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Neutrogena Rainbath Gel, Original, 16 Ounce

Cleans, softens and conditions skin. Rainbath Shower & Bath Gel cleans, softens and conditions skin without a heavy leavebehind residue. Your skin is left in better condition feeling smooth, soft and renewed. Its fragrance is a blend of spices, fruits and herbs, providing a cleanfresh burst that awakens your senses and refreshes your entire body. Made in U.S.A.

Key features

  • Rich, conditioning lather leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and renewed
  • Stimulating fragrance of spices, fruits, and herbs
  • Rinses clean, without any heavy residue
  • Pump bottle
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Honest reviews


Changed a Classic for the Worse

Neutrogena has altered the scent of its “Refreshing” aka Classic Rainbath formula, probably in an attempt to make the product more appealing to women. What was once a clean, soft and slightly musk fragrance has been replaced with a sweet, grapefruit-citrus fragrance with a floral character. Compared to the product I’ve used for over 20 years, this Rainbath smells different when you use it and when you rinse it off – now the fragrance left behind after rinsing is flowery and powder-sweet, not clean. It has some of the character of the old fragrance, but is considerably changed, so much so that I suspect most men who used it previously, as I did, won’t be using it anymore. I have not confused this product with their other, “Revitalizing” scent, which has a pronounced grapefruit fragrance. This is their so-called Classic, but it is no longer classic. Why couldn’t Neutrogena roll out a new variety, rather than ruining an old and popular one? Wanted to let everybody know so you wouldn’t waste your time and money buying something that isn’t what you expect.Update 12/09: Called Neutrogena twice (long story) about the formula change. The CSRs avoided the topic of “formula change” as if they’d received training in enduring torture. In other words, they would not admit that the formula is changed. What they would say is, “We’re sorry you don’t like the fragrance.” Then they asked me to describe the fragrance, and what I thought of it. They asked many in-depth questions about it, like, “Would you describe the fragrance as being ‘classic’?” “Would you describe it as luxurious?” “Describe what you smell,” etcetera. I asked them in reply, “Why didn’t you do market research before you launched the product?” Then, without my even requesting it, they offered me a cash refund for the product I’d bought (I’ve already received the check). The best part was when one CSR accidentally started to say “How would you describe the new–I mean, how would you describe the fragrance of the product?” It’s clear that Neutrogena has made the decision to deliberately deceive its customers by rolling out this product while claiming they haven’t altered it. Along with the check, Neutrogena sent me a $20 coupon for any product, but there’s nothing I want.

Geri Collins, MO

Smells like for men

I bought this for myself but husband ended up using since it had very strong earthy tones to it. Very manly.

Natasha Clutier, IA

Best Affordable Bath Gel

Because I can’t afford to use Opium bath gel, this is my second choice. I keep a 32 oz pump bottle in all my bathrooms.It has a nice fresh scent that you won’t tire of and won’t fight with your perfume.

Connie Lookout, WV

Very Decent!

This one I really like and it probably deserves a 4.5 Stars. Excellent pump and one feels refreshed and invigorated after the daily ablutions. Neutrogena has been around and they always distinguish themselves for carrying some Very Decent products and this is for sure one of them!

Grace Cressona, PA

Slick and soft, smells divine!

I loved this gel from the day it debuted many years ago. Thankfully, the scent is the same, rather like Neutrogena soap. The pump is nice on the tub ledge and the gel works great in the shower, too. It rinses clean in any water, hard or soft. I like to follow it up with the Neutrogena sesame oil for the body. Great stuff.

Helen Tangerine, FL

A lovely product

I have always loved Rainbath. It smells great and feels so soft on my skin. Neutrogena has a real winner in this product!

Madelyn Shambaugh, IA

smells great

This smells fresh and clean. Had a problem opening the pump but I held the collar firmly in place while turning the pump and it popped up finally. Disaster averted. The price is half that of the local stores and this size is larger than the usual.

Sabrina West Hickory, PA