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New 10 Pair Reusable Charming Cross Fake False Eyelashes Glue Adhesives Eye Lashes Makeup Black 58

New 10 Pair Reusable Long Fake False Eyelashes Glue Adhesives Eye Lashes Makeup Black 58

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For the dramatic unnatural look

I’m not sure how I feel about these eyelashes, hence they get a neutral rating from me. I recently started to like cross false eyelashes and came across this product. I decided to purchase based on the positive reviews. Once I opened up the package, I was a little bit disappointed. They look really thick, dark, heavy, and a bit cheap. Nothing about them says natural looking. This is definitely FAKE eyelashes. Not sure if I can wear them during the daytime. It does, however, give me a pretty dramatic look and the results are not something I can get from any of my other lashes. I think this might work great for the night events. Maybe they’ll become my new party eyelashes.

Wilda Pierce, NE

Perfect size and length Lash

I just got these and all i can say is I LOVE these lashes, wow its the perfect size and length. Not to dramatic, not to long and full looking so you still get noticed. It brings my eyes out. I love it will be ordering more for sure. The band on the lash is just right and the glue i use holds so well on this lash, it holds very nicely in place (Revlon lash Precision)

Marcella Piedmont, SD



Jeanie Chesnee, SC


I love these lashes. They are full and dramatic. If you are looking for a full and bold lash then this product is for you. It’s a firm lash that holds up. It’s not wispy thin and the band is sold. I would buy again. Would recommend highly. Thanks.

Pamela Gower, MO

Flirty and Feminine!

These are very cute, better than expected they look like you’re wearing a few coats of mascara, dramatic but not overly dramatic. Easy to apply with a good eyelash adhesive. Don’t judge them in the package try them on! The same pair can be worn several time if handled with care.

Chelsey Katy, TX

Great lashes!

Omg I’m completely in love with these lashes. Took exactly a month for them to get here but so worth it. They do feel a little stiff but that’s what makes team easier to put on (I’m not the greatest at putting on lashes) they’re not too dramatic and they’re not that natural either.will def purchase again.

Jolene Mason, WI

The picture here does these lashes no justice

Ok. So I was skeptical about this purchase because I have purchased other large quantity of lashes and they were not so great. Oh ladies these lashes! They look very natural. Easy to flex and looks like the real thing. The picture you see make them look thicker than they really are. I take them off every night so they are reusable. If you love lashes, these are a must have in your kits. These I will buy again.

Wilda Laingsburg, MI

Second Order!!

These lashes are great!! They look natural (not over-done at all) and I’ve been able to use them sometimes for 5 to 6 uses each…. I don’t use the glue that they come with so I can’t comment on that… They are definitely one of my favourite!!*UPDATE* 1 Dec 2013 – It’s safe to say that these have become a staple item for me … for those people “hating” on these lashes … please remember lashes appear differently on some people based on some factors; the shape of the eye, the size of the eye, application, etc – I’m still loving these!! Just one thing though …. I decided to open one of the glues that come with this product – EMPTY HAS HELL …. What’s up with that? It won’t change my mind about repurchasing though – I always do!! Try it – you just might like it!

Bonita Willard, KY

not natural, shiny, thick band but still love them

First of all i just wanted to say I uploaded a photo so anyone interested in buying these could get a better idea of what they look like on.I had to sign for these when they arrived, which was odd lol I’ve been buying lashes from across the sea for over a year now and I do love them but im going to tell u right now no they don’t look natural. The band is thick and noticeable, the lashes themselves are also thick and are shiny if you are looking down and getting that point of view. This is something I’ve encountered with all the lashes I’ve bought over seas, so anyone telling you oh these look natural, no its a lie. Plastic lashes are very fake looking bc of the length and shine. But just bc they don’t look natural doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. I love these lashes, its my first time buying crisscross lashes and they are definitely worth the buy. If your looking for natural looking lashes these aren’t the way to go, I suggest human hair lashes if your going for a full natural look since its very hard to find "natural" looking lashes that are plastic.

Joy Anderson, MO

Plastic – Look

They are very long and pretty but have a plastic look. I let my friend have them and they are very long and look kinda fake. I would not purchase again.

Ann Mc Leansville, NC