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Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, 1 Ounce

Lightweight, nongreasy formula with patentpending rice protein technology acts like a sponge to absorb excess oil so skin stays shinefree and fresh looking all day. Helps makeup apply more smoothly and last longer. Optical modifiers help minimize the look of pores

Key features

  • 8 hour shine control with or without makeup
  • Extends the wear of makeup
  • Matte finish
  • Won’t over dry skin or clog pores

Honest reviews



I have always had shine and grease problems and I avoid wearing foundation because of it. this product really helps! just make sure you don’t put on anything moisturizing after the primer. sometimes i wear tinted moisturizer instead of foundation but that totally defeats the purpose.

Christi Jonesboro, IL

Did not live up to my expectations

I bought this primer along with theNeutrogena Healthy Skin Primerwhich I love better than this product. I tried this one first and I wasn’t very happy with how it performed. I used this only on my oily spots and let it set then applied my makeup as I normally do. My first impression was that is was a bit cakey, I am aware it is rice protein so the consistency will be thicker than other normal primers. The consistency made me feel like I was exfoliating my skin, rather than applying a smoothing product, which is how primers I have used in the past are supposed to be. However my main disappointment was that I still needed to touch up the shiny spots by lunchtime. This product might work for someone else but unfortunately it’s didn’t for me.

Pamala Morral, OH

Yay for shine control.

I heard about this product through YouTube videos. Being a guy with a slightly oily face, I figure it’s only a couple of bucks, why not? The tube is a lot smaller than it looks, being that it’s flat, but a little goes a long way. If I put a little on after toner and moisturizer, it reduces the shine for the day, and I couldn’t even feel that it’s there — practically unnoticeable. As for its effectiveness in being a makeup primer, well I wouldn’t know, would I? 😉

Ethel Hico, TX

Doesn’t feel like a primer

I have a nasty T-zone area and thought I’d give this a try. I’ve been using pricier primers and thought I’d cut back on my beauty budget. First off, it doesn’t feel like a primer. At least not like the smooth primers that I’m used to using. It’s like a lotion which doesn’t make applying your make-up with a foundation brush easy. Normally a primer would allow for a smooth make-up application. Not this one. Also, the color of this primer is WHITE. You need to blend it in really well otherwise you look dry and chalky. But be careful. If you blend too much, it starts to pill into these little balls which you then have to towel or dust off your face. The blending that’s required also causes you to use an ample amount of product. I feel that I use more of this primer than I typically would any other primer I’ve used. I also apply the primer over my moisturizer which I think makes it easier to blend and prevents the pilling. Blending it alone is just a dry mess waiting to happen. It does keep my face looking less oily and gives my 38 year old skin a less caked on make-up look which is a good thing. I like Neutrogena’s idea behind this product but it just doesn’t work for me. I will continue using it until it’s all gone but I won’t purchase it again.

Janette Catoosa, OK

The worst cosmetic product I’ve ever purchased

This applies almost as heavily as a sunscreen and does not spread easily, meaning you have to use much more product than is desired when it comes to primer. With other lighter primers, a pea sized amount is plenty. With this primer, it takes much more than twice that to create a sufficient base for my makeup. Even so, after applying the product, if my face is not 100% exfoliated, this accentuates dry skin flakes that occur with my combination skin unlike any other product I’ve used before. In previous usages the accentuation of my dryness has been so extreme that I’ve had to wipe all of the primer off and start over. Even as an extremely fair skinned person, the stark white color of this primer instantly washes my face out and makes me look sickly. If you’re planning to purchase this product to wear without applying foundation over it afterwards you better be Casper the ghost. I will say that it does manage oil levels in my t-zone a significant amount, but the downsides are far too vast in comparison to that fact. I will not repurchase.

Bianca Charlottesville, VA

It works great

This is the first time that I try this primer and works great. I’m using it with my clients and it helps smoothing the texture of their skin and prevents creasing

Mary Durham, PA

You lose the shine, but with no extention of makeup

I lost my shiny nose which is great, but I was hoping my makeup would stay on for longer, I will try the other Neutrogena primer next time

Madeline Macomb, OK


Great product! I’m in love with the smell of this product & it does exactly what its supposed too! Although I wish they had it in a bigger amount, I’am happy about my purchase! Will def. be purchasing again.

