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Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion SPF 15, 4 Ounce

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion is clinically proven to instantly soothe even the most sensitive skin.

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • Visibly reduces redness
  • OilFree; Allergy Tested; NonComedogenic

Honest reviews


Sensitive skin folks will need to be careful

I have pretty sensitive skin, and so I am always trying all these new lotions that are supposed to be fine for my skin. Sadly again this product made me break out and it does nothing for redness at all. It is not harmful but it seems like products are not really testing these items on folks with actual sensitive skin as I can never find anything that really works like they claim it will.

Judi Grady, AR

The name of this product is deceiving

If you have sensitive skin DO NOT try this product. The product actually irritated not soothed my skin and I DON’T have sensitive skin. I love Neutrogena products but this is a no-go for me.

Sally Mckenzie, ND

Sadly, overwhelming fragrance ruins an otherwise fine product.

I am very fragrance sensitive and have sensitive skin as well, so I am usually very careful about reading the fine print on lotions before I order them. The wording on this lotion had me fooled…but it’s still my fault that I assumed something that I didn’t see. Here are the claims on the packaging:Ultra gentleDermatologist recommendedAllergy testedNon-comedogenicSPF 15 (UVA/UVB protection)Based on previous experience with the Olay products I have used for years (which carry most of the same claims) I made the bad leap in logic of assuming that a product with these claims would also be fragrance free. Wrong! On the side of the box (something you don’t get to see when ordering online) is the following statement:”Contains a gentle hypoallergenic fragrance uniquely developed for sensitive skin.”GENTLE??? I had to immediately go wash my hands after testing the first application on the back of my hand because the fragrance was so overwhelming. To write this review, I used it on my hand again, but left it on a while to see if the fragrance dissipated or ceased to bother me. Nope…still bothered me.I have yet to be able to actually use it on my face or neck, where it is intended to be used. This is disappointing to me, not only because the lotion is now unusable to me but because I am not able to write as thorough a review as I would like. For the record, while the fragrance seemed perfumy on first application, on closer inspection it smells more like it may containe eucalyptus oil. If you are the type who can’t handle going into dried flower or candle shops, you will probably be bothered by this fragrance.What I can tell you (aside from the product’s claims and the fragrance) is that the bottle is 4.0 fluid ounces and comes with a pump. The lotion has a lovely consistency, very smooth and creamy between my fingers. If you don’t have fragrance sensitivity problems, I think it is probably quite a nice product. I will give mine away to a friend since I am unable to use it.

Carolyn Seward, NE

Soft & Creamy

I love Neutrogena products and this was no exception. The lotion is soft and creamy and feels gentle to the skin. Since it DOES contain alcohol, I would not recommend putting this on one’s face, particularly for people who have sensitive skin. You can also use it on scars to minimize their appearance.As an added bonus, you have SPF 15, which makes this a good sun screen. It works well and is also water resistant. It is very gentle on your skin.I highly recommend Neutrogena products and love the smell, feel and results.

Luella Midland, TX

Quick drying and gentle lotion for sensitive skin

I have sensitive, acne prone, AND dry skin. And because of the acne, I use topical medicines that dry my skin even further. It makes for a frustrating combination because I need something that won’t cause breakouts or irritation, but that will also keep me sufficiently moisturized. This lotion is wonderful because it succeeds at doing all three. What I love most is that it dries quickly so I can put on makeup primer and foundation almost immediately afterwards. This is a huge plus because who wants to wait around for her lotion to dry before she goes on with the rest of her beauty routine? The only downside is that this still isn’t potent enough to use just once a day. I usually have to apply 2-3 times a day in order to keep my skin soft and hydrated, but it is otherwise a great product. I’ve since repurchased this multiple times because even though this lotion isn’t perfect, it has worked better than any other brand I’ve tried for my needs. I’ve tried more expensive brands but I keep coming back to this because it is so gentle and soothing on my skin.

