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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer DryTouch Sunscreen, SPF 45, 3 Ounce

Neutrogena UltraSheer with Helioplex provides superior broadspectrum protection against skinaging UVA and burning UVB rays, and combines it with DryTouch technology for a lightweight, clean feel.

Key features

  • Helioplex
  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof
  • No1 Dermatologist Recommended Suncare
  • Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Honest reviews


Good sunblock

This is a good sunblock but blocks cancer causing UVA better than UVB (sunburning UV). The Coppertone sport keeps me from burning better and seems to last longer yet is has almost not UVA protection. The water proof side of this lotion is not nearly as good as the Coppertone either. This Neutrorgena rated #1 on Consumers Reports as well. Unlike many other water proof lotions and sprays, this product goes on dry and feels more like a powder that lets your skin breath than a stick shell. Weigh your options. Want no sunburn then use something else, want a little sun and not cancer causing UVA use this.

Manuela Murphy, ID


This is the best sunscreen I’ve put on my sensitive skin. I’ve tried spf 100 and 70 of the same brand and I had major breakout issues and I used other brands that gave me rashes. This sunscreen has good protection (i was looking for something at least spf30), very light, and non-greasy. If you have horrible acne, NONE of these sunscreen products will work for you. You will have skin problems with any sunscreen unless you fix your acne problem. I say this because I had horrible acne and my skin is acne free from eating right and I took great care of my acne problem.

Monica Dell Rapids, SD

Sunny rays

I’ve used several of the Neutrogena sunblocks and they work well on your face because they don’t seem to be as emollient as some of the other brands; feels less greasy on your face.

Kristie Walnut, IL

Neutrogena Strikes Again

I like Neutrogena in general. I find that their products (for the most part) are pretty easy on my skin and won’t break it out.Now, I’m quite fair-skinned, and I want to keep it that way. I burn easily, even in the winter, if it’s a clear sunny day. Because of some of the stuff I put on my skin regularly, it is an absolute requirement that I have a good sunscreen on hand to use every single day, or else it’ll pretty much negate all my efforts to make my skin look better.So on my search for a good sunscreen, a friend’s mom showed me this stuff. I’d been eager to try it out for myself, because I’d heard it works really well and I hate greasiness of regular ‘ol sunscren.It certainly doesn’t make my skin greasy, but it leaves a bit of shine, like most sunscreens do. When I put it on, I barely know it’s there, which is a huge plus! I just get a generous amount and cover any area that’ll be exposed to the sun before I start the day.The only drawback to this stuff is that it has a sunscreen-ish smell that I’m not particularly fond of, it’s not a reeking, knock-you-out dear god what is that kind of smell, but it is strong enough to where you’ll know it’s on, and anyone close to you might catch a whiff, too. I’m not going to lie, when I first sniffed it, I was really really hesitant to slather it on…I usually have to spray on some body spray to cover it up, or else people will wonder why my skin smells so weird. After a while, though, maybe half an hour, I notice the smell kind of diminishes, but it’s still there if you waft hard enough.All in all, I like this sunscreen. As an avid sunscreen fanatic (for good reasons, of course!) who wears SPF 45 all year round, even in the wintertime, this is honestly one of my favorite products I’ve found. It’s not too expensive, I got it on sale for about $7, and if you use it every day, it should probably last you a few weeks (provided you’re putting enough on!)The only drawback is the smell, while it’s not bad, it’s noticeable, but I think it’s still a great sunscreen that’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something that won’t make your skin feel like a slip-n-slide.

Lori Badger, SD


This sunscreen is ok. It does a good job protecting from sunburns. It also visually evens out the skintone.I wouldn’t say it’s completely sheer. It has a bit of white residue. What I didn’t like about this sunscreen is that it does make me breakout, and has very strong sunscreen smell (which I happen to really dislike).Overall, and ok product given the price, but I’ll be trying something else next time.