Minerva Beaumont, MS

Better than some, not as good as others

I’ve used Philosophy’s mattifier (called “The Present”) for years; recently I’ve tried a few mattifiers made by other companies, hoping to find one that works as well for less money.Not surprisingly, I haven’t been successful. My latest purchase was Neutrogena’s Shine Control. Although it performs better than a couple of others I have tried (which couldn’t even qualify as mattifiers at all) it is not as good as Philosophy’s product by a long shot.The main downsides to the Neutrogena product are: 1) it goes on white and stays somewhat white, so care must be taken to not use too much (I’ve only used this product a couple of times, so I still don’t quite have the knack of how much to use) 2) it has a tendency to be a bit gritty and pill on the skin (no doubt from the rice factor) so, again, care must be taken to not use too much 3) it does last a few hours, but not as long as Philosophy’s product.The only upside to the Neutrogena product is the price, and that is only if you purchase it from some source other than Amazon. I bought mine at Ulta Beauty for $9, which is far cheaper than Psychology’s $29. However, if you buy the Neutrogena product here on Amazon for $25 then you might as well pay $4 more and buy Philosophy’s far superior product.So — if you don’t want to spring $30 for The Present and can get Neutrogena’s product for $9 or so then it is a good compromise. If you pay any more than that for it I say it’s not worth it.

Jeannie Wickatunk, NJ

fairly effective for fair-skinned women

It’s getting warmer outside and, as a result, I’m battling increasing amounts of shine. (I have combination skin with an oily T-zone and dry cheeks.) I have been using blotting papers, but I’ve been going through 3-5 a day. So I decided to try this primer.I squeeze a little of this out and apply it to my nose and forehead. I find that it blends right in and is not gritty. Note: I do have very light skin (see my profile photo to get an idea of my skin tone). I then apply a Neutrogena liquid foundation over this primer.After about 3-4 hours, I do see some shine coming through, mostly on my nose. I’d say it was 90-95% under control. Blotting papers still work to get rid of the shine. After a couple more hours, I start to see shine on my forehead as well as my nose. It’s definitely less shine than without using this product; I’d say it was maybe 80% under control after 8 hours. For what it’s worth, I do go on a fairly vigorous walk with my dog at lunch time and climb 8 flights of stairs to get back to the office, so I am taking part in activities that may lead to increased shine. I’m really testing the limits of this product.In the end, this does definitely improve things, but it doesn’t totally eliminate the problem. I still have to use a couple of blotting papers throughout the day (maybe not as many as before).

Cherie Washington Depot, CT

Gritty and not awesome for darker skin

Basically, if you’re not the color of this product, which is white, it is going to show up on you. The more you blend with your fingers, its gritty consistency pills, so if you have any fuzz on your face from your towel, you’re going to have to pick it off. I’ve applied it all over as well as just on my t-zone over my moisturizer. I find that it blends better when you put it on over moisturizer. Make-up goes on nicely and seems to “stick” longer. I used a kabuki brush to apply a mineral foundation and was out the door. In photos of me with a flash, I appeared chalky. NO BUENO! To it’s mattifying powers, it works pretty well, but not for 8 continuous hours. I wouldn’t buy it again, but I’ll finish it up.

Helene Roxbury, PA

Wonderful primer!

Wonderful primer, makes my skin super soft (an added bonus), and it controls my oil as well extends the wear on my makeup. It also helps to blur imperfections, i will definitely buy again!!

Jody Neffs, PA

The best primer ever

I bought this primer after reading not so great reviews. I don’t know what all those negative reviewers are talking about. I love this primer! Not only does it keep my oily skin from showing through, it acutally has improved the look of my skin as well. Some people wrote that it gives a whitish hue to your face ( not true ) and that the texture and consistency were very gritty. Also not true. The smell is fantastic and it is not drying to my skin at all. In fact I now only moisturize at night before bed. This improved my skin so much that I no longer need a moisturizer during the day time hours and I’m in my 30’s. I hope this review helps others who are looking for an oil free and oil controlling primer that lasts the whole day. This is the best primer I have used.

Kathryn Hot Springs, VA