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Neutrogena T/Gel Original Shampoo – 16 oz

New Scent Starts working after just one use Dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis Proven effectiveness of 2% Neutar® (Coal Tar 0.5%) Keeps working long after the shampoo is rinsed off Gentle enough for everyday use Alcohol-free Neutrogena® T/Gel® Original Formula Therapeutic Shampoo is recommended by dermatologists and clinically proven to control the scalp itching and flaking caused by scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and even common dandruff.

Key features

  • New Scent Starts working after just one use Dandruff, psoriasis

Honest reviews


Pros and Cons with this Shampoo….

Yes, this product is great at getting rid of dandruff and deserves a 5 star rating just because of this factor!!!However T-Gel deserves a 1 star rating for the following reasons:1) Stinks link coal tar! Yucky!2) Dries out your hair out.3) If you color your hair, like I do, then you won’t want to use this product because it washes a lot of the color out and may make hair look brassy!

Elisa Elcho, WI

Allergist told me to use it

I have had eczema for years. my face was always itchy and rashy…. Went to several dermatologists and got varies cream but the problem kept reoccurring.Earlier this year I had a hard time breathing. So I went to an allergist to figure out what to avoid. Yes I was allergic to some usual stuff but that’s not part of the story. The doctor took a look of my face and pulled out a textbook to show me. He said from where the rashes are located, it’s &*^&%$*((* @# (injecting lots of big words and medical terminology). Turned out my pores are confused, so they keep producing new skin. Therefore the old skin is irritated. (at least that’s what I understood)So he said use T/Gel to wash my hair, leave it in my hair for 5-10 min. Also apply it over the rash area on my face and leave it there for 5-10 min. The condition improved within 3 days. Now my face is complete clear which has not happened in years! I even look normal after swimming. it’s amazing.Pay attention when you order. It’s only the "Original Formula" that works with my condition.

Hope Green River, WY

Neutar vs. Itchy-Scratchy

If your scalp is itchy T/Gel is worth a try for as long as you are willing to keep using it for a few months. It worked for me but there were no ‘instant’ improvements. In my case the itchiness went away VERY slowly but, 3 months later, it’s 99% gone.I’m not sure what the exact problem my scalp had the itchiness refused to go away. It was so bad, I couldn’t stop myself from scratching which, of course, ensured that my scalp stayed itchy and irritated. Discussing the problem with our good family doctor did not help much. He had nothing to prescribe but suggested that I massage my scalp with cortisone cream – messy because I have a full head of hair and I am not planning to shave it – and predicting that the itchiness will get worse in the winter. (Thank you doc!)To make the story short, I stumbled upon a bottle of T/Gel left over from the time I used it (effectively) to address a dandruff problem and decided to give it a try. The box claims that this is ‘effective from the first use’. It’s not. My scalp was still itchy one month later but not as much. And… as weeks went by I noticed that I wasn’t scratching or massaging my head as much and the itch was largely gone now.I can’t say that the T/Gel cured me and it’s quite possible that the itchiness would come back if I stopped using it. Maybe I will experiment with that in a couple of months but, at this time, I am content and happy to have it at least under control with one weekly T/Gel use. Yes, it smells a little funny but if you use it before going to bed the smell should be gone by morning.The product deserves my 5 stars because it worked for me. It’s possible that it doesn’t work for everyone but I can’t see how trying it would hurt.____________________________________NOTE: about the smell.The active ingredient that addresses itching and flaking is ‘coal tar’ which is smelly. Neutrogena has patented something they call NEUTAR which is a more refined version of coal tar that doesn’t smell as bad as the traditional ingredient. This version of T/Gel contains 2% NEUTAR.

Amy Sturgeon, PA

Works Well but Depends on the Severity

If you have severe seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis than this product is not nearly strong enough to satisfy and calm the scalp (get the extra- strength), but if you just have some dandruff problems or less severe scalp dermatitis or psoriasis this should work very well.

Jeannine Salvo, NC

Neutrogena T/Gel Shampoo

a great product of getting rid of dandruff with continue usage. It has a nice smell and makes your scalp tingle. It is great for fighting unwanted dandruff with continued usage daily or weekly.

Heidi Arcadia, NE