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Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo, Stubborn Itch Control, 4.4 Ounce

T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo Stubborn Itch effectively controls the most resistant scalp conditions while also soothing intense scalp itch with cooling Menthol. Starts working in just after one use to control redness, intense itching and flaking of severe scalp conditions: dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatiti. This dermatologist-recommended formula contains Neutar, proven to deliver effective scalp therapy for hours after the shampoo is rinsed out. Its rich, amber formula gently cleanses, and the added conditioners leave hair manageable and soft. Neutrogena® the #1 Dermatologist Recommended Medicated Shampoo Brand.

Key features

  • 4.4-ounce bottle, #1 Dermatologist Recommended Medicated Shampoo Brand
  • Controls the most resistant scalp conditions while also soothing intense scalp itch with cooling Menthol
  • Provides relief from chronic scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff
  • Contains 2% Neurtar, proven to deliver effective scalp therapy for hours after the shampoo is rinsed out
  • Rich, amber formula gently cleanses, and the added conditioners leave hair manageable and soft

Honest reviews


Burns my scalp!

This product burns my scalp and doesnt get rid of my dandruff.Ive tried cutting down my use of this product so that I wouldnt cause irritation to my scalp but Im deciding to give up on it because I dont need to be in pain when I wash my hair for no results anyway.I have contacted the company because I am that unsatisified with this product. Its a shame because I really love nuetrogena products and this is the only time that I have had an issue with something they make.

Alissa Chavies, KY

It works…but the stench!

I’m on accutane which has caused me to get some dandruff (I normally never have it). After freaking out and doing research, I bought this. It seems to have lessened the severity of my dandruff after just one use, but the smell is SO AWFUL! It’s like I dipped my head into a freakin tank of gas! I have long hair and to try to get that smell off is impossible. I have to put really potent anti-frizz serum in it, then spray some of my strong perfume DIRECTLY on my hair in order to TRY to mask up the smell. Even then it still stinks.If you like the smell of tar and gas, this is for you. If not, try to get the “clean scent”. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know if it’s realyl different. Honestly, I’m thinking I’d rather have dandruff than stinky hair.

Fay Frenchtown, MT

Didn’t wear long enough to see results

Judging by all the positive reviews I expect this stuff to work but it smells horrible. The stench is so strong to my nose. I collect colognes and so my nose is used to smell a lot of stuff and this stuff just offensive. After washing my hair and rinsing several times, I can smell this in my hair for over an hour afterwards. I don’t even need to run my fingers through my hair and smell it… its just like an aura around my hair that stinks. Tried it for a couple days and I had enough.. If you don’t mind the stench of tar, enjoy!I use head & shoulders instead. It works for me but is a bit damaging.

Rowena Pageland, SC

works wonders!

I have been a sufferer of dandruff ever since I was a child. When I was younger, my head would itch so bad, I would sometimes scratch to the point my scalp would bleed. As I got older, I learned to only wear light colored tops and buy light colored coats and jackets so that my flakes wouldn’t be so overt.One day I went to the doctor for a sinus infection and while I was there I asked him what he recommended for my dandruff – thinking he would write a prescription for radioactive kryptonite or something expensive that would turn my hair green. The doctor said, “Neutrogena T-Gel.” I asked, “Is that a prescription?” “No,” he replied. I was stunned. I had used Head and Shoulders, Selson Blue and just about everything else on the market – how would this be different? The doctor was persistent and emphasized that T-Gel should work, so I gave it a shot.This stuff has been a life-saver. It’s not very glamorous looking – brown, weird smelling shampoo – but just a dollup the size of a nickel is all I need to lather up my entire head – and I have very thick, curly hair. The longer you let it sit on your scalp, the better – 3 minutes is ideal. Despite the unusual smell from the bottle, your hair just smells fresh and clean.Unlike other shampoos, I have never had to take a “vacation” and use another shampoo to “liven up” my hair. T-Gel is pretty basic stuff – no perfumes or weird chemicals – the active ingredient, Coal Tar, is a byproduct from the coal processing industry and this gives it its dark color. I have used T-Gel for almost 15 years now and I never have flakes and I probably scratch my head 3 times a year. About 30% of my hair is now white and silver and I have not had a problem with the shampoo discoloring it.Once in a while I will get free shampoo samples in the mail and use other shampoos, but just after 2 hair washings w/o T-Gel, my scalp will start itching again. It seems expensive when you see the price, but one bottle usually lasts me for 3-4 months since you only need a little dab.When I used to color my hair, I used a conditioner for colored hair and it didn’t seem to cancel out the effects of T-Gel… and after my hair is dry, I use yet another brand of mousse and a hair serum to style my hair – and still, no itching.If you have dandruff and haven’t tried T-Gel, just give it a try – in one week, you should be symptom free!

