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Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, 8.5 Ounce

Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner. The daily conditioner with deep moisture benefits for soft, smooth, totally touchable hair all day. Developed to treat extra dry or over-processed hair. Hair softness, smoothness and manageability improve dramatically with every use. The restorative power of a deep treatment is captured with the ease and convenience of a one-minute rinse.

Key features

  • to treat extra dry or over-processed hair
  • daily conditioner with deep moisture benefits for soft, smooth, totally touchable hair all day
  • Three naturally derived extracts

Honest reviews


tested on poor animals

It tested on animals, and the company refuse to stop killing poor animals.So why would i or you buy it? There are hundreds of hair masks from companies that not tested on animals.

Maura Drytown, CA


Dont buy from them they will sell you the wrong shampoo and then not give you a refund even though there store page says they do!!!! Order from CosmeticMall or somewhere else instead!!!!

Nikki East Glacier Park, MT

I HATE this stuff

I bought this based on the rave reviews.I thought because it’s so difficult to find in stores, it must be a big seller.After using it, my guess is, it’ll probably be taken off the market.It’s awful.Made my hair DRY and the ends brittle.But after looking at the ingredients on the bottle, I shouldn’t be surprised.Alcohol and SODIUM HYDROXIDE .. ?? LYE? To FRY my hair???Are you kidding.No more for me!!

Glenda Barnhart, MO

Soft, shiny hair!

I started using this product when my hair was long and I really needed something to help me get a comb through it after washing. I was worried that it would weigh my hair down and flatten it. That was NOT the case. I use it every time I wash my hair and what I get is soft, shiny hair that I can easily comb when it’s wet. My hair is short now and I’m still using it and am able to style my hair with no problems. This is the first conditioner I’ve ever used that left my hair so soft and shiny without weighing it down and taking out some of the body.

Susana Port Sanilac, MI

i used the cream lather shampoo & daily deep conditioner every day for two months

I bought both the "Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner, 8.5 Ounce (Pack of 3)" and "Neutrogena Triple Moisture Cream Lather Shampoo, 8.5 Ounce (Pack of 3)" in Jan 2013.I thought that the shampoo and conditioner would work as well as the "Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 Ounce (Pack of 2)" which I bought Dec 2012. I’m a big fan of the hair mask – so I thought that since the shampoo/conditioner was a DAILY product, then my hair would be just as soft as it is whenever I deep condition!Not the case.I have long, thick hair that is usually very shiny. I have noticed (and several people have commented…) that my hair looked very dull, frizzy, etc. My diet has not changed in recent months, nor have I been stressed or changed my hair routine (besides using these products).- Texture: usually completely smooth, now my hair feels dry and brittle.- Split ends: I have noticed that I have a large quantity of split ends. I get hair cuts regularly, so I have no idea what the problem is. I noticed that other people are commenting that the shampoo was difficult to wash out and it left a residue on their hair – perhaps this is a result of the residue?- Manageability: I find that my hair no longer is easy to run my fingers through. I have started to carry my brush with me in my purse because I have SO MUCH HAIR and for some reason it’s now getting tangled very easily!I can only come to the conclusion that it is Neutrogena’s Triple Moisture Daily system that has caused this to happen. I’ve never had problems with a shampoo/conditioner like this before. Like..what comes to your mind when you hear someone say their hair is "fried"? I think of hair that is extremely damaged, dry, breaks easily, etc…usually it’s only towards the ends, unless you seriously messed up your hair. Well, I honestly feel like a good 50% of my hair is FRIED – and not just at the ends (which would signal I would need a trim) – but the WHOLE ENTIRE HAIR from root to tip.I’m almost done with the second bottle of both the conditioner and shampoo, but at this point I’m thinking about tossing all of it…I usually give my mom or sister the toiletries I don’t want/use, but I honestly don’t want to take the risk and have their hair end up just like mine.

Luann Jerico Springs, MO

Good Moisturizing Shampoo

This is a good vaue. Does what it claims to do: cleans hair and restores moisture. Has a nice light fragrance, nothing overwhelming.This will moisturize your hair, but if you have dry or color treated hair, you will need to follow with a conditioner.Lastly, at this price, stock up. There really is very little difference between this and the $30 shampoos I have used/asted money on.

