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Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula, 8.5 Ounce

Pore Refining Toner visibly reduces the appearance of pores. This Alpha and Beta Hydroxy formula is dermatologist tested to deliver visible results. First, it sweeps away dead surface skin and refines rough, uneven patches. Then, it penetrates deep into pores so they appear smaller and less visible. Skin is soft, smooth and refreshed.

Key features

  • Won’t overdry skin
  • Oilfree
  • Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Alpha and beta hydroxy formula
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of pores

Honest reviews


Glycolic Acid/Salicylic Combination Better than Benzoyl Peroxide

Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Cleanser is actually a wonderful 1 Step Cleanse/Exfoliate/Refine product that is perfect for traveling. Why take three products when one will work very well. In fact, my husband brought this product home when I asked him to buy me a similar product and I’m even more impressed with the Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Formula than any of the formulas with Benzoyl Peroxide.While I’m only testing this product at home, studies have shown that a combination of glycolic and salicylic acid is more effective than benzoyl peroxide. I read about it after I tried this product so my short time of personal experience proved the study was quite correct. Glycolic Acid is also found in many products sold to you by your Esthetician and it is known for stimulating collagen and elastin. It will even help to reduce acne scars and will keep dead skin cells from building up inside the hair follicles. Glycolic will also help the skin not to grow over the pores and so it prevents ingrown hairs. This product will be especially enjoyed by men who shave. Women will enjoy this product as it may prevent hormonal breakouts.This product contains “Glycolic Acid” which seems to prevent problems and is derived from fruit, whereas Benzoyl Peroxide has to fix the problems caused by a lack of exfoliation. So, using a product with Glycolic Acid seems to keep my skin exfoliated. While there are gentle microbeads, you don’t really feel them and this is much more like a facial gel wash than an abrasive cleanser.This product impressed me so much I even sent a tube to a friend in the mail. Not something I’d normally do unless I was very impressed.For even better results, try a cream with Glycolic Acid or look for Vital Sciences Glycolic Liquid Exfoliator or Skin Eternal DMAE Serum. There are also quite a few Glycolic moisturizers for face and body from Peter Thomas Roth and Reviva. I also love the Derma E Glycolic Facial Cleanser.If you use a product with Glycolic Acid and one of the Derma E skin care creams or the Kiss My Face Under Age Organic Moisturizer, you should notice a much clearer complexion.Other essentials include:Derma E Tea Tree and E oilKiss My Face Acne GelAroma Land Problem Skin Blend – Essential oilDerma E Alpha Lipoderm with Green TeaDerma E Age-Defying Day CremeDerma E Clear Skin 2D’Arcy Drying LotionZia Sulphur MaskZia Papaya PeelDerma E Microdermabrasion ScrubJoey Pure Pores~The Rebecca Review

Cora West Glacier, MT

Keep your receipt

As a young adult, I have acne-prone skin with some enlarged pores around around my nose. I bought this hoping it would help clear me up, when, in fact, it did quite the opposite. When I first squeezed some into my hand I noticed that it had a very chemically odor. After I used it and rinsed my face, as soon as I opened my eyes they burned like I had just been rubbing peppers on them, so I rinsed, rinsed, rinsed some more until the burning stopped. My face felt clean, but smelled like chemicals, and in the morning I woke up with a few new zits. I wasn’t sure the cleanser was causing the breakout, so I kept using it. I slowly developed terrible acne and had to stop using it. About a week after I did, I was back to normal. I gave this cleanser to my sister to try and she had very good results, but stopped using it because she was concerned about the chemical odor. I would not recommend a product that has the potential to cause the problems I experienced.

Emilia Melrose, FL

Worth a try

I always use a toner and have been sticking to the same one for a few years now that I love, but this was on sale and decided to try it because my skin tends to really like AHAs and BHAs.Pros:
• Makes skin super soft.
• Doesn’t dry skin out despite the pretty high alcohol content.
• Didn’t cause any redness or ittitation to my relatively sensitive skin.
• Didn’t break me out like some do upon first using them.
• Could see the residue my cleanser left behind on the cotton square letting me know my face is clean.Cons:
• Not convinced it did anything to shrink the appearance of my pores (mine aren’t a huge deal to me and I didn’t buy it for that, but don’t expect it to perform miracles if you have large pores).
• Pretty high alcohol content which I like to try and avoid for the most part (at least ones that have alot of alcohol in it; a little is ok for me).
• Seemed to cause my already oily skin to be shinier. I’m used to an oil controlling toner that keeps the shine on my forehead at bay whereas this did not control oil for me beyond an hour or so (but it does not claim to be oil controlling and is most likely due to the high alcohol content that can make skin produce more oil).All-in-all, good toner for what it’s designed for. I would repurchase again. I’m now using this as my nighttime toner or on days where i’m not going anywhere where I won’t need my forehead to remain shine-free. Your results may vary depending on the sensitivity and type of skin. For mine, there has been no adverse effects and I feel it does a pretty good job of leaving it clean and toned. Hope this helps.

