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Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Daily Sunscreen SPF 50 1.40 oz

Neutrogena Pure & Free Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 50 provides superior broad-spectrum protection in an ultra light liquid formula that spreads easily over skin and absorbs quickly for a weightless feel. This new liquid form provides an even, non-shiny finish that works beautifully alone or under makeup and moisturizers. Plus, it’s formulated with PureScreen — a powerful blend of 100% naturally sourced sunscreen ingredients for superior broad-spectrum protection. Free of fragrances, dyes, oils, and irritating chemical ingredients, Pure & Free Liquid Sunblock is great for sensitive skin!

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • Waterproof, sweatproof
  • Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts
  • Oil-free, PABA-free

Honest reviews


A drying, sticky, sunscreen, smelling like bug spray !

I’m an expert on sensitive skin products. I’m also insanely sensitive to nearly everything. My Asperger’s, genes, sensitive skin, Roscia, and ADD are who to give thanks for that .! I have no dermatology degree but, in this department I intimidate them big time. With that said, I try nearly everything I rate that claims it’s unscented or sensitive skin and actually seams to be. I do this for everything except some makeup. Detergents, skin products, eye masks, clothing, hair products, bedding, ect. Unlike Paula Begone for example who doesn’t but, who also knows her stuff. ! She’s impressed but my knowledge too. With that said this is the best price around for this and this product has a couple impressive ingredients and doesn’t have too many overall , which is great.! The only known ingredient that concerns me is Magnesuim Sulfate. It is VERY drying. Also, I have heightened senses, but this has a slight smell on application and after of an unscented bug spray ( the only way I know how to describe it) . Yuck! Truly unscented and fragrance free products still can have a slight smell to them. But, there only of product ingredient scents. That should be irritant free and healthy for everyone. Bug spray scent to humans is unhealthy. Another weird thing is there are two unknown ingredients in this product, The other ingredients I know what they are fortunately and none are regular ingredients in bug spray that would cause that slight scent. Instead I recommend Elta MD Sport Skin care lotion which is a lot better. I tried this, and like I said, it does some of what it claims while it dries u up and smells a little really bad. One more thing, on application and a little after it too. It makes my face and neck get a burning feeling too.!

Francisca Grindstone, PA

Compared with Coppertone Sensitive Skin Faces 50 SPF

After researching about sunscreen, I found that SPF is not an indicator for strength but chemical that contains. Zinc and Titanium are the most effective for preventing sun damages. I looked for a sunscreen with Zinc, since Titanium wouldn’t work for broader range of UV.Neurtrogena Ultra Sheer had been my favorite because of dry feel, until I learned that the strength of protection from Helloplex is very weak. Now I know why I keep getting bad sun spots after being out side for hours. I needed reliable sunscreen since I started using at-home chemical peel. I bought this Pure & Free liquid daily sunblock and Coppertone Sensitive Skin Faces 50 SPF, that has twice more Zinc and water proof, so that I could compare. Pure & Free liquid daily sunblock has light feel but grainy, while Coppertone feels ticker and heavy. After a couple of hours, though, both leaves same feel on skin. Both works fine when applying under makeup.

Holly Tipton, CA


It’s passable but I usually pass it up in favor of my Nuance moisturize with sunscreen whenever possible since Nuance has a nice smooth feel and this Neutrogena product feels a little heavy and gritty. Plus, again, Neutrogena tests on animals, I learned. 🙁

Robert Sagola, MI

Just OK

My favorite sunscreen is expensive and I’m looking for substitutes. This one blends in a lot better than most of the barrier lotions, but it is gritty enough that I don’t want to use it on the skin around my eyes, and not hurting my eyes is the reason I want the non-chemical sunscreen. The texture is almost like those cleansing creams with tiny grains in them.