Jenna Pioneer, CA

Use with Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Shampoo

I bleached my hair a couple of years ago (which demolished it) and this conditioner along with the Replenishing shampoo was recommended to me by my stylist. Bleaching my hair my it go from soft to dry and wirey and after just a couple of months of using the combo, my hair was soft again! It was fantastic! This product also has a nice fruity smell which I like which makes it DOUBLE fantastic!

Lois Essex, MD

Won’t repurchase

It didn’t do a thing for my relaxed hair. I deep condition with it under my hooded dryer, and it felt like I didn’t use anything. My hair was tangled and hard

Josie Madison, CA

Works Well

I have fine, curly hair and used to use the Aveda Elixer leave-in conditioning cream until it was discontinued so I switched to this since a cream leave in conditioner is hard to find and the price on this is very good. It provides good moisturizing and frizz controll without weighing hair down or feeling like product. It smells good and does a very good job but sadly not quite as good as the Aveda (but at half the price I think it comes a close second) but still a great product.

Christy Reeseville, WI

Not impressed

This had so many high reviews I wanted to try it, but it left me disappointed. I didn’t notice a single improvement in my hair and wouldn’t bother using it again.

Terra Alder, MT

New staple

I love this conditioner. I used to stay away from conditioners at all due to fine hair, but as I enter my mid/late 30’s I find it is more difficult to keep my highlighted hair in good condition and my hair was getting pretty dried out. This conditioner keeps it silky smooth but despite having fine hair it doesn’t look greasy even though this is a very thick conditioner. I use it every day now. Great product.

Nola Groom, TX

A very conditioning shampoo

My fine blonde hair is shoulder length. I had it permed ten months ago and colored twice it last month, the second time to fix the mistake of the first time. So now when I use my regular favorite shampoo, Burt’s Bees, my hair turns into a mass of tangled wires and must be deeply conditioned if I’m going to have anything other than a mat on my head.Not so with this Neutrogena Triple Moisture Shampoo – following shampooing, it barely needs separate conditioning. I do follow with conditioner because I recently abused it so badly (the coloring caper) but I bet many people would be able to skip that second step with this highly-moisturizing shampoo. Another thing I like about this shampoo is that it is so nice to not just my hair but also my skin. After all, it does get there in the rinsing process. When I put a little too much on my hair and get generous suds, I can even use that to wash my dry skin and have noticed that I then have less itching. Hmmmm.I wish there were no fragrance added, but the good news is that the smell in this is very light and pretty much rinses out. So you won’t pollute yourself or others, if sensitive.

Leah Bomont, WV

Use Daily

My hair became very damaged after a color mishap that then needed to be corrected, and all the chemicals destroyed my hair (and this was expensive NYC salons too …)Anyway, this is the same stuff as Kerastase at a fraction of the price. You don’t have to save it for special treatment – at this price you can use it as your regular conditioner, and that’s what I do. It’s fantastic, and it keeps my hair soft even though it’s really so damaged.So even if you’re thinking you’ll buy this and forget to use it … consider buying it as your regular conditioner. It’s great.

Lawanda North Falmouth, MA


leaves my hair too oily i have to take 2 showers a day because my hair feels oily right away

Marisol Williston, OH

Does no more than my normal conditioner

I think a product’s effectiveness is based on how it is being used. I used this on my long, straight, dry hair. My hair is not thick or fine, just average. My scalp is not oily at all because I am on my second round of Accutane. I bought this product in hopes of getting some moisture to my dry hair and severely dry ends. I used the product for five days straight before running out. The product did not live up to my expectations. It did nothing more than my regular conditioner (Moist by Aussie:Aussie Moist Conditioner With Pump 29.2 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)).I also purchased one for my mother, who has fine hair (about shoulder length) that curls naturally at the ends. Her hair is prone to dryness at the ends because she irons it every day. Her scalp has an average amount of oil. After using this product for about two weeks every other day until she ran out, she concluded that there was no noticeable difference.Aside from that, the smell isn’t offensive, and the packaging is decent. I feel like I should be getting more for the price that I am paying. I will not repurchase.

Estella Hindman, KY

It was ok

Made my hair soft only if i don’t rinse it out completely. It seemed like every other good conditioner, nothing special. Loved the price!

Louisa Rowe, VA

love love love it

I have never had a product put so much moisture and shine into my hair before, My hair is much softer, easier to handle, and overall healthier. I’ll definitely be buying again.