Deana Ramer, AL

Fabulous …

I admit it, I was a little freaked-out when I saw how opaque (it looks like White-Out) and thin this lotion is. I was prepared to see white streaks. I was prepared for it simply to disappear on my skin. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw glowing, grease-less skin! As someone who uses prescription retinoids (Refissa), my skin is easily irritated. This lotion soothes my skin (especially if I over-applied a retinoid the night before). I must say, I am impressed.Having had positive results with the product in general, I began to experiment. Here are some results which may help you in your decision:-I use Bare Minerals. I waited fifteen minutes after applying the lotion and then used this foundation. The results were lovely. The foundation went on smoothly (with no flaking).-I frequently use a vitamin C booster in my moisturizer (Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder). So I tried it in this lotion. It blended in with ease (better than Olay moisturizers!) and I had no negative reactions.-I sometimes use a primer (Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time). This particular brand of primer is not compatible with all lotions … but Prime Time works in harmony with this lotion.On first glance, I was prepared to dislike this lotion. As it turns out, it’s now one of my favorites.

Eva Poplar Grove, IL

Could octinoxate be bad for us?

I did a quick search on the active ingredients, and was a bit disappointed to find out that one of the ingredients might be harmful.These are the three active ingredients listed:Octisalate is a UVB absorber and an emollient. It also has a slightly floral scent.Avobenzone absorbs the full spectrum of UVA rays.Octinoxate absorbs UV-A and UV-B rays. It also reduces the appearance of scars. Of note, a study on lab animals suggests that octinoxate might have undesired effects, such as estrogenic properties and effects on other hormones, such as thyroid hormone. A 2011 study found that pre- and post-natal rats exposed to a high dosage had lowered testosterone levels and smaller testes and prostates. They also had lowered motor activity levels, but spatial learning ability was improved. There needs to be more studies performed in order to gain definitive answers as to the safety of octinoxate, but I’d advise you to use caution, especially if you’re pregnant.Reference: Axelstad, M et al. (2011). “Effects of pre- and postnatal exposure to the UV-filter octyl methoxycinnamate (OMC) on the reproductive, auditory and neurological development of rat offspring”. Toxicology and applied pharmacology 250 (3): 278-90. DOI:10.1016/j.taap.2010.10.031. PMID 21059369

Betsy Eastpointe, MI

moisturizes well, nice under makeup

I like to use a light daily moisturizer with SPF under makeup, and I really like this lotion for that use. It moisturizes my combination skin well without being oily or greasy. It has a good creamy feel and applies well. I particularly like the pump bottle; one pump is a good amount for the face, and it twists easily to lock it for packing. I can only trust that it actually has the UVA/UVB protection specified. I’m a bit unclear as to whether it’s supposed to reduce redness from various causes, or simply not cause redness from irritation as other lotions might. I did have a bit of redness this winter and I believe switching to this lotion has diminished that. It’s soothing on my skin, but of course that doesn’t guarantee how it works on all sensitive skin.The main drawback I see is that I really like some antioxidants vitamins (like C and E) in my facial moisturizer since I’ve read they provide more complete protection. I can’t see any indication that this one contains any, so for that reason (and also influenced by price) I will likely return to the similar product I was using before.

Bobbi South Heart, ND

Did not increase my acne

I have acne all over my cheeks and redness on my nose and near my eyes.The product does have a fragrance to it but its very gentle, and smells akin to baby powder.Its a bit thick, like sunscreen lotion. But it glides easily, and I rub it in til it disappears.So far it has not increase my acne. My face gets upset and I will get new pimples if my face becomes irritated, but so far I have experience no new irritations. It has calm just slightly the redness in my face, but only slightly.I got this hoping that it might soothe and calm my acne, while it hasn’t improved on it, it hasn’t negatively affected it. the SPF 15 is good to have since a lot of acne medications requires you to avoid the sun.

Carlene South Shore, KY

Clogged my pores

My pores clog pretty easily so if yours don’t this may be a great product. It’s light, doesn’t have to strong of a scent and moisturizes well but unfortunately it also clogged my pores and I started breaking out a few days after using it. If that hadn’t of happened then I would happily recommend the product. I guess it just depends on how sensitive your skin is.

