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Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 70 – 3 oz

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer with Helioplex provides superior broad-spectrum protection against skin-aging UVA and burning UVB rays and combines it with Dry-Touch technology for a lightweight, clean feel.

Key features

  • Helioplex Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB
  • Lightweight, Clean Feel
  • Fast Absorbing
  • Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • #1 Dermatologist Recommended Suncare

Honest reviews



I put this on and within 5 minutes my face was burning like the fire of Gihenna! I was at a water park, so within a few minutes and a splash to the face, my eyeballs were also on fire. I could feel my lips swelling around the edges. I ran and washed my face in the bathroom, but it didn’t help… the burning was like a chemical burn that needed to be neutralized. I ended up having to go to the first aid booth and have my face washed with a good strong soap, before the burning and swelling stopped. I was fine after a few minutes… but I will NEVER, and I do mean NEVER use this crap on my face again. I guess the 40 terrible ingredients weren’t a big enough warning. I’m so glad I didn’t put this on my children. I know that people react differently to products, but seriously… even if you don’t burn and swell, your liver will still have issues filtering out these poisons. Great rule of thumb: the less ingredients the better and 2.)If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it, or put it on your skin.

Johanna Bruceville, TX

Broke Me Out

Maybe I have received a dud bottle of this stuff. I have used this product twice. I did a swatch test on my wrist the day that I got it and did not have a reaction. The first time I used it was when I was gardening. I applied it to my arms, ears, neck, and face. About 2 hours later, after I was done gardening, I went and took a shower to get all the dirt and sunblock off. The sunblock felt very greasy on the skin, so I was very thorough with washing it off. When I woke up the next day, my cheeks, chin, and neck were broken out with whiteheads. There was a very large pimple under my earlobe. I immediately suspected the sunblock. A few weeks later, I sprayed the sunblock on when I was reading outside, on my porch. I applied it to my face, shoulders, arms, neck, ears and legs. About 30 minutes later I went swimming, and after that, I took a cool shower and washed the sunblock off. The next day I was broken out on the backs of my legs, above my knee (I’ve never had acne there before), my neck, chest, shoulders, and face. I didn’t use the sunblock again after that. My father and his friend used the sunblock when they went hunting a few months later. My father broke out around his chin and nose, and his friend broke out around his jaw and neck.I would not recommend this product to anyone.

Anastasia Dunn, TX


1. This is not sheer.2. Difficult to apply it evenly3. Face looks whitish (specially on me as I am dark skinned)Does it offer sun protection? Cant really make out, I feel I get tanned regardless of applying this.

Audrey Villas, NJ

Same ole same ole

Well, I tested this out today and attended the Feast of San Genaro. It is not greasy and very light, almost too light that it leaves you looking very, very dry. 🙁 I don’t know who said that it doesn’t leave a white cast because it does! That’s just on my body though—my face was a different story. It made me look paler and dead. Now, I don’t know what to use. I am sad.

Lauren Millbrae, CA

It does feel oily.

I bought this to use on my face, but I don’t like it. It’s oil-free and described as being non-greasy, but it sure does feel greasy on my skin, and it doesn’t wear well under makeup, so I’ll only use it for the rest of my body. Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to use. Has a light mist. It’s okay.

Tasha Norcross, GA

really great finish, not as much protection as they say

I absolutely love this sunscreen. It’s the only sunscreen I can get just about anywhere in the US that is just as cosmetically elegant as the Japanese and European sunscreens that I have to order online. This means if I run out or I’m out of town, I can have sunscreen for my face that looks and feels great. It works wonderfully under my Colorstay foundation and I stay pretty matte all day.HOWEVER, the PPD for this sunscreen is only 11 and when I used the Ciba BASF sunscreen calculator, it listed the SPF as only 30. I wonder what basis Neutrogena uses for the SPF rating it lists.Since Avene Tres Haute Emulsion SPF 50 is cheaper per ounce and has a PPD of 20, I will use this during the summer; however if I can’t get hold of it I will definitely run back to the Neutrogena in a pinch. It’s just that I know that PPD has a bigger effect on aging and pigmentation in the long run, so this matters to me since I’m about to turn 40 and I’m extremely fair complected.