Mallory Alexandria, SD

Pricey, but you will notice a difference

This stuff is a little more pricey than I’d like for a face wash but consistent use will reduce the size of your pores. It STINGS like all get out if you get it in your eyes though so wash your face carefully, and with your eyes completely closed.

Mayra Sawyer, ND

ok choice

It is an ok choice – there isn’t any burning with this product, but I would buy it again. probably

Consuelo Romulus, MI

My favorite toner!

I use this toner every night after I wash my face. I’ve been using it for several months now and I see such a difference in my skin. My pores look smaller and my skin even looks a little less red! My skin is clearer and just looks brighter. My skin is more on the dry side and I don’t find this toner drying at all. I always moisturize after the toner had completely soaked into my skin and it’s worked well for me. My skin is also on the sensitive side and this hasn’t irritated my skin at all. As soon as I run out, I will purchase this product again, because I love it so much!

Tonya Vinalhaven, ME


weird smell and hate the smell.. almost took breath away. they should warn you about the horrible weird smell so i dont use it as often cause of sme;ll

Kathleen Lockney, TX

My favorite ABH toner

I’ve only recently started incorporating toner into my facial cleansing program, but this is my favorite that I’ve tried so far. This toner leaves my face feeling very clean, yet soft (not tight or itchy), plus it has the benefits of an Alpha and Beta hydroxy. It really does help keep my pores cleaner, and therefore smaller over time. I find it to be perfect for my combination/oily skin, but for those with dry or sensitive skin the alcohol might be irritating or overly drying.

Zelda Media, IL


I have been looking for a product to help reduce the apperance of the pores on my cheeks. This stuff is awesome! I noticed a difference within a week. I have gotten compliments that my skin looks the best it has in a long time! I highly recommend giving it a try. I use it with the daily face wash. Will continue to use!

Liz Dixon, KY

No miracles, but great

I didn’t expect my pores to magically disappear, but I notice they truly do lessen immediately after using this product. What’s better is that my skin has cleared since I started using this: I used to get occasional breakouts, but now, that rarely happens. I’d recommend using this before a nice occasion with a pore tightening moisturizer, and your pores will be out of sight for a few hours at least.

Ruth Nazareth, PA

Great product!

I purchased the Neutrogena Pore Refining Toner and was pleased that it did not sting and was not drying to my skin. My pores do appear to be smaller and my skin looks smoother. In the past, I have used toners that made my skin turn red and irritated, but after four weeks of using this product have not had this problem. This product is reasonably priced so I can afford it. I plan to continue using this product.

Kayla Daphne, AL

One side of my face has broken out in hives!

I washed my face with this once yesterday, and once the day before and yesterday in the evening, a good portion of the right side of my face and a few under my chin broke out in ugly hives! It itches horribly and it really hurts. To make matters worse, I had to go to work looking like this. I didn’t want to put on makeup that would irritate my skin so I was forced to leave the house looking like a pepperoni pizza. :(And also, when I was washing my face with this, I noticed that the scrubbing beads in this were SCRATCHING my face. Not a comfortable exfoliation, but like sandpaper. And this cleanser has a very noticeable chemical smell to it. I wish that I had never wasted my money on this product, and I wish that I had never put this on my face!

Elvia Caliente, CA

It’s Great!

I love this stuff. It cleans your skin very thoroughly and leaves it very soft. I love the smell too! Overall I’m very please with this and will continue to buy.

Alba Sumerco, WV


I buy this because my pores are huge. Always have been. This product visibly reduces them. It’s a bit alcohol-ly. It stings when it gets close to your eyes. But I like the product.

Robyn Galena, MD

Love it!

I am a huge fan of most Neutrogena products, as they are generally very gentle for my somewhat sensitive skin. This toner is refreshing, and seems to pair nicely into my routine. It does appear to be mildly pore refining, but it’s a miracle worker. It’s just a great toner for a 20 something with relatively nice combination skin. I use it daily and it hasn’t ever given me any problems.

Lorie Due West, SC

Great toner

I really haven’t noticed much of a difference in pore size from using this product alone, though other products in the Pore Refining line work really well to this effect. What I love about this toner, though is that it doesn’t dry out my skin at all, and it leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. I do get fewer blackheads and blemishes when I use this product. Recommended.

