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NEW 12 Color Velvet Flocking Powder for Velvet Manicure Nail Art Polish Tips

1. Place a paper to protect the work area 2. Apply base coat on your nails, wait it dry 3. Apply nail polish (same color as the Velvet Powder), wait ir dry 4. Apply the second layer of nail polish, immediately put the Velvet Powder on your nail, allow them dry naturally(you may use a tweezer to mix the velvet powder while using) 5. Use a dust brush to sweep away the excess velvet powder 6. For the excess velvet powder on the paper, you may pour it back into the pot

Key features

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Flocking powder for nail decoration.
  • Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner
  • Color: many colors, will send 12 colors at random

Honest reviews


Great, wish there was more in the jars.

I bought these a while ago because the price was just TOO good. The flocking powder is awesome. Its…well…flocking powder. It sticks to the wet polish like a charm and leaves a very fuzzy, fun effect! HOWEVER!!My jars came and none of them were filled to the same point…The dark green is pretty much gone in mine…there is only about 1/4 of flocking powder in that color. The black is about 1/3 of the way full. The other colors were the same way, varying in amount from 1/4 full to 2/3 full being the most full jar. Considering the price (2.11 with free shipping when I bought), I believe it is still worth it. You MIGHT be able to do one nail look with each other though. So I would recommend purchasing two of these at a time…I knocked off 2/5 stars for lack of filled jars, and added one back for the simple fact that the price is great and I got no repeats.

Ericka Stonington, IL


It’s like lint in little tins, It shows it as "beautiful" and "velvety" but it’s just gross. Very disappointed… I wish I didn’t buy it.

Daisy Munday, TX

VERY small quantities

I realize you get what you pay for but maybe put in the description how much product you actually get in each container. It’s an extremely small amount. I think the packaging cost more than the actual product!

Jeanie Deming, NM


I have gotten a lot of compliments from everyone. It is easy to apply onto the nail. I found this video very helpful to learn how to apply and very cute and easy nail designs. […]

Renae Mount Kisco, NY

I love this product

It came in today and it came in today and it came in 3 weeks early and it makes my nails so fuzzy I would recommend and order this product again

Jodi Lovelock, NV

I havent used yet

I got this in the mail today and they look good. They are filled all the way up! i have not used it yet!

Patty Quanah, TX

Poor quantity

Not much in containers.CO

Tommie Stephan, SD


Received the same amount as in the picture but the colors shown in the picture were not the same as the colors I received

Desiree Martville, NY

Great buy

I wanted to try the flocking powder and this was just perfect. The size is super small so don’t expect to have alot when you recieve it.

Kerri Angora, MN

Cute and Cute

This made for adorable nail art. If you feel adventurous I would suggest you give this a try. You can wash your hands as normal and when the fluff dries it goes back to the way it was. I was not a fan of the lighter colored ones as they tend to get make-up and other products you may use embedded in it.

Tisha Charlottesville, VA

Flocking Powder for beginners.

It is a good set. Has all the colors shown, but the containers are small. It is good for me because this will be my first time using flocking powder and I did not want to pay much for a product I was going to learn on. I really liked this purchase.

Janie Carey, OH


The cases are quite small but this is also a cheap product! The colors are beautiful and work very well!

Elsa Platteville, WI

velvet flocking powder

I wish it were bigger and has more velvet flocking powder on it cause it great when you want to do a design with it on the nail salon or a home

Ma Saint Paul, MN

i like it.

The colors were cute and very bright, but it ended up making my fingers itch! Then I touched me face! Ahhhhhh, lol maybe I had a bad reaction to it.

Elizabeth Glendora, MS


~Goes on easy~LOVE the colors~yes, it comes with a little bit, but a little goes a long way with this stuff~it kind of clumps, so I recommend sort-of kneading it before use to prevent clumps~time consuming, but it shows up great!~DO NOT SEAL IN WITH A TOPCOAT! That ruins the fluff :3

Melody Cambria, WI


This is something very different. I really like this powder. This was my first time using this product. I had never seen it on anyone nailes before. I find myself uising this alot…

Rae Sharon Grove, KY


Items were just as pictured and the product worked excellently on my nails! Will definitely purchase more in the future.

Rita Lead, SD