Doretha Huron, IN

Tried them from A–Z, so take my advice and read this…

I apply this every day and have been since it launched several years back. As I enter my mid-30’s, this the time where you look around and can tell who has and has not been protecting their skin. I am delighted to boast that I have been diligent (slightly crazed) about skincare since my mid-20’s and now look it. Liquid sunblocks came to the market with Clarins’ revolutionary product, and I was faithful to that for years. Now, everyone from Chanel to Laura Mercier makes a liquid, but this one is the BEST. I have paid quadruple+ to try the luxury liquid sunblocks and they are not as good as this one. This product is truly greaseless on the skin and absorbs completely when applied as the last step in skincare. It provides a beautiful base for make-up application. Moreover, it protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays which are responsible for aging and burning of the skin. Others are still too greasy, slippery under make-up, or just plain more pricey without being better, so save yourself the trouble — I did the leg work for you!I am truly a skincare junkie and only use the best. It’s one of the few areas I feel the expense is justified bc I cherish beautiful skin. So when I tell you I have no problem paying $800 for skin cream, please believe me when I tell you this product cannot be beat by anything more expensive out on the market. Any dermatologist worth his salt will tell you that when it comes to sunblock, go for science over prestige. Neutrogena has one of the best skin care science labs in the world, and the brand is known for making ground-breaking advancements in sun care year after year. It sets the standard for others to follow, and you can see this if you pay close attention to skin care trends. You may find something in a prettier package with a fancier price tag, but it will not outdo this product. I would not be without it. That is, until Neutrogena outdoes itself and comes out with the next best thing.

Olive Mount Pleasant, NC

It works, but watch your eyes

My wife gave this to me before a kayaking trip in Hawai’i. Extremely pale, I fit a stereotype of those who never venture into the sun. But, I had to go on this adventure, and I needed extreme tropical protection.I applied it generously to legs, feet, face and neck. I did wear a solar-weave hat of 30 SPF and a long shirt as well. Still, I feared getting burned, as previous lotions in the 35 or 50 range had failed, either due to my incompetence or my complexion.This one worked. I applied it twice, once before initial exposure and then, after getting wet, another time for the return portion of the river trip and the intense mid-day sun and extended water contact. However, it stung my eyes considerably the first application, as I never seem to get the knack of it avoiding my eyelashes.It is creamy and smooth. While it does not glide on as delicately as other lotions, perhaps its layer of protection as rated demands a different formula. I used up a lot–about half the bottle–but it was worth it.

Roxanne Henryton, MD

Absorbs a lot fasters than the Dry Touch Cream

I usually use the Neutrogena Dry Touch Cream, which works relatively well as long as you leave enough time for it to absorb (~10 – 15 min).This liquid version absorbs a lot quicker (~ 5 min), is easier to spread around and once dry you can’t really feel it on the face. The only issue is that it’s a lot more expensive than the cream version. So I only wear it for ‘special occasions’ or when I want to wear a decent amount of makeup on top. For everyday, I would opt for the cream version since it is much cheaper.

Lisa Big Creek, MS

Ultra Light, sheer, blends in perfectly under makeup

I have been using this sunscreen for years after a long search for the perfect high SPF sunscreen for my face that I could wear during the summer under makeup or without it. This sunscreen does better than the more expensive brands that I have tried. I love it for the following reasons:1) It really is ultra sheer – it comes out in a runny liquid form. This makes it really easy to rub into my face, as opposed to some of the thicker sunscreens where it feels like you have to spend minute after minute rubbing them in.2) It rubs in completely – it does not leave a chalky white residue on my face. Instead, it blends in perfectly, leaving no residue.3) It is not greasy – your skin will feel as good as before you applied this sunscreen. No greasy residue to deal with. Skin feels dry and slightly moisturized.4) Works great under makeup – you can apply this sunscreen and it is not heavy, chalky or greasy so makeup will stay put on your face! I love it because I have some spots where I like to apply concealer and it will stay put on my face with this sunscreen.5) Prevents sunburns – so many ultra light facial sunscreens are only SPF 15 and so I worry that my face will get burned after a short time in the sun. With this sunscreen you get SPF 70 coverage which keeps my face from being burned, especially during the summer.The only con is that is does not moisturize deeply like a moisturizer, but this product does not claim to be a moisturizer. So I moisturize at night before bed. Overall, this is the perfect year round sunscreen for your face. It is a high SPF, non greasy, ultra sheer, and you can wear makeup over it if you so choose. I it is my favorite sunscreen for my face!

Alfreda Sebeka, MN

Best sunscreen I’ve found

This is the best sunscreen I’ve found, and, like other reviewers, I have tried a lot – other Neutrogena products, department store brands, Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46, organic sunscreens, etc, etc, etc.I like this best for a lot of reasons: it is affordable, it leaves no white “mask”, it is 70 SPF, it does not irritate my sensitive skin, and it is light enough that I don’t notice I’m wearing it and I can sneak another product (like a retinol treatment) underneath it and I still don’t notice it.I live at 7,000 feet in the high desert and I am outside a lot (and I’m about to be forty), so I needed something powerful enough to minimize the sun damage and moisturizing enough to handle really dry air.The Eltamd UV Clear SPF 46 was working well for awhile, but it seemed a wee bit thicker, and there was just a hint more of the “white mask” effect. Also, the Elta is double the price of this.This is now my default sunscreen, and I am happy enough with it that I’ve stopped looking for alternatives.