Maryanne Swampscott, MA

No noticable difference!

I have noticed over the last few years my pore sizes has increased. It is crazy and now it really bothers me! I tried this along with many other products but I did not notice any difference! If you like a toner its not a bad one pretty gentle but don’t expect no more pores!

Lauren New Bedford, IL

Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser is great!

The cleanser makes my face feel really clean after I use it and helps get rid of the oil and dirt in my pores. I haven’t been using it long enough to see if it really reduces the size of my pores, but I trust Neutrogena products, so I’m hoping this particular Neutrogena product will live up to its name.

Louisa Pine Bluff, AR

Broke My Skin Out!

This stuff broke my face out. Maybe my skin is too sensitive or something, but this stuff didn’t work at all for me.

Iris Monroe, OR

Good Toner!

I’ve been using this toner for a few days now, but after 2-3 uses I’ve noticed a difference in the the size of my pores. They shrink after a moment or two after putting it on, but the effects don’t last after I wash my face. I probably need to use it for a while longer like other people have said before I notice a somewhat permanent result.On the other hand, it successfully removes a lot of dirt that’s been clogging my pores! I can see all of it on the cotton pad and I’m surprised by how much junk is left on my skin after using my cleanser.I do have a problem with the smell. It’s probably because of the alcohol in the product that’s making it a little too strong for my taste. The alcohol also stung my skin the first use, but it’s gotten significantly better. Does not dry my skin out at all.I use it mainly in the morning before I head out and during the day when I need a pick me up for my skin (:Overall I give this toner 4 stars! Recommended for oily skin (I see less oil on days that I use this toner)

Nettie Tchula, MS

Results Noticeable Within DAYS

I purchased this after reading reviews on multiple sites and seeing this toner ranked as one of the best when it comes to drug store brands.I’ve been using this every night for three weeks (I’ve skipped it by accident roughly 4 times) and my skin is noticeably clearer. Within a few days I noticed some of my trouble areas looked better and while the clearing process has been slow its noticeable and the progress steady. I also haven’t seen a “new” blemish since adding this to my regimen.It hasn’t done much for blackheads so a few days ago I purchased an exfoliant to address that issue around my nose.Overall I am very happy and will likely repurchase this when it runs out.

Jeannette Argos, IN

First Time Using Product

I’ve used this product about 6 times since it arrived and I love it! I was already using a toner after washing so I thought my face was clean……until I used this toner. I never knew there was so much dirt and residue on my face after I washed it. This is really great stuff; does what it says and the price is excellent. Now watch them stop making it (as soon as I find something I like they always do 🙂

Rhonda Maine, NY

Netrogena Pore Refining Toner

I would order this product again. It does exactly as stated and I have sensitive skin, so do not be worried if that is a concern.

Leta Roseglen, ND

Noticable difference but dries skin

I use this approximately every other day due to the drying it causes but after a week or so, my pores were visibly reduced, not gone just not as noticeable. Just a splash on a cotton square and I go in upwards motions after my morning face wash and before I moisturize. I will continue to use but will not use everyday as my skin is prone to dryness. It worked in all areas of my face, my nose and forehead were most noticeable to me and now they are much smaller. Recommend to anyone looking for an easy way to reduce size of large pores.

Glenda Medicine Bow, WY

Dries out my skin

I have combination skin and this dries it out to the point of being painful. I didn’t notice any difference with the appearance of my pores, which are still big. I suffered for nothing.

Eva Big Island, VA


Neutrogena produces the best beauty and health products without a doubt. This product has worked wonders for my skin. I will continue to use it for a long time.

Leonor Weston, CO


it didnt seem to work, my pore look the same as always, and it is a little stingy because of the alcohol.

Billie Rangely, CO


I have somewhat large pores, so I was really hoping this would help. I use it once a day and it immediately shrinks and clears them out considerably, though they get bad again the next day. Overall though, I’ve seen an improvement in my complexion, so I’d highly recommend this even though it’s not magic.

Tamra Youngsville, NC

Surprisingly Disappointing

Made me break out like crazy…in places I never used to get zits. I have pimples on my upper lip, cheeks, underside of nose. Horrible. Waste of money. Cheaper in stores, but still not worth it. This has never happened to me before. I have loved all other Neutrogena products, but this one just doesn’t work. Now I have to find another cleanser that can get rid of the zits this gave me. zero stars.

Brenda Portsmouth, VA

Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser 200ml/6.7oz

This has always been my favorite face cleaner. Its been harder and harder to find. The only problem I have is the price. Too expensive so I may have to change to another product.

Aimee Madrid, NY