them all but those i have used are very well engraved

Karyn Whittemore, MI