Candice Manns Choice, PA

Finally – Something that Works

An itchy scalp drives you crazy. Scalpicin works but costs a fortune as you have to spread it all around from a very small, expensive bottle. Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp products actually made my itching problem worse.The first time I tried this, I found relief. After a couple of weeks, my scalp is completely healed. Give it a try!

Robert Oriskany, VA

Just the best–.

Certain celeb liked to brag about Head n Shoulders which is ok…..the real deal is T-Gel for any of you poor souls who are prone to dandruff, eczema, etc., I use it twice ….and I use it liberally….no quarter sized amounts….more like a silver dollar size or more and message into your scalp thoroughly, leave it and wash some other areas….then rinse off thoroughly, and rinse the T-Gel out, and do it again, maybe wash your back as you let it set, then rinse thoroughly again. Buying the largest size on Amazon let’s you fill smaller bottles at home if you are self conscious others seeing it, or just leave the big bottle in your shower caddy. I’ve been using T-Gel for 30 years and I wear black shirts all the time. Every time I drift off to some sort of natural shampoo or expensive quality shampoo…..flakes come back and I go back to T-Gel!

Abbie Grand Saline, TX

I only had to use this a couple of times

After a couple of times of using this, my scalp psoriasis has disappeared. I will continue using occasionally just to help with that.Update – This is working! I havent had any problems since I started using it. I use it 1-2 times a week now. I forgot to mention that it stinks… It does consist of coal tar so you can expect to smell like tar. I will use this and then a fragrant shampoo after to try to lessen the smell.I also have color treated hair and it has not caused any problems with that.

Michelle Chicago Ridge, IL

I have Seborrhea

I only have to use this once every few months for maintenance. Sometimes the seborrhea shows up on my nose or forehead, so I will wash those areas with this shampoo and it will heal it after a few days.

Hilda Grenada, CA


I bought this because the price was good. I was using a store brand for the same item, but since the price was good, thought I would try the name brand. I hated the smell! It is so bad! I went back to the store brand.

Traci Pacific, MO

Really works!

I don’t know what caused my scalp to itch, but this took care of it. I let the shampoo soak into my scalp while I shower so it has time to work. I was worried about the small size of the bottle, but discovered a tiny bit goes a long way so it will last a while. The smell is slightly medicinal, but it’s a small price to pay for relief. The lather is thick and rich, and my hair feels soft after using it. It doesn’t dry it out, like some shampoos. I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend it.

Lavonne Lavonia, GA

Nasty smelling shampoo!

The smell is so bad and it honestly reminds me of moth balls, which I cannot stand. I was recently diagnosed with Guttate Psoriasis, and only have a few small patches on my scalp. Decided to try this stuff, bought it at a local grocery store because I had a $2 off coupon. It seems to help a little, but honestly, I just can’t stand the smell. Along with the smell, the shampoo makes my hair feel nasty, not greasy or dry, just weird. When trying to style my hair after using this, I have really bad results. So if you have very short hair and don’t need any body in your style, this may not be a problem for you. If you can stand the smell and the bad hair style, go for it. Would never buy this again and I try never to waste stuff, so I may try what one other reviewer suggested and mix this with another shampoo, to help hide the smell. I am doubtful that it will work, but may give it a try.

Roxanne Dupo, IL

Although it is sometimes needed, it has a strong smell

This has helped with my eczema, but the strong smell is difficult for me to handle. I am very sensitive to fragrances and odors.

