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New 10pcs Nail Art Tape Stripe Decoration Sticker Hologram

New 10pcs Nail Art Tape Stripe Decoration Sticker Hologram

Key features

  • Package include: 10 pcs Nail Art Tape Stripe

Honest reviews


Mostly satisfied

I received the nail tape today and they are individual stored in a plastic sleeve, which is nice. I haven’t worked with it yet but did read reviews about how using tweezers to place is helpful. I would of given it a four (since I haven’t used it yet) but only gave it a 3 because black was shown as a color and I did not get it. Black would be a very useful color and it did not come with the set. Instead I received 2 gold. Other then that…right now can’t say anything bad about it. Will update if need be once I try using it.

Matilda Perry, OH

A little disappointing..

I got this product after I went nail crazy for a few months and did my nails almost every day… I used all of the colors that it came with (glittery red, glittery pink, pink, gold, silver, black, white, green, blue, and purple) and I got the same result. The nails would look great for about 1 day, if lucky. Then, the clear, top layer of the tape would peel off. It wouldn’t be so bad since the color is still there on the bottom, but it also takes off chunks of the color with it and the shininess of the colors would be gone since the top layer is what makes it look shiny.Every time I’d do my friends’ nails, they’d love it and want it to last forever, but after about 5 hours, the ends of the tape would start to curl up and eventually the entire top layer would come up. And this happens both with or without top coat on top. I still haven’t figured out a way to remedy this, but it’s still really fun to play with. Just keep in mind that it’s a short-term deal and your beautiful nail art will be chipped madness by 5 the next afternoon :(I haven’t tried any other brands of nail tape so I’m not sure if just this brand is bad or if it’s just nail tape in general.

Coleen North Hampton, OH

I don’t get it

I received this sticker set and wanted to use the right away. I had to tear open each packet which I was going to use to store them. After, I tried working with the silver and it broke when I was applying it! I was very gentle too. Then while trying to get another piece, it tore up instead of across. These are very cheaply made and difficult to use! Sorry

Pearlie Bradshaw, NE

just what i wanted

10 rolls, 10 colors. tape IS a little hard to work with but totally doable. best to use it when nails are dry this way even if you have to lift it and re-apply it you wont mess your nail polish up. and make sure you cut it just a bit shorter so when you put top coat edge of the tape wont lift it

Luella Danbury, TX

A must have

So glad I bought this product and the price was right, They come in handy when you want a straight line when doing nail designs.

Heather Clayton, ID

Thinner than you think!

These nail tapes are VERY thin, and not all of them seem to be holographic which could be because they are so thin that the effect can’t be seen. But given the price they can’t be beat. Great for when you need thin, perfectly straight lines.

Janna Wolford, ND

endless design options

I was able to make subtle curves with this product as well as straight lines. I love that you can use it to tape off a design or leave it on. I decided to share some of this with my friends. You get so much for such a little price.

Jayne West Newton, IN

Great price

Very good price. Good quality. I would reccomend & buy again. . . . . . . . . .

Ramona Elk Rapids, MI

nail tape

great to have if you like to do nails. Use to put designs on nails or paint over then pull off to make stripes or designs.

Earlene Ellettsville, IN

Don’t stick

These are very flimsy and I have put topcoat over them and they still peel off. The ones that the salons use are much heavier.

Angelia Sugarcreek, OH

once you get the hang of it….

i like nail art. i am a fan. and with nail tape i can get a proper straight line. yay!now, i have tried just using the tape itself for details and having it do accents, and i will admit that the tape peels after about a day or two, even with mass amounts of clear coat on top. it is possible to keep it on for longer, you would just have to trim it the perfect size (overhang will start to peel, and once it starts that piece of tape is done for) and put the tape on while your nail is wet from the original coat. then top coat the s*** out of it.BUT, using it to do details and then peeling it off? perfect! paint your nails, put the tape on, then do an accent color over top, and then peel the tape off. it will give you a straight line and will look awesome. i promise.

Jillian Killington, VT

Don’t stick

They don’t stick that well, but I bought them to use more as a guide rather than actual design work.

Naomi Woodford, WI

Love them

I love them! They work well, very easy to use. And for a great price too. I will be buying more here again..

Lacey Palm Harbor, FL

Nail Art Tape

I got the Nail Art Tape. I will try out ways to used it on my Nails. I should be fun.

Ester Napoleon, IN

Nail art tape

very pretty! I can create some very unique designs with the tape. It does take patience to apply it, but I think the result worth it in the end. Shipping was fast and packaging was good. Very satisfied!

Liza Castile, NY


Love the colors but still new to using this item. i was supprised that it did manage to arrive early

Irene Neopit, WI

very dificult to use sometimes, were ok

Hard to use if u lose the end. Hard to find, overall they were ok, would recommend for someone who has better eye site than me lost the end all the time…

Pearlie Lake Villa, IL

Awesome deal

Item came as described with different colors of tape. Haven’t tried it out to see if it bleeds etc., but at least the package came on time and had the correct item.

Elda Foster, RI

Very nice

I was a bit skeptical after reading some reviews, but this tape was easy for me to work with. I did have one issue, after I applied top coat it sucked the color off the tape, but I am guessing my top coat was to blame 😉

Saundra Spring Hill, FL

Not too too bad.

These are okay! The tape is not very strong so it tears easily from the roll. I would prefer to buy a sheet of stickers. But I only paid a dollar for these… So it’s okay.

Angel Powellsville, NC

Nail Art Tape

I was so excited to get this Nail Art Tape so I could fansy up my own nails. They are great and easy to put on. I can do my own nails instead of paying someone else to do them. For the price you can not go wrong with this product. The colors are so pretty bright and colorful. I did take about two weeks to get to me but well worth the wait. I would purchase this again in the future

Georgia Sawyer, OK

Awesome Product !!!

Very Easy to Use! They Stick very well, and I havent had a problem with them peeling off. Just add a top coat and your good to go. Ordering was easy as 1.2.3…. and delivery was on time. I Recomend this product to anyone who loves nail art. This product is just another step closer to a professional look.

Deana Aberdeen, WA