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Neutrogena Pore Refining Daily Cleanser, 6.7 Ounce

Visibly Reduces the Appearance of Pores and Refines Skin Alpha and beta hydroxy formula with gentle microbeads.

Key features

  • Shrinks pores up to half their size for smoother, younger looking skin
  • Starts working on contact to shrink the look of pores and refine skin’s tone and texture
  • Continually reduces the appearance of pores so they look visibly smaller week after week

Honest reviews


Using daily

Using daily and i love it. Smells heavenly and is a great product. Does not leave any residue and DOES shrink your pores. My only complaint is that packaging when it arrived. It was wrapped in cellophane and the pump had been pushed down. It had leaked EVERYWHERE so I didn’t get the full amount that should have been in the bottle and I had a big mess when I opened it. Luckily since its soap, it cleaned up easily 🙂 I suggest better packaging when shipping. but other than that its a great product so don’t let packaging deter you.

Lillian John Day, OR

very irritating and drying !

Dries my skin out so bad…I broke out terribly. Bummer…really wanted smaller pores Lol! I’m a 30 year old, Puerto Rican with extemely oily skin and it still dries me out…no thanks 🙁

Kari Scottville, MI

Left dry, red blotches all over my face

This is the first product I have used to try and reduce pore size. After 2 days of use, my face started to break out in red blotches. Trying to cover it over with makeup only made it worst, as the makeup caked-over the blotchy areas, making them even more noticeable! After I stopped using the pore refiner, it took forever for the red blotchiness to go away. I usually use the oil-free Neutrogena facial moisturizer but even that wouldn’t help to clear up my skin from this product. And I do not have problem skin.I had to buy the “Neutrogena visibly even daily moisturizer”, which is specifically designed to reduce blotchiness. After the roughness on my face started to go away, I then started to break out in a red rash. Four weeks later and I still have problems with rough red patches on my skin, so I had to schedule with a dermatologist. This stuff wreaked havock on my face! It’s horrible.I also had to switch from my matte mouse makeup to a liquid foundation. I found the liquid makeup to not show up the pores nearly as much as did the thicker mousse style foundation.I returned the pore refiner, I’d rather have some slightly larger pores than a face full of red blotches.

Toni Burgettstown, PA


It seems good, time will really tell. It is more sudsy than I thought it would be, but you feel clean.

Randi Villamont, VA

Four Stars

Works well.

Annabelle Genoa, NY

Neutrogena Pore Refining daily cleanser

I have always had large pores on my nose and chin. I use it a little differently. I first just wash my face with cold water, and use the pore refiner on those areas. Then I do my usual AM things such as brushing my teeth. Then I go back and rinse the Pore Refiner off, and follow it up with the RocC discs. In a very short time I don’t see all those large pores on my chin and nose. I have tried everything to try to get those pores smaller, but this really works. I had a great Dermatology doctor, and he told me in my twenties to always wash your face with cold water as it doesn’t dry out the skin like hot water. He studied at Oxford, and told me many tricks of the trade that we do not use in the USA.

Sarah Casco, MI


Reduces pores as it says, and leaves face looking really nice. I have very very olily skin which is good. natural oils on the skin is good keeps your face soft as you get older. Dont ever try to strip your face of your natural oils, not a good thing to do. But this you can use it one day yes one day no. To protect your skin. Enjoy. Well you can use it every day. but i prefer not to only every other day.

Berta Brookeland, TX