Tessa Douglas Flat, CA

THE BEST I have used

I live in extra-sunny Florida, and this is by far the BEST sunblock I’ve used. It doesn’t have a greasy feel or leave me looking like I’ve been dipped in a vat of oil, which most do. It doesn’t cause my face to break out. It doesn’t have an overly perfume-y smell, and most importantly, it WORKS! I’ve used this stuff and stupidly forgotten to reapply for hours, and still, no sunburn (I’m extremely prone to burning). This is my go-to for everyday use, and for water parks. Even after several hours in and out of wave pools, water slides, and walking around out in the bright sun, we’ve never burnt using this. Even works great for extra fair skin and redheads!

Rochelle Bayport, NY

It’s our favorite sunblock

We’ve been using Neutrogena sunblocks in the summer for several years now and, given that most of our summers are spent in the sun, by the pool or at the beach, I think I have some authority to state that I am happy with this product.The SPF 45 spray features:- UVA/UVB protection- Helioplex for keeping the product effective longer- a very fine dry mist- low odor- seems to stay effective for several hours- I don’t need to re-apply it after swimmingI disagree with the maker’s claim that it ‘resists running into eyes’. My personal experience is that you should not apply this anywhere near your eyes unless you have easy access to an abundant water supply to wash it off. Use some dry stick for the areas near your eyes or for your entire face if possible.Besides that, this is definitely our favorite sunblock. We buy a dozen or so spray cans of various SPF levels (we use SPF 70 in Florida) and a few sticks and out family of 5 is good for the season. We haven’t experienced any sunburns lately.Since this is THE sunblock we use and we don’t use anything else, I am compelled to award this product the 5 stars it clearly deserves.__________________________________________True story. I know it’s true because it happened to me, a few days ago.One lazy Saturday afternoon, having completed my 100 or so laps, I am in the back of the house, reading a book and sipping some drink, Scotch and soda. A bunch of kids are splashing in the pool, dogs running around, over-excited – they are not allowed in the pool area. And I notice T., circling around, making herself look busy, a hesitant, uncomfortable look on her face. She’s my wife’s girlfriend, a neighbor, and she’s married too, 3 little girls. Her 6 yr. old one of our 6 yr. old’s best friends. I keep reading, enjoying the day, sipping my Scotch.To make it short, she seems to find the needed energy to address me directly.A., she says, what are you wearing?Svimvear I says (a joke, she’s from Russia).No, no, no, she says, what perfume are you wearing? Or is it your aftershave?T., what are you talking about? No perfume, says I. I just came out of the pool.But, A., you smell soooo good, says she. My husband never smells like this. Why can’t my husband smell like you do?Ahhhh… I finally realize, it’s GOT to be the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock Spf 70 5 Oz. I’m wearing.True story.

Cecilia Hudsonville, MI

Broke me out

This sunblock has been recommended to me but unfortunately I cannot use it. By the end of the day my face was covered with pimples. I know that sunblocks are very unique for each person. I do not have any problems with La Roche Posay or SkinCeuticals brands.

Mable Mill Valley, CA

Great until it gets in your eyes!

I applied this sunblock underneath my makeup before a day at Six Flags, but I actually had to apply it twice. The first time I applied it, I got it too close to my eye and it started stinging. I thought the stinging would stop after a little bit so I continued to apply the rest of my makeup. The stinging eventually got so bad I started crying and had to wash it off my face and start over with my makeup.That being said, after I applied it a second time (not getting anywhere near my eyes) it worked wonderfully all day at a very hot day at Six Flags. Didn’t run into my eyes and lasted all day.Good product but don’t get it anywhere near your eyes!

Christy Comerio, PR

I like the lack of smell since many products have a …

It’s very light and works well under my makeup. I like the lack of smell since many products have a strong fragrance. As summer approaches, I’ll find out how well the coverage works.

Aida Alabama, NY

Super Sunscreen

This SPF 100 did not have a greasy feeling at all and did prevent me from having any sunburns. I would recommend this.

Cornelia Bellflower, MO

Worth a try

Good product if you need a daily sunblock. My skin just didn’t like it much…burned my eyes also for several hours after application

Maureen Toledo, IL

Great product!

I discovered this product a couple years ago and used it in a moderately hot climate witout breaking out with sun rash. Up until then my sun sensitivity kept me covered up all Summer. Last Summer for the first time I was able to wear tank tops again. I am now in a the superhot Afghan climate and so far it has been protecting my skin very well. Great product!