Rosie Canastota, NY

Works great

I’m very picky about moisturizers. Most of them are too perfumey, too greasy, too expensive, and aggravate my acne. This product from Neutrogena is one of the best moisturizers I’ve found. It’s light, soothing, lasts a while, doesn’t feel heavy, has a very light scent, hasn’t caused any acne flare-ups, and the SPF 15 is a great bonus. My dermatologist is always getting on my case and telling me to use SPF 15 on my face every single day; with this product, I may actually be able to comply! Also, I’m a guy and I found the scent to be very pleasant in a clean, unisex kind of way. Highly recommended.

Briana Ayr, ND

Nice lotion, just not for me

Although this lotion is marketed for use on the face and neck, I will be using it up as a hand creme rather than a facial lotion because it causes my eyes to burn. I’ve had this problem with other face lotions, so I guess my eyes are just really sensitive. I normally use a facial lotion made for sensitive skin by another company and it is one of the only products I have found that doesn’t bother my eyes. Since this product says “Ultra Gentle,” I thought perhaps it would work for me, but no.However, my freakishly sensitive eyes aside, I really like this lotion. It has a good feel (very smooth and silky), goes on nicely, is absorbed quickly, and has a faint pleasant scent. I plan to keep this lotion on the shelf over the sink and use it on my hands. I think it would also be a fine facial lotion for the average person.

Alice Empire, LA

Good for hands – too heavy for faces

It actually didn’t occur to me that this product was for the face, simply because it’s called “lotion.” I think it’s a little too heavy to use on my face, but I do like it very much for my hands. It works well to moisturize my hands after washing, so I have been keeping this in the kitchen. It has a light pleasant scent. I have always liked Neutrogena products and I’m very happy with this one, although not for the use intended.

Adrienne Culebra, PR

Beware topical alcohol content

Amazon Vine offered this product, and as I am always looking for effective skin creams, I accepted it.The cream is lovely, and the scent is quite pleasant.But upon reading the ingredients I discovered my skin-treatment nemesis — alcohol — to which I am highly allergic after repeated use.Fortunately, I had not applied the cream to my face, but only to my hands, and I therefore suffered no ill effects from the trial. But I now understand why another customer suffered from redness and drying. Alcohol will do that to those with an allergy to it — often every time.This may be a great product for those with relatively normal skin, and no allergies. But if you are allergic to alcohol, watch out!

Kay Jacksonville, OH

An excellent daily moisturizer for sensitive skin.

Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion is a great daily moisturizer with the added benefit of sunscreen in the form of SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection. It does not clog pores and is oil free.The moisturizer is very smooth and light feeling and goes on smoothly and easily. It disappears almost instantly and gives your skin a very slight shine. The moisturizer has an extremely subtle floral fragrance that disappears almost as soon as the moisturizer is applied to your face (which is good, because as a guy I prefer fragrance free moisturizers).My skin is very sensitive and a combination of mostly dry and pinkish with a few oily spots. The Neutrogena works very well at reducing redness and tightness and lasts all day without feeling greasy.All in all… for sensitive skin, it’s a boon.

Kelli Saint Georges, DE

Nice moisturizer

I’m someone who has very sensitive, dry skin, so I’m always cautious about new products.I’ve found that the moisturizer works very well on my face – no dryness, redness or peeling. It also lasts well over 12 hours. And certainly no allergic reaction, which is great. The moisturizer also soaks in well – I don’t feel oily or greasy.Unlike Simple Replenishing Moisturizer, this moisturizer has SPF. So while I think it’s pretty much equivalent to the Simple Replenishing Moisturizer, the SPF is a nice bonus. On the other hand, the Simple Replenishing Moisturizer works just as well, and costs almost 1/2 as much. In all, I’d take a moisturizer with SPF, even if it’s more expensive, but others might feel differently.

