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Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Daily Scrub, 4.2 Fluid Ounce

Cleans deep into pores and helps stop breakouts before they start. This breakthrough formula features MicroClear a powerful technology clinically shown to boost delivery of acne medicine, clear congested pores and speed treatment deep to the source. MicroClear and gentle microbeads work together to cut through oil, dissolving dirt and impurities without overdrying or irritation. Skin is left clear and smooth.

Key features

  • Oilfree
  • Clean rinsing
  • MicroClear technology
  • Salicylic acne treatment
  • Gentle scrub helps stop breakouts before they start

Honest reviews


No not daily face wash

It is good for Cleaning makeup brushes..or hand wash..But for face .. too harsh (it has 2% salicylic acid)Maybe if you use it once a week and moisturize heavly ..

Lori Orange Cove, CA

Have been buying for years

I have bad acne and a lot of redness associated with scarring and I have no Idea what. This product really helps to temporarily reduce redness. Plus, there aren’t many redness reducing products out there to begin with… I also like the eucerin redness reducing sunscreen.

Angelica Coalton, WV


It’s a great cleanser, my face looks good, and it’s totally worth for its price, I’ll get another bottle soon.

Margarita West Boothbay Harbor, ME

Absolutely does not foam.

Does not foam at all, not even a hint. Cleanses skin OK. Skin feels dry after use. I also don’t like menthol-induced tingling. I will go back to Neutrogena Rapid Clear Foaming Cleanser. I cannot comment on the acne-fighting powers since I haven’t been using it long enough.

Savannah Barnum, IA

Same ingredients as MURAD & just as effective….

This has the same cleaning power as regular Neutrogena but with a much better smell. I noticed with the orange version that my skin had a medical smell to it. This grapefruit scent is more than acceptable and leaves my skin feeling clean and tight. It does a good job of removing make-up. The 2% salicylic acid is the same strength and cleans as well as Murad, but for far less cost. The other Murad substitute that NEutrogena has is the Rapid Clear 3-in-1 Acne Treatment, which is equivalent to Murad’s 2% salicylic acid gel (but again at a much lower cost.) These two products used at night, combined with an SPF 30 moisturizer in the day, make my skin very clear. You have to just continue it even as the gel “boils” the acne to the surface at first. Once the skin is clear, if you continue to use these, then your skin will stay clear. Much less expensive than MURAD!

Graciela Alicia, AR


If I could, I’d give this product negative stars. It is AWFUL! I’ve NEVER had a product do this to my face! Not ever! I’ve tried everything and I think this has given me the worst reaction ever. My skin was (as another reviewer put) leathery. Annoyingly so! It was as if an entirely new, dry, red layer of skin placed itself on my face! I peeled it off as soon as I could and beneath the layer was water (or a watery-like substance) ew!I just WISH I had looked on here before I bought this at the store! It would’ve saved me so much annoyance and money. The thing is, when this first came out, it was pretty great (not a miracle-worker by any means) but pretty decent! And it smelled (still smells) fantastic! Its such a shame. But the past is in the past. Bottom line? Stay AWAY. I mean it.

Ashleigh Villard, MN

I like it, but use it once per day.

I’ve read other reviewers mention that this product is overly drying. I will say that I love the scent. And, I love the very clean feeling after using it. My pores feel tight after I use it. It’s very refreshing. As a precaution, I do use it once per day or less, just because I am prone to dry skin. But, I think drying could be the case with any product with similar ingredients.

Jewell West Lebanon, NY

gently & easily removes my eye makeup

in the past, i regularly used the neutrogena stress control cream cleanser. it felt very refreshing and cooling to the skin, but it was terrible at removing my makeup (especially around the eyes) so i had to use another facial wash afterwards. my husband uses this every night so i gave it a try. i wasn’t expecting much and actually thought it would suck, but when i came out of the shower i was pleasantly surprised to see my face and not a raccoon staring back at me in the mirror!! if it can remove my mascara and eyeliner, i know it removes a lot of other impurities too. i have mild acne and since i’ve been washing twice a day (anymore than that will dry out your skin), i’ve noticed significant improvement in my skin. i definitely recommend this cleanser!!

