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Neutrogena Rapid Clear On-the-Go Acne Treatment Pen, 0.07 Ounce

Get rid of frustrating pimples that pop up at the worst possible times with this maximum-strength acne treatment pen designed for precision, no-mess use on the go. It’s clinically proven to reduce the size, swelling, and redness of pimples in as little as 4 hours, and even helps to stop pimples from fully forming when treated at the first sign.

Key features

  • Maximum-strength salicylic acid formula
  • Designed for on-the-go use
  • Formula does not over-dry skin
  • Starts clearing pimples in 4 hours
  • 90+ uses

Honest reviews


It’s ok

I basically look for prevention of acne, rather than going with the big guns. Although every now and then I need something stronger on an embedded skin issue. I Trust Neutrogena’s products.

Hannah Shell Rock, IA

Really does work FAST but can be drying – don’t pick & this will help QUICKLY!

My husband sometimes gets some very angry red welts of adult acne that will not come to a head under the arms of his eye-glasses that trap sweat and can clog pores or lower on his neck from ingrown hair on his beard since his hair is curly. On a whim, I bought some of this since I saw it was a gel formulation of 2% Salicylic Acid which is rather strong medicine. I figured if I could just get him not to pick at the painful areas, the acid would help and boy did it EVER!First off, however, I wiped the area clean with alcohol and then I plunged a Q tip in water that measured 150 Degrees F which is just hot enough to kill bacteria lurking inside surface acne. I pressed the hot Q-tip against the angry red welt about a dozen times, making sure I kept the water up to temperature. it’s hot, but not hot enough to scald and about the same temp as those Zit-Zapper electric pens. After letting his skin cool back down to normal and having him cleanse his face & neck with an Anti-Acne soothing botanical toner, I made ready with this On-The-Go pen. To prevent cross-contamination, I applied the gel to a clean Q-tip swab and then swabbed it over his worst welt that had yet to come to a head and then proceeded to use clean Q-tips for every other minor outbreak. Some had come to a head but I found treating them with the hot water first worked better than piercing the skin which you should NEVER do since that can cause scar. Once the bacteria are killed by the heat, the body takes care of itself.After 2 days of the heat treatments at night and 3 times a day duabs of the Rapid Clear gel, his face looks almost as if he never had a breakout! He has NO scarring since he didn’t pop the acne spots or try do dig at the ones that had yet to come to a head. The only thing I will need to do is use a good, soothing No-Oil light moisturizer for men’s skin when he is completely heeled. We will apply the Rapid Clear Gel from the On-The-Go Pen to the areas he tends to break out in on a regular schedule and make sure we hit any new break outs with the hot water application to kill any bacteria in the hair follicle or skin pore.I have to say that for what most people pay for Anti-Acne emergency treatments, this little Pen is a BARGAIN. My husband looked like he had several Honret stings on his face and in less than 24 hours they were hardly noticeable and 2 days afterwards, they are virtually healed completely. Salicylic Acid is an old, old treatment for Acne but this gel formulation with added botanicals is not at all harsh on the skin. His scabs did simply dry up and fall off on their on but underneath, they revealed new, healthy skin. Neutrogena has a CLEAR winner in this product and we’re off to get some more.We never nt to be without this product again!

Joann Whitney, TX


i love this! expensive for the amount on the pen,but works really good! id wake up the next morning and my acne are all tamed! really great invention.. hope this production dont end.

Erin Parishville, NY

Product really works

I have occasional breakouts and this product dries up a blemish fact, I’ve had a breakout disappear overnight by using this topical product. It’s the best! Reasonably priced as well.

Rosemarie Moapa, NV

So far so good

I bought this to put on acne that comes up (or when I feel it at work) I use the heat one – Zeno at home but I don’t use it at work due to the beeps it makes. Anyways, I bought this when I’m at work, and I start feeling an acne coming up. I think it works fine but it does have a slight sting to it when I put it on. It also leaves a very light film over the skin so people might notice, But it does seem to help as the acne does go away after a few days, rather than the next day as it stated. Maybe for others it does but mine went away after a few which is good cause other wise, my acne stays for weeks!!

Charlotte Downs, IL

Fairly effective but best for use at night

I use this at night because it leaves a shiny sticky residue on the areas where you spot it on the acne. It also tends to flake off if you wear it during the day. The applicator is a rubbery slanted pen-tip with a hole where the acne medication comes out. So application-wise, you don’t have to use your hands to rub the medication on, so it’s more "sanitary" I guess you could say. A good design deserves an extra star. Also, it takes 2 to 3+ nights on stubborn or deep acne. The smell is not strong, which is good, and it’s a convenient size and design.

Danielle Hext, TX

On the go, its magic.

I used this product when on the go and it is life save. It does make pimple disappear faster. Easy to apply and easy to use.

Renee Thomaston, TX