Pam Greenwood, ME

I actually use this as after-shave

I have sensitive skin, and when it comes to moisturizer and sunscreen I go with Neutrogena. Every time.In winter my skin gets dry, especially on my hands. I’ve used this lotion a dozen times and it’s worked pretty well. I put it on my hands, particularly on my knuckles, and my skin feels good. I don’t have any further analysis than that. For my face, I’ve actually used the lotion as an after-shave. Whenever I’m done shaving, my face is usually dry and sticky (weird combination), so applying the lotion afterwards has made a difference. Smooth, soft, and moisturized, but without that gnarly cologne scent that after-shaves have. Once I’m through shaving, I lotion up, including on my neck, and I never notice any irritation other than the razor burn I can never seem to avoid. My skin still feels good though.There’s a bit of a scent, which I usually avoid in products if I can, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s barely noticeable in my opinion. The SPF 15 protection is cool, but I wouldn’t use this as sunscreen. Get yourself a bottle of SPF 50 (and even higher) by Neutrogena and you’ll really be protected.

Estelle Whitesville, NY

Very light, yet very effective moisturizer

Neutrogena’s Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion with SPF 15 is a very light moisturizer for daily use. The lotion is very airy and light, yet left my skin feeling completely moisturized. The chamomile fragrance is very light. I didn’t notice any significant “moisture barrier” after a couple of weeks use. My skin was just as dry as usual daily after working out or after washing. I have very slightly sensitive skin and did not notice any irritation. Biggest drawback is that I wish it were available in a higher SPF, my skin is very sensitive to sunlight and a higher SPF of 30 is recommended by my dermatologist, so I won’t be a repeat user.

Gay Graham, TX

Nice moisturizer with SPF, light, non-stinging

I like this lotion. It’s light, not greasy, and absorbs quickly. I liked that it didn’t sting even a little, when I used it on sun- and wind-exposed skin after a day of skiing. It has a light, clean scent (almost Noxema-ish, but a much, much lighter version).I think it is pretty comparable to Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer, which I’ve used for years. It’s maybe just a little creamier.

Marion Teaneck, NJ

My face feels soft, and no blemishes!

My face is very dry and I need to use a moisturizer every morning and evening. I have tried many different brands; only a few have done a good job of moisturizing. One thing I particularly liked about the Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing lotion was that it did not cause blemishes because it does not contain fragrance. I also enjoy the SPF 15 protection for when I am out in the sun.A great product for sensitive skin!

Bessie Staten Island, NY

Light Moisturizer

I have been using this moisturizer for a few years now, having previously used the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer: Sensitive Skin. The ‘Ultra Gentle Soothing’ part is what got me as I tend to be really sensitive with facial care. The moisturizer is very very light and unobtrusive and has a faint scent that is pleasant. It’s a nice addition that it has an SPF protection although I wish there was a higher one. I haven’t had any problems with it and I use it daily under my makeup.Overall: a nice light moisturizer that you can use daily although I wish the SPF count was higher

Janell Arroyo Hondo, NM

Light, fresh scent, and not heavy or greasy… practically perfect!

Living in Colorado, where the air is always incredibly dry, my dry skin has always been even dryer. I don’t like using a lot of lotion, though, because I hate feeling greasy. I also generally hate the smell.Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Soothing Lotion, though, is practically perfect. The scent is light and fresh. And the lotion is not at all heavy or greasy. I’ve been putting some on my arms especially every morning for the past couple of weeks, and my skin feels so much better.My only complaint is that with the SPF 15 rating, I feel like I’m wasting it if I use it in the evening. Silly of me, I know.

Charity Farnam, NE

Not that gentle

I have been using this for several months now. It is an okay moisturizer. I don’t feel very hydrated when i use it. It does soothe, but sometimes when I really need moisturizing this doesn’t cut it. I was in a parade and got a little bit or wind burn, this lotion stung like crazy on my face. And some days after a really strenous workout this stings my pores too. I’m not sure how something that should be so gentle makes my face hurt when it needs soothing the most.

