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Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pad Refills, 30 Count

When used in conjunction with the Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser, Neutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pads lather into a tingly foam to remove dirt, oil and makeup to reveal noticeably smoother and softer skin after only one use!

Key features

  • Cleans 10x deeper than the leading cleanser
  • Gentle enough for daily use
  • Light fragrance
  • For softer skin in just 1 use

Honest reviews


The goodness of Neutrogena soap in a power cleanser that you can use in the shower.

Neutrogena is known for its soaps and now they’ve added a device that will also do the scrubbing for you. The wave power cleanser fits neatly in your hand and when you turn it on it gently cleans your face. The pre-soaped cleaning pads are very nice and leave your face clean but not too dry. You can also use it when you’re under the shower to save time.This is a good product which is why it gets 5 stars. However, I also like my Olay Daily Facials Self-Foaming Discs, Combination/Oily, 30-disc Tubs, (Pack of 3) which I have been using before the Wave cleanser. Usually when I am tired at night I just want to gently clean my face of all makeup and don’t want to switch on another gadget however gentle. The Olay discs also leave my face clean and moisturized and I like their supple cloth like feel. Most importantly, I use them to remove eye makeup and I don’t feel comfortable using the Wave Cleanser around the delicate eye area.I am already using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, The Anti Aging Power Treatment Kit which has a similar powered gadget. It’s great for scrubbing your face and making your skin glow. I have found myself using the Wave cleanser more in the shower than at the sink.

Adriana Gilliam, MO

Good Cleanser For The Low Price Point

I have been using this item for about a year. Considering the price I paid back then (about $13 dollars), I think this does a pretty decent job when it comes to topical cleansing. I use it once or twice a day on my face and neck. The texture of my skin has improved. I cleans gently and removes dirt and make-up, as well as removing dead skin cells. The difference between a soap and water cleansing and the Wave used in combination with the cleansing pads is fairly dramatic. My skin seems more elastic and is audibly squeaky clean. Skin creams absorb quicker. My completion seems brighter. The Wave requires batteries, but they have only had to be replaced 3 times over the past year.I have sensitive skin but have not had any negative reaction to the cleaning pads.I just purchased a Clarisonic cleanser for almost ten times what this cost. The Clarisonic does an excellent job, doesn’t require batteries, and can be used in water. It is more versatile and doesn’t involve the additional cost of the cleansing pads but it does require the replacement of its brush pads every 3-4 months. The price between the pads and the brush head is a virtual wash. While the Clarisonic is probably more thorough, the Wave is a great alternatve if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Wave is small and compact and is great to take along when you travel.

Eunice Elma, IA

Deep Cleaning For a Good Price

First let me point out that this isn’t a miracle product, but it’s a good tool in the arsenal. I’ve been using this for a few weeks and I’ve already noticed an improvement in my complexion. Best used during a hot shower (or when pores are open), and followed up with your regular skin care regime. My only complaint about this product is that it doesn’t come in a resealable package, kind of silly since the pads are “moist” with the cleansing product. Neutrogena needs to fix that.The packaging was sufficient, the product arrived on time and I had no issues with this seller. I would definitely buy from them again.

Anastasia North Bonneville, WA


I received this package in a timely manner and I can’t really comment on how well the foaming pads will work for anyone else. They made my skin break out into red blotches with dry patches, but everyone’s skin is differently so like I said I can’t comment on the formula.

Esperanza Forest Hills, NY


I’ve been using the original Wave for about 3 years now. However, suddenly over the last 3 or 4 months I’ve been unable to find a box of the refill pads at any retail store or online that contain the attachment heads. The product itself is something I would recommend, but without the attachment heads in each box of refills, the pads eventually stop sticking and it’s impossible to use. I’ve contacted Neutrogena about this for the second time and they continue to call this an “unusual occurrance.”

Tracie Nortonville, KY

Just what the acne ordered

These pads work perfectly with the Clean & Clear kit, (Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit). Each refill box includes a new velcro plastic attachment for the eraser. It’s very easy to pop off the old attachment and pop on the new one – mr. 13 year old son replaced it with no problems or instructions.These pads are straightforward, light foaming, gentle exfoliation. The pads have little pink raised buttons on them that are the exfoliting compound. The active ingredient is salycilic acid, a good treatment for acne. There is a soap in the ingredient line, nothing much different from the ingredients in shampoo and bar soap. This is a bit more aggressive than the regular white pads, and should probably be used every other day in rotation with the original equipment pads,Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Refill Pack, 20-Count Pads (Pack of 3).This system has gotten my 13 year old son to wash his face almost every night. He likes the device and the vibration. It has helped control adolescent acne. You mileage may vary.

Ashlee Branchport, NY

Make the BEST Use of a Good Thing…

While searching for replacement pads for the discontinuedClean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Refill Pack 20 padsI stumbled on these Foaming Exfoliating Pads. Thank Goodness for Mr. Lebryk’s review and suggestions for alternating with theNeutrogena Wave Deep Clean Foaming Pad Refills, 30 Countto avoid over drying and irritation. The Wave Refills fit the Blackhead Eraser PERFECTLY. The Exfoliating pads are excellent substitutes for the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser refills due to the Salicylic Acid.We found it best to use them ONCE A DAY – AT NIGHT – EVERY OTHER DAY until your skin adjusts to the Salicylic Acid and friction/exfoliation. THEN EVERY NIGHT if you need it. We never made it to two times a day without irritation. This is the same process we went through initially with the Blackhead Eraser Kit. The kids initially went overboard using the ERASER at first. Using it two times a day for an unknown amount of time and pressure etc caused “road rash”. A light hand, less frequent use, less scrub time, more thorough rinsing AND a good moisturizer had their skin soft, glowing and healthy. Taking the time to figure it out is worth the effort.It’s the right medicated foam getting into the pores long enough to kill the acne bacteria is what works. THEN my acne-faced kids think MORE IS BETTER, like sanding the pimples off their faces and wind up looking like “burnt pizza face” We learned the hard way, to take the time to LEARN HOW to take better care of ourselves compared to paying the Dermatologist for magic bullets that don’t necessarily work either or have major side effects.Health care plans are minimally covering prescription acne care IF covering at all. The cost for those infomercial treatments delivered to your door isn’t cheap either. So short of “grin and bear it until you outgrow it” we’ve had to research, trial-and-error to find what really works for us. So many tried and true Neutrogena and Clean & Clear items are being discontinued + are so much more expensive when found 🙁 Finding Pad Refill bundle here at Amazon for a decent price, twenty bucks, AND Mr. Lebryk’s comments were a WIN…woo-hoo they do work well for us!Well enough I bought both aNeutrogena WAVE SONIC – 1 ct. AND Neutrogena Wave Facial System as backups for the BlackHead Eraser scrubber and my discountinued Neutrogena Restoratives Renewal scrubber. The Wave Refill Pads fit it too, just a comparable treatment formula IS NOT AVAILABLE :(***NOTE*** Save the Velcro attachment heads, you only get one per box of refills! If Velcro gets clogged with fibers, wait until attachment is thoroughly dry then press tape on the Velcro a few times to remove the unwanted fibers. If you have kids using these the attachment heads get lost AND are not sold separately 🙁

Mabel Plymouth, IL