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New 20 Pairs Fake False Eyelashes Eye Lash Black with Glue HR-117


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Move over stiffy

These eyelashes look really good in their little box.. They even feel good.. However, they r way to stiff to put on and look natural.. The price should tell u that but like most people we think it will b different this time… The seller really is wanting people to use their product.. So we fall for the price…Not me, not again.. I get sick of this farce advertising.. I get sick of this crap.. And the glue well the little tiny tube of glue wasn’t enough to put on one lash much less 20…So you people need to b honest when u r selling this crap.. Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it is.. Take these lashes for example .. THEY R CRAP..

Randi Boonsboro, MD

Doll Eyes!!

Got these yesterday and gave ’em a test drive to see how they held up.First off,although it’s nice that they include glue with each individual pack of 2, I used my own glue.At first it took a little of the old “bend and wiggle” that we all do to relax the lash band.The lashes are longer towards the middle so it was easy to see where the best fit would be.Not at all hard to apply but you do need sufficient glue for these especially in the corners.The band is firm but not too stiff and it’s comfortable.I applied them without eye makeup and they looked adorable.I could easily wear these alone with a pink gloss for a simple but finished look.(I’m medium complexion with dark brown eyes so if you are Fair you may or may not be able to pull that off.) The longer length in the middle gives the appearance of a more doll eye rather than a winged look.I typically will wear a winged lash for a smokey eye, but these will work too as I then applied makeup to further test the look.I just don’t think it will enhance the cat eye shape of a smoked out eye look.The texture of the lash itself is a little “plasticy”,(my reason for 4 stars) but nothing I couldn’t get over. They are synthetic after all, so give that some consideration.They do hold mascara well btw.I wore them for about 5 hours and they held up without budging.Removed easily too which is always a bonus for me.So yes,I would recommend these lashes.They’re pretty,comfortable and the price is amazing.Hope this helps, stay gorgeous 🙂

Deann Saronville, NE

They are pretty good!

They came before the supposed delivery date, which i always great! Also, I tried them and found out they sticked on without glue. I did get glue, but i tried opening one of the glue capsules and there was so glue, i don’t know why or if there was an issue, but thats all! 😀

Joann Northfield, OH

Don’t buy

There was glue all over the eye lashes. Some of the lash were bent. Looks nothing like a eye lash a person would wear. They look more like lashes you would put on a doll. Do NOT waste your money on them. There are much better one on here.

Jo Creston, NC

I’m an eyelash snob and I love these.

These are great eyelashes. The adhesive that’s designed to keep them on the plastic is actually enough to keep them on for their first wear believe it or not. These find the right balance between being full but not being fake. (Although I swear by iENVY Professional [by Kiss] strip eyelash adhesive in jet black.) These aren’t the cheap lashes you sometimes get that fall apart after one use. They seem like they will hold up for a few wearings. They really make your eyes pop. I didn’t need to trim them. They have a nice curve to them. The strip isn’t so thick that it looks fake but it’s thick enough to hold adhesive. These are my new go-to lashes.

Ronda Clay City, IN

Skeptical at first… ended up LOVING them

Okay ladies (and gents), I must first tell you that I almost RARELY use false eyelashes because the few times I’ve tried to put them on, it turns into a tedious disaster. I recently decided I wanted to try again because I wanted fuller, thicker, longer lashes and for me.. the only way to get them is by buying fake ones. :/ I decided to search amazon instead of just going to the store because I wanted to be able to actually see which ones had good reviews. When I saw these, the first thing I noticed was it’s 4.5 star rating and I thoroughly read through all the reviews. Although they had a very good rating, I was still skeptical because until now, to me, all false eyelashes were going to be a huge pain and then possibly a waste of money.WRONG. I tried these on for the first time yesterday morning and they looked AWESOME! I did have to cut the end off JUST a smidge because they were a little too wide for my eye but after I did that they fit and looked perfect. I noted previously that another reviewer recommended “DUO” Eyelash adhesive (in DARK not clear, supposedly it works better) so I bought that also to use with the eyelashes. Um, yes. I will be reviewing them next. These eyelashes DID come with glue in each pack of 4 but I haven’t used that yet since I wanted to try DUO first. Either way, the eyelashes mixed with DUO adhesive worked great! They look SO natural it’s not even funny. I wore them again today to work and absolutely love them. They are long and full without looking like a drag queen…. not that there’s anything wrong with that but I wasn’t looking for anything dramatic or for “evening eyes”… just something for days when I dress up more at work and want my eyes to look better. I’m not gonna lie and say that I’ve gotten all these compliments BUT I will note that no one seems to notice that they are fake or weird looking (which is what I would care more about) and trust me… I was WAITING to see it on someone’s face that my eyes looked random and dramatic. I wasn’t expecting or hoping that people in my office would say how much prettier my eyes looked today, but I WAS hoping that they wouldn’t notice that they were fake. In other words.. it was more of a compliment to me that people seemed to have assumed these were natural since no one looked at me funny when talking to my face.All in all, 5 out of 5 stars, indeed! If you’re looking for natural but more full lashes, trust me… get these! (And also the Duo adhesive! But try the glue that comes with these first, since I haven’t yet!)

Leta Cottondale, AL

A little stiff but nice.

I like these lashes. Once I get them on they dont look super fake. They arent crazy long or thick. The ‘glue’ that comes with them is one small tube that is more like rubber cement. Overall good though.

Jaclyn Marine, IL

Great comfortable lashes.

I love these lashes. They stay on all day, are comfortable, and with a little alcohol wash to remove the glue, I wear them several times before I dispose of them.

Sheila Genesee, PA

would for sure order these again!

I just received these in the mail today and they look great nice for everyday use natural look but makes a big difference at the same time love them and by far the best lashes for the price!

Lori Lothair, MT

Life Saver

I bought these because I had damaged my eyelashes with other fake individual eyelashes and these were perfect!!! Easy to apply and to remove. I’ve never used the adhesive that came with it. I still have tons of these left over because you can reuse them. Just be careful in how you remove them from the package because they can come apart.

Saundra Falls Village, CT

20 False Eyelashes with Glue HR-117

If your into falsies or if you’re a newbie here is your start… I love them, even after putting mascara they look soft(no clumping) and lush. They are easy to clean and are reuseable and a form to keep them in. They are very flexible/plyable (my personal opinion). It’s worth it so, enjoy!

Katelyn Dalton, MA

Pretty good

The glue adhesive is okay, some are thick some are thin. Overall I think they are pretty good, it just depends on the eyelash, for example; some of the hair falls out and in others they look natural and perfect.

Vilma Stockton, MD

Good value

Easy to re-use. These have flexibility and can be bent to fit the eye. They aren’t as irritating as some falsies. Hit them with some mascara then go!

Helene Sadler, TX