Carmella North Matewan, WV

Three months later, no more itchy-scratchy

If your scalp is itchy, T/Gel is worth a try for as long as you are willing to keep using it for a few months. It worked for me but there were no ‘instant’ improvements. In my case the itchiness went away VERY slowly but, 3 months later, it’s 99% gone.I’m not sure what the exact problem my scalp had but it was itchy like… you know what. It began about one year ago and I couldn’t stop myself from scratching which, of course, ensured that my scalp stayed itchy and irritated. Discussing the problem with our good family doctor back in October or November (7-8 months ago) did not help much. He had nothing to prescribe but suggested that I massage my scalp with cortisone cream – messy because I have a fully head of hair and I am not planning to shave it – and predicting that the itchiness will get worse in the winter. (Thank you doc!)To make the story short, a couple of months ago I stumbled upon a bottle of T/Gel left over from the time I used it (effectively) to address a dandruff problem and decided to give it a try. The box claims that this is ‘effective from the first use’. It’s not. My scalp was still itchy one month later but maybe not as much. And… a couple of weeks ago I just noticed – I wasn’t scratching or massaging my head any more. The itch was largely gone.I can’t say that the T/Gel cured me and it’s quite possible that the itchiness would come back if I stopped using it. Maybe I will experiment with that in a couple of months but, at this time, I am content and happy to have it at least under control with one weekly T/Gel use. Yes, it smells a little funny but if you use it before going to bed the smell should be gone by morning.The product deserves my 5 stars because it worked for me. It’s possible that it doesn’t work for everyone but I can’t see how trying it would hurt.____________________________________NOTE: about the smell.The active ingredient that addresses itching and flaking is ‘coal tar’ which is smelly. Neutrogena has patented something they call NEUTAR which is a more refined version of coal tar that doesn’t smell as bad as the traditional ingredient. This version of T/Gel contains 2% NEUTAR.

Kimberlee Delta City, MS

dang! it actually works!

i bought this the other day because for the first time in my life, i have dandruff. i’m not sure why it took 35 years for me to develop this problem, but hopefully this shampoo will always work like it has been for the past couple weeks. after exactly one use, my scalp felt so much better that i didn’t mind the smell. it definitely smells like you’d think coal tar would smell: i told my boyfriend i smelled like an asphalt plant and, being the heavy equipment operator he is, he clarified that i do not smell like an asphalt plant but rather, a coal miner on a lunch break. so sweet, that guy. but i digress…i was hoping for a stronger menthol, tingly, cooling sensation than what i got, but it doesn’t really matter anymore because my itchy, red, angry scalp is calm now. i’m pretty impressed. i used it on my patches of extremely irritated skin and it most definitely calmed the itch on those as well, but then i smelled really strongly of the tar. the smell is so strong that i am sure some people would be afraid to use it but if your scalp is itchy enough, it’s totally worth the smell. and if you shower at night, the smell is gone by morning. would recommend.

Ada Portageville, MO


Used sparingly over a few weeks it seems to have done its job well. Always liked the shampoo and this seemed like a good addition. Also used a scalp brush when washing hair. Nice.

Mia Parkesburg, PA

T-gel extra strength

A very useful product at a great price. Good service. A must for people who suffer from scalp issues as a way to find relief.

Rosalinda Malcolm, AL

Sadly, it is not curing me.

My condition:I had red, blotchy oily patches on my scalp as well as scaly dandruff patches. My hair is dry and curly and I have fair, sensitive skin.After first use:One thing is for sure that this stuff really cleans your hair and scalp. After the two shampoos my hair was literally squeaky clean. You can feel it stripping the dirt and oils off your head.I paired this with the conditioner I always use which is Natures Gate biotin conditioner which is a really rich, buttery conditioner. This helped bring the moisture back into the ends of my hair.Over half way through bottle now:The red, oily patches are probably 90% better but the flakes are only maybe 40% improved. Which is still something I am very grateful for but I was hoping for a bigger improvement especially because this product dries my face and hair out quite a lot and I’m not in love with the smell.Results:I am going to see it through to the end of the bottle and then try some different products instead. If nothing else works better I will continue to use the T-Gel.

Lashonda Sugar Grove, VA

works on itchy scalp

this shampoo worked great on the stubborn itch i had. i was literally itching my scalp until it bled. sadly though, this shampoo did not get rid of the dandruff that caused the also had a very strong smell to it…i had to keep my hair in a pony tail during the shower and made sure the product didn’t have prolonged contact on my skin. i thought it would make my sensitive skin break out, but it actually made me have an eczema flare up.just remember to lather, rinse and REPEAT. it only works that way! each lather should be on your head for several minutes. you’ll notice a considerable difference within one shower. i used this shampoo five days a week (the bottle says to use at LEAST twice a week) and followed up with a moisturizing conditioner. the weekends i would do moisture treatments.the smell will linger on your hair, no matter you do…so don’t fight it. just be grateful that the itch is gone!i’m going to try a difference anti-dandruff shampoo. i know that not every active ingredient will work for someones problems, so i still do recommend that someone tries this shampoo because it seems to have worked for lots of people.

Valeria New Germantown, PA

It really works.