Alfreda Saint Anthony, ND

Great Conditioner, Silky but not Heavy

This conditioner is great if you’re obsessed with having luxuriously soft hair every day. I have fine hair which lends itself to tangles and frizzing, so I’m always on the look out for a conditioner which will help my hair feel salon-smooth without making it greasy and heavy. This stuff is amazing, and smells nice without being overpowering. Favorite conditioner ever!

Terry Crumrod, AR


this is a great product for hair that is damaged due to coloring or perm for it brings out the shine and makes hair silky.

Autumn Gobler, MO

Best Conditioner out there

I really like the Neutrogena hair products. I use this with the Clean shampoo. High quality at reasonable cost.I am male, and keep my hair normal short, so a little goes a long way. My hair is clean, soft, with no residue. Don’t know what else to say.

Sherrie Tidioute, PA

Gives my hair a break

I love this product and use it to give my hair a break from gels and mousses that contain alcohol or other harsh ingredients. This makes my hair feel so soft and healthy. I usually put it in after I shampoo and that’s that. (Sometimes I put it on my dry hair or dampen it with a warm towel first if I’m not shampooing.) Rubbing my hand across my hair during the day reminds me of how great the product is. Smells great and makes hair smooth and soft.

Reba Pineview, GA


I absolutely love this product. I have curly/frizzy hair. I can’t comb it when it’s dried because it gets so frizzy. With this product, I am able to rub my hands through my hair after using it for just one time. I’m actually writing this review after one use. So, after one use this is what I noticed: much smoother hair, less frizz, ability to actually run my fingers through my hair, and I can get my hair to be straight/wavy without a flat iron! (I combed it straight and then clipped it so it would come more straight/wavy rather than curly). I’m very happy with this product and can’t wait to see how it is after more uses!

Cleo Union, ME

Conditions very well without weighing the hair down- perfect for thin hair

I use this hair mask as a conditioner for the last couple of years now. It does a great job for me. I have a very oily scalp (dandruff), thin , fuzzy and curly hair. I use a very tiny amount in shower, keep it on for a couple of minutes and rinse. It doesn’t wear my hair down and doesn’t leave a oily residue after my hair is dry. It smells very nice. I tried many many other conditioners when using this one , none of them was comparable. Only a tiny amount is enough for all my hair so 6 oz lasts very long time. Great deal, highly recommended.

Kimberly Rogers, TX

Best conditioner for dry brittle hair

Ok, I have very dry curly hair. It is very thick and hard to tame. I have tried almost every salon conditioner made for dry damaged hair. Some have worked ok but after awhile they all stop working. I decided to buy this based on the incredible reviews I read online. I have now been using it for over a year and it is by far my favorite hair product of all time. It makes my hair very soft yet never heavy. My curls are neat and healthy-looking instead of greasy or brittle. Best of all it continues to work after all this time. I am a happy camper. I even brought a bottle to my hairdresser because she didn’t believe that a drugstore conditioner could work so well on my hair. definitely try this…you have little to lose and a lot to gain.

Barbra Calumet City, IL


Great product, really leaves your hair feeling silky and in better condition. I found it to be a good detangler too.

Annie Dahlgren, IL

Wonderful shampoo

During the winter months my scalp becomes really dry. I switched to this shampoo and I LOVE it. It really does have a creamy lather and leaves my hair silky. The price is great for something that works this well.

Irene Ferrisburg, VT


I just got my hair bleached yesterday, from my natural color (a dark brown) to platinum blonde . Although I have short hair, it still felt like straw and was quite frizzy afterwards. I picked this up at a retail store hoping it would restore some of the silkiness. I used it this morning and am absolutely amazed. My hair is ultra soft and silky!! Almost too silky; I was hoping the bleach would give it some texture. I don’t even care though, my hair looks super healthy and smooth!! I will buy this product for life!!

Harriet Flagler, CO

works, wish it smelled different

This works for me — my bleached from near black to near blonde hair seems a bit less straw-like after using a few times a week (more than normal for more than normal damage.) Only drawback is I do not particularly like the scent. Bit chemical with faint perfume. I prefer cucumber or lemon or other clean or refreshing type scent.

Amanda Lewisville, IN

gradually revives dead looking hair

I permed my hair 3 months ago and never used any special products on it. The ends looked extremely frayed, bent, dry, and damaged. After using this product for less than a week, my hair felt smoother and softer. The ends of my hair looks normal and healthy now. I wasn’t expecting a drastic improvement, but I definitely noticed a surprisingly decent improvement in my hair quality.

Anastasia Corn, OK



Randi Libertyville, IA