Magdalena Ocklawaha, FL

Leaves a White Cast

I tried to convert to this product after years of using Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Liquid sunblock in the interest of using physical sunscreen instead of chemical. But even this (though it is better than most physical blocks out there) leaves a white cast to the skin and a line of demarkation around the jawline and hairline. I have tried rubbing it in more carefully, but it just can’t compare to the invisible and lightweight finish of the Ultra Sheer. People have actually commented on the white line around my face, thinking I accidentally got something on my face. I guess this is trade-off with physical sunscreen. But on my face, I really prefer something that is invisible. Will not purchase this again. The pluses are that it is less obvious some other brands out there. And the formula is nice and light, smooth, and non-irritating.

Rosanna Patriot, OH

Smells funny

The SPF 50 is why I bought it. I’m trying to add fragrance but I have to say the "non-fragrance" of this product is strange. It does dry very quickly into the skin but is not a water resistance and some other Neutrogena products. The consistency reminds me of Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection lotion, but the Neutrogena is not as water resistant and the Shiseido is more pleasant smelling.

Florine Funkstown, MD

good basic sunscreen

Great sunscreen for all skin types, especially sensitive, even young children. High spf and waterproof, goes on light and nonsticky.

Adela La Feria, TX

Due to small size, good for travel or for outdoor day trip

I shook the tiny bottle before opening it but when I poured some on my hand, a very watery substance came out and it was difficult to spread on my skin. The next time, I vigourously shook the bottle several times before attempting to use. This time the product came out more like a lotion but still a little difficult to apply as it does not glide on like a lotion does. The product protects well but between having to shake the bottle like crazy and the extremely small size, I will not order this again.

Lorena Dearborn, MI

Great buy

I have oily skin and using sunscreen was becoming annoying since as soon as I would put it on I could feel it heavy on my skin. This stuff is great! It’s not greasy feeling and you can’t even feel it on after a min or so. It doesn’t smell nice but considering it’s so much better for your skin, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like it smells bad, it just smells like product, no flowery scents here. I have been looking for sunscreen with as little chemicals as possible and this is working out great for me. I also have acne prone skin and this has not irritated my skin at all nor did it make me break out. I highly recommend it!

Alejandra Unionport, OH

jo jo baltimore

I love the lightness of this, and this is the most comparable to oriental sunscreens, with the Ethanol, it sinks right in!

Kelli Strange Creek, WV

The only sunblock for my oily sensitive skin!

I use the daily moisturizer version of this in the winter, but in the summer–really half the year here–I use this. I cannot tolerate chemical sunblocks, and the other non-chemical blocks can be so greasy or occlusive they cause other problems or just a very shiny face for me. This is great. It does give me that blue-white titanium face, but a light dusting of a yellow-based powder or bronzer, and I’m good to go. It also works very well under foundations when I want to be more polished. It does not break out my face or clog my pores, or settle into them.Good stuff.

Dona Big Oak Flat, CA


am using this on my face right now; its not too heavy; you only have to use a small amount, otherwise you will look like Casper !! I would definitely purchase again.

Gay Southern Pines, NC

very good

This is very good sunscreen. I used it last summer and planning to repurchase. There is almost no smell, perfect for my skin which is dry. I really like it.

Estella Cleaton, KY

Good product!

I heard Neutorgena discontinued….I hope not!!It’s been a good product for protecting my face, neck, arms and hands. Because of its size, I can easily bring it in my carryon and never has taken away at the airport.If I say something negative is that it leave a white hue on the face if you have a color like myself (olive medium), mixing with your liquid foundation (darker than usual) to create to fit to your skin tone.

Justina Collison, IL

finally, no smell!

This is one of the best sunscreen for face I have ever used. In my opinion, this is on par if not better than Shisheido’s sunscreen but for a fraction of the price. It’s not oily and it doesn’t have that horrible sunscreen smell. It’s easy to put on in that it comes in a liquid form making it very spreadable and even on my skin. It’s consistency is actually very similar to Shisheido’s emulsions! What’s more is that the the packaging is fairly small and easy to carry. I can sneak this into any purse in case I’m out in the sun for a prolonged period of time and need to reapply. I like to wear this under my make up and it does not have any negative interactions with foundation or blush. I highly recommend this for everyone.

Jasmin Berkley, MI