Bridgette Vera, OK

A very soothing lotion with a very nice “spring” scent

This is a product I provided to my wife and she liked it a lot. She tells me that one of the things she really liked about this lotion was the nice spring-like smell. She also noted that it wasn’t sticky and absorbed very nicely. Where we live has some very harsh winters with the sun beating off the snow and heavy winds blowing across the fields. This lotion worked very well to not only block out sun damage, but seemed to keep the skin soft and nice when the winds blew on her face. Sometimes a cold wind can have a more damaging effect on her skin than the sun. I was impressed with this product and my wife really liked it…. so, as they say, if mama is happy… daddy is happy,and this lotion made us both happy.

Laura Conesville, OH

Nice lotion–but will be using for my hands

I think the price for this over the counter lotion is a bit high, or maybe they’re all getting more expensive than they should be. What I like:- the scent: very pleasant and understated- the way the lotion dispenses: I like the twist and turn pump so I don’t have to worry about losing a cap and having the product go bad- the dispenser: pumps about a perfect amount of product- the mostly mild ingredientsI think like others I must be sensitive to the sunscreen ingredients on my face, but had no problems on my hands. It made my hands smooth and non-greasy.Nice product.

Tina Wahpeton, ND

Not as effective as other products; don’t care for scent

When this arrived, I was hopeful that it might be just as effective asOlay Regenerist Regenerating Lotion with UV Protection, 2.5 -Fluid Ounce, since it has three out of four of the ingredients of the more expensive Olay product. Alas, it was not to be. I don’t find this product as effective at smoothing the face and I am not a fan of scented products. The scent in the product, though not horrible, lasts all day and is simply not the way I want to smell. I did try this on my hands, though, and eight hours later, they still felt softer (and still perfumed).A note to the reviewer that complained about this product bothering her eyes. This product and others like it all warn against getting this in eyes. I suggest that reviewer purchase a moisturizer to use around eyes that is intended solely for that purpose.

Alberta Long Valley, NJ

Cool and soothing!

I REALLY like this lotion! It’s light, non-greasy, and very soothing. It absorbs quickly and it’s not heavy – I can’t feel it on my skin at all. In addition, it really does help with redness! I find that my skin is more even-toned since I’ve been using it. Neutrogena never disappoints!

Bobbie Elk Horn, KY

Delivers on Neutrogena’s promises

I have used the Soothing Lotion for a period of several weeks, including as a night cream, and found it to meet all of the claims which Neutrogena provides. It is smooth, pleasantly scented, totally non-irritating, and, unlike many products, does not clog pores in very oily skin.

Evangelina Webster City, IA

A Nice Alternative

I have been using Clinique, dramatically different moisturizer [yellow], for 17 years and recently have been trying to “expand my horizons” (and save my bank account) by trying more drugstore brands, especially looking for one that offers sun protection.My skin is very fair, sensitive, and dry [for reference, when using Clinique, I use toner 1.] I really like that it contains SPF 15, it does not sting my face and my face has not had any dry spots after using. The package size and price are fantastic, a four oz. package for around fifteen dollars is a good value. The creme is thick and creamy and applies nicely. My face does not feel tight, nor does it feel greasy after application.I am not a fan of the fragrance; while the package claims the fragrance is hypoallergenic, and I concur as I do not find it irritating, I prefer facial lotion to be fragrance-free. The product also claims to reduce redness, which I have not seen and cannot vouch for.The bottom line is that I use this product in the morning, underneath my primer, or on days that I am not wearing make-up for added SPF protection. With my fair complexion, I need all the help I can get. I continue to use the Clinique moisturizer at night when I do not need the SPF and I do not care for the scent at night. This product does work for me and I will continue to use it.

Stacy Asherton, TX

Love all but the scent

This lotion works great. I’ve been using it on my hands every evening (my hands stay dry and cracked in the winter) and I can definitely tell a difference. My only complaint is the scent. It’s a bit too strong for me. I tend to start sneezing when I’m around strong perfumes or strong scents in general and the scent of this lotion makes me sneeze for a few minutes after I put it on. If strong scents don’t bother you, this is a wonderful product that does what it advertises.

Leigh Elizabeth, IL