Valerie Nebraska, IN

Stings and Irritates

I have fair skin that tends to burn very easily, so I am very careful about my sunscreen. I had heard great things about this sunscreen, and I originally ordered the SPF 45 on Amazon, but it never arrived. So, I ended up buying bottles of it at my local grocery store.My initial conclusion? The sunblock was fantastic!It wasn’t too oily, as far as high SPF sunscreens go, and it absorbed into my skin within minutes, leaving a soft (almost powdery) finish. It didn’t flake off or look ghastly white at SPF 45 either, though the SPF 55 did both. It did look a bit shiny, which I found strange since it felt powdery, but, honestly, most people couldn’t tell I was wearing sunscreen, even though I generally caked it on.I did notice (having purchased the SPF 55 and the SPF 45) that the higher the SPF the thicker and oiler the sunscreen got. The SPF 55 felt MUCH heavier than the SPF 45.Unfortunately, the SPF 45 started to make my skin sting when I put it on, and the SPF 55 absolutely made my skin burn. At first, I thought it was because my skin was getting sensitive from my retinol night cream, but I tried using the sunscreen after I’d discontinued using the cream, and it still left my skin stinging and irritated. In fact, the last time I used the SPF 55, it left my skin blotchy and red for days, particularly around my eyes. The SPF 45 hasn’t left my skin feeling as painful, but still leaves it sensitive to the touch and super easily irritated/irritable.Maybe I’m just allergic or my skin doesn’t agree with something in this product, but I would be careful. I haven’t had this problem with other sunscreens I’ve used before or since, including Banana Boat and Shiseido products.

Amalia Atwood, CO

Great product.

Have used this product on our boat in Mexico and when vacationing in hawaii. I’m not a big fan of it on my face though. My husband uses it on his face and likes it. It’s a personal preference. Better price on line then in drug stores

Bette Kenton, TN

Good price and good product

I’m starting to care about aging. I know sun protection is the best way to fight the effects of aging and the higher the SPF the better. I already use Clinique City Block in 40 for my face but needed something for my neck,k chest and hands that didn’t have any tint (city block does). This a good alternative for the price conscious and those who want to have young looking skin.

Gay Meadows, NH

Nice Sunscreen for Adults and Kids

This sunscreen goes on dry as described. We use it on the entire family and are happy with the protection.

Millicent Victor, ID

Great SPF protection especially for sensitive areas

Great product for sensitive areas like face, chest, etc. Blocks sun rays ( re-apply after swimming though for added protection) . No smell ..somewhat light lotion.

Caryn Watseka, IL

It is okay

Makes my skin look shiny but it is good because it sticks and does not go away easily even in the shower.

Esther Rogers, TX

not for people with sensitive skin

I have a family history of basal cell carcinoma (a form of skin cancer). This usually happens when my relatives are older (70s or 80s) and have spent a lot of time in the sun. I thought that if I was better about using sunscreens in my 30s, perhaps I could reduce my own risk of getting skin cancer. Usually, I love Neutrogena products. I use a Neutrogena foundation, concealer, toner, and body wash every day (and have been doing so for months and, in some cases, years, with no trouble). So it was not a difficult decision to make to purchase a Neutrogena sunscreen.I used this for a little over three weeks on areas of my skin that were not covered by winter clothes: forearms, back of the neck, etc. After about two weeks, I noticed a red area on my right wrist, a little bigger than the size of a quarter. I just figured that since it was cold outside and my dog’s leash was rubbing against my dry skin, that’s what was causing the redness. It was dry, but it didn’t itch, so I tried to remember to wear gloves and use hand cream.Well, one morning when I was getting ready for work, I got the tube of Neutrogena sunscreen out and was getting ready to put it on when I noticed that the rash had spread all over my forearms. It itched (badly). And it was limited to areas where I’d applied the sunscreen. Needless to say, I stopped using the sunscreen. (Cortisone cream and eczema lotion for a couple of days helped the rash go away.)As far as application goes, this stuff spreads well and actually is truly a "dry touch" product. It has a light scent that doesn’t linger (so it won’t conflict with any fragrances you were planning to wear). If you have never had problems with skin allergies/contact dermatitis in the past, this may well be a quality product and is certainly worth a try. (It’s hard to find non-greasy sunscreens, after all.)However, if you have sensitive skin or have ever had a bad reaction to a lotion or soap or sunscreen or similar product in the past, it is probably in your best interest to avoid this product (many of the other negative reviews mention similar rashes, so there is clearly some ingredient or combination of ingredients that causes issues for a certain percentage of users). Even though this product works for a lot of people, I feel it is important to mention the possibility of allergic reactions to warn those people who may be susceptible.I’m still going to continue to use lots of other Neutrogena products (which are usually awesome for sensitive skin), I just had a bad experience with this one.

Jane Stilesville, IN

My Base for My Face All Summer

I keep this tube with my summer make-up. In the morning I use it as my base. I like knowing that I can suddenly be caught outside in the bright sun and not fear burning my face.You can plan a trip to the pool or beach, but you can’t plan running into someone outside and staying, chatting for 45 minutes while you face slowly burns. This is my protection from that scenario.It is not greasy or oily feeling so it does not feel like I’ve slathered on sunscreen. It is non-comedogenic so it doesn’t clog pores.It protects from UVA and UVB rays.The biggest plus though is the light feel, making it a no-brainer as a base for my face all summer, every day.

Sonja Spartanburg, SC