Maryellen Somerset Center, MI

A good product

I wear this sunscreen everyday, therefore I can definitely vouch for its usefulness. I wear it on my face, neck and around my collar bone area. It’s fairly comfortable, but be careful not to apply too much. Sunscreen often washes out my skin color (a medium to light brown color), but this product is different. It also does not cause me to break out- as long as it’s used in tandem with other skincare products. I would recommend this to anyone as a daily sunscreen.

Renee Douds, IA

Easy On

This is a good sunblock. At an SPF 45, it provides adequate coverage for 2 to 3 hours when I am not in the water. After I come out of the water, I reapply. The big draw for me is the easy application. A light all over misting of this does a good job. This has a tendency to be a little oily if you use too much, so easy does it on the application.I prefer using this to a lotion because lotions often leave me looking streaky. This has a fairly light scent and does a good job. I’m a blonde with fair skin and I burn easily. This is a reliable product that when used properly works..

Flossie Petersburg, AK

Always return to this

I SO appreciate the high spf, but minimal shine. Very nice under makeup, but also for no makeup days. Smell is minimal and pleasant-much better than other brands I have tried.

Nell Waldwick, NJ

I’d absolutely love it if it weren’t so dang THICK!

It’s a good block. With an SPF of 100 it has to be good. However it’s so thick. The only time I’m willing to use it is when I’m going to the beach or at the pool. I’m medium brown tone AA and it show’s up with steaks of gray so I can’t wear it under make up or on my arms with out it looking funny. I probably shouldn’t be using it at the pool since it doesn’t specify for water use but I rarely get my face wet so I like to use it anyway. I say it works well but who want’s to walk around with thick gray streaks?????? I guess it’s better than sun damage. Hopefully they can develope a better formula. In the meantime I’m searching for something shear.

Linda New Ulm, TX

Like it !!

I just test this sunblock, it’s works so far and even with my very sensitive skin. I love this product and I highly recommend this item for those who need a high SPF.

Janelle Margate City, NJ

Ultra Sheer, Ultra Awesome.

This works great and it dries very natural and not greasy at all. It really protects your skin from tanning or burning at all. Just apply before leaving the house.

Rose Wood Dale, IL

Great for oily skin

Today was the first day trying it and I was so surprised when I went to go reapply my make up in the afternoon that I was not oily or shiny. I think it was this product. Even though before this product I would use oil free sunblock and face lotion before applying my makeup, I still got very oily in a few hours. This was day one so I will have to update and see if this is not only a long lasting sunblock or also a great mattifier to control oil too.I wanted liquid sunscreen because I used to use shisedo sunscreen and loved the texture of the liquid but it was so expensive. This one seems great and although on the pricier side, if it acts as a mattifier for my oily face, I am 100% sold!I saw some reviews complaining about the white cast – just rub it in!!!! not a big deal at all 🙂

Tisha Fairbury, NE

Good product

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen, SPF 100, Good sunscreen but it clogged my pores, now I know it was due to the high spf factor 100, 50 is enough to get 4 hs of protection, so 100 SPF will still give you 4 hs but too much zinc will clog your pores and will make your face look like a ghost.

Karla Lovington, IL

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 70! Love it!

Excellent product! When I shop for a broad spectrum high level sunscreen…this is my go to product! It’s light & absorbs well! No residue to interfere with other products I apply (sigh…see my long long list) like eye moisturizers, face moisturizer, foundation, concealer, cream blush, lip moisturizer & plumper! Works great & after reading some of the reviews for more pricey high SPF products I think I will be staying with this one!

Lucia Stet, MO

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunblock Mist SPF 30

Love this product, been using for several years. The mist is light but coverage good. Not much scent a good feature too especially in buggy climates. Not sticky after applied. Wish it came in a 3 oz version for carry-on size.

Phyllis Buchanan, NY

Pleasant and Effective SPF70 Sunscreen

I bought the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF70 sun protection prior to a recent trip to Peru and Ecuador during which I expected to be out in the midday sun at high elevation, which amplifies the damaging effect of the sun’s rays. I carried it with me every day and applied it liberally to my face, neck, ears and arms – anything that was exposed. Since it was quite hot and humid and I was perspiring a lot, I applied it again later in the day. I managed to avoid any sunburn at all, and since it is nearly unscented, it did not attract mosquitoes or other insects.I’m so impressed with the sheer, non-greasy, unscented formula that I’ve started using it as my daily sun protection and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Previously, I would only use a high SPF lotion when I knew I was going to be outdoors for hours – mainly because I do not like the greasy texture and strong scent. I use the SPF lotion along with my other moisture cream and foundation and have had no problems with reddening, rashes, etc. Other reviewers have reported skin sensitivities; as with any other new product that you use, you should indeed test it on a small area prior to slathering it all your face !

Taylor Kemp, TX