I know it’s not cheap – but it does exactly what it says it’s going to do. It doesn’t smell great, but who cares. I wouldn’t waste my time using any other product.

Jodi Sullivan, IN

It works!

Have used it just once and have already noticed a difference. I’d been suffering an itchy scalp for a couple of months and looked up several solutions. Purchased this due to the customer reviews and am extremely happy with the result.

Leticia Duff, TN

Good coal tar shampoo

If you have tried other products and had no success, I would recommend trying coal tar shampoo. This shampoo helps me with scalp health and itch.It can bleach colored hair so be careful.I find it actually works best if I don’t use it too often, no more than once a week.

Luella Cohocton, NY

Clean and dry

Good, leaves hair and scalp dry and very clean. Not so sure if it really prevents dandruff in my case, but I feel OK with it. One downside it’s its smell, But you can deal with it.

Fay Virginia, NE

Does everything it is supposed to.

This product does everything it is supposed to, it smells pretty good too. It also doesn’t smell like chemicals, nor does it leave that smell behind after use.

Cassie Nebraska, IN

Fantastic product

I have been struggling with scalp issues since I was a child, and T Gel is the only thing that heals and prevents itching and redness. I love that it is offered through Subscribe and Save- much cheaper than the store and I’ll never run out!

Susana Plainview, NE

Doesn’t work for me.

I was instructed to use this 3-4 times a week. It has Not cleared up my dandruff. In despiration I switched to Selson blue deep cleasning shampoo with deep cleasning beads. The selson blue works so much better. I am sticking with the selson blue. My dandruff is not an issue now. This coal tar shampoo didn’t do anything for it. A waste of money for me.

Summer Prairie City, IA


been using for years and seems to keep dandruff at bay.not the ageing scalp skin issues which require rx meds shampoos.i find that the generic coal tar shampoo clones are more watered down thenneutrogena whose products are more expensive but worth the price.

Lauri Harrodsburg, KY

Simply the Best IF…

Simply the Best IF…you follow the directions. You use this great product to cleanse your hair of all the impurities and gook leftover in your hair from your regular shampoo, conditioner, and the world. You use it for 14 days. Shampooing once a day or every other day, whatever your routine is. It really works, I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager. I do this routine about every five to six months. This routine is essential for fine/thin hair.

Tisha Hooper, UT

dandruff yes; oil gland dermititis no

This may work on dandruff but does not work on seborrhoeic dermatitis. They are different. Dandruff is a generic term and coal-tar active ingredient products like this one may work on the kind of dandruff that flakes.If you have an itchy scalp which does not shed but instead causes sores, you may have the already mentioned seborrhoeic dermatitis. The latter is caused by clogged oil glands. It often takes place if you don’t shampoo frequently. That was the case with me. I shampooed only once a week because I did not want to ruin my expensive hair-color. The problem took several years to really develop before my doctor and I finally figured out what was wrong. What you need instead is a shampoo like the kind of Selsun Blue which contains selenium hydride.

Consuelo Weimar, TX

If you’re ok with head/hair smelling like tar, seriously

I am usually not sensitive with the smells. I am talking about I was never bothered by the Selsun Blue Shampoo smell or even the Blue bottle of Head and Shoulders and they are pretty strong (that medicated smell lingering on your scalp). BUTTTT…this shampoo is over-the-top smelly and after three days, I could not stand that burning rubber stench on my scalp. I totally understand it’s made partly with tar but I am sure even if you aren’t phased by the smell yourself, others might go..”Whoa”. On the first or second day, after a trial/change of shampoo, I would feel my hair or scalp “feel” a bit better (not 100%, but FEEL). I felt like my hair smelled really bad and scalp got a bit more inflamed but that could just be me, individually. If you are out of options beyond the usual scalp treatment shampoos, give it a try, it might work for you. The smell was obviously the factor to say NUH UH for me.By the way, I didn’t experience extreme dandruff (the type that flakes all over clothes). I just noticed for the past days, my scalp had patches of red and it was sort of scaly and it had a tad of itchiness. It could have been some weather changes or something but I am better now after going back to the usual OTC dandruff shampoos.

Ester West Branch, IA

Great shampoo for sensitive skin

I have slightly sensitive skin and Neutrogena T-Gel is awesome. I no longer get frustrating itching some while later on during the day.It is worth noting that you do need to make sure you thoroughly wash the shampoo out, and this can be tricky especially if the shower is weak, or you live in a hard water area. Make sure you spend a little longer rinsing!

Jackie Zenda, WI