Margot Ravensdale, WA

Disappointed in a brand I thought I knew

I will preface this review by saying that if you are looking for a medicated scrub, want or are Ok with chemicals, this review may not be meaningful to you.I purchased this thinking I knew the brand. Neurtrogena is almost synonymous with hypo-allergenic, at least among the major dsrug store brands. It has always been a brand which featured mild, natural ingredients. That said, I purchased this thinking that I was buying an exfoliating scrub from a brand I knew, thinking I was going to be getting something natural, non-irritating, but with a different scent (that their traditional “rainbath”), The description is not inaccurate or misleading. i just had not looked because of extensive experience with the brand.This product contains Salicylic Acid in roughly the same proportion as other acne systems. This is not what I was looking for. If you are, maybe you have found what you want: same active ingredient, nicer smell than most (acne medications). I just did not realize that Neutrogena is now adding chemicals, effectively turning their back on what established the brand. Now, if I ever purchase their products again, I will have to go back to reading ingredients and approach it as a brand I do not know, because this was a *huge* departure from all their other products.The scent is better than most acne systems. It is not as nice as any other grapefruit product I have used (comparing to Lush, the Body shop, Crabtree and Evelyn). I have had issues with my skin since living in the tropics with high humidity, mold,. ambient staph. i have also developed allergies and chemical sensitivities due to ambient biotoxins (and treatment for same). I always buy natural products, avoiding harsh chemicals whenever possible (and it is always possible). I thought I knew what I was getting from Neutrogena. Again, the description is not misleading, but having purchased Neutrogena for many years, I did not read it, thinking I knew what I was getting.This review is written for those, who like myself, think they know the brand and that it means mild, hypo-allergenic…. in this case it does not. In terms of how good this is as an acne wash, my daughter would be in a better position than I to review it (and I bought a second for her). She is, however, also avoiding products with chemicals, including Salicylic Acid. Believe it or not, her skin has been better using natural products which maintain your natural defense (my dermatologist warned that things which overdry create small tears, creating an opportunity for infection). Everyone’s needs are different, so if you are looking for a chemical, medicated product this may work for you. I go out of my way to avoid same, and thought I knew what I was getting from the brand. I was wrong.If you like what Neutragena used to be and are looking for a mild, natural product, I would recommend insteadThe Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel Jumbo – 25.3 fl ozand/ or Lush “Happy Hippy” (which for some reason I can not link, though I have seen Lush products on site). But lines are natural, use fruit juice instead of chemicals, small better and will leave you feeling and smelling better than this medicated acne product.

Angelina Lexington, TN

Will treat mild acne problems

I have adult acnes which I started having in my early 20s. Acne is more of a hormone thing for me and it’s also from my daily make-up. I use the same facial products for days, somedays my face is glowy, almost perfect, other days, they are just horrendous. They’re breaking out everywhere, my face have blemishes and it hurts like you know what. It’s just totally out of control. I’ve used numerous facial wash products (starting from Clinique’s gentle facial cleanser, proactiv’s, etc) and I do feel like they’re all the same. They had no dramatic effects on my skin. I wasn’t expecting much from this neutrogina cleanser from the beginning either and I actually bought this for my body acne around the chest area since the ingredients were the same as its body wash. Those acnes weren’t that serious but still noticeable, so I gave this a try. I religiously used it for about 2 weeks and it started to clear up and it looks clean for now. I’m also using this for my face at the same time, but it’s not doing much, I still do get break outs here and there.

Diane Middleport, NY

Love it!!!!

This Product is amazing! I love it soooo much! it works 100% and it smells fantastic! I am totally buying more of this ASAP!!!!!!

Nora Micaville, NC

Use it every day!

I started using this twice a day everyday about a month ago. It helps a ton and is great to use in combination with the Aveeno lotion with FPS 15. I highly highly recommend it- oh and it smells like grapefruit which is really nice.

Lydia Bloomingdale, MI

Old favorite

I love this stuff, it really does help clear your skin without drying it out too badly (though you should still always follow up with a moisturizer). I HATE the packaging though! I like pumps, but this one isn’t very secure. Make sure you don’t ever accidentally knock the bottle over because you will end up with pink goop everywhere, a room that reeks of salicylic acid, and wasted money. I have done this more than once. It’s super annoying!

Pat Summitville, OH


I dont understand how a face wash that is suppose to clear acne causes it! I really wanted to like this facial wash, it smelled nice and felt good on my face. After using this for a couple days i noticed small white heads all over my face, mostly by my mouth. I now have about 8 red bumps on my forehead that i cant get rid of. This face wash is going straight in the trash.

Ora Lake Hughes, CA

too harsh on sensitive skin.

this smells pleasant but I have sensitive skin and it almost felt like I was putting a chemical peel on my face. it burned very badly, and I would not recommend for someone with sensitive skin like me.

Sherri Stanley, NY


This crap destroyed my skin..My face was peeling and bleeding. If you’ve got sensative skin, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT! Don’t waste your money…

James Farmington, MI

Love the new formula – HUGE IMPROVEMENT

So they had this stuff off the market for about a year – way bummed. Then it was back in the store. When I tried it again, I was very disappointed – it isn’t as foamy and seems very different, creamier. I called Neutrogena and asked if they changed the formula – yup sure enough. I hate when they do that, however in this case IT WAS A HUGE IMPROVEMENT. It took a few washed to get used to it, but wow is my skin clear (thank you glycolic acid!) and soft (thank you glycerin). Now let me tell you, that is no small feat with my SUPER oily skin. I follow up with Clean and Clear sensitive skin astringent and my skin has never looked better! Thank you Thank you Thank you Neutrogena. Now if you could only put it in recyclable packaging…

Meagan Max, MN

Did Not Work For Me

My dermatologist recommended this product to me for the acne on my forehead (due to my greasy bangs touching my skin). I have dry skin, and have yet to find a daily cleanser/wash that works for me. This was no different.Unlike other acne washes that dry out my skin and make me peel (and don’t solve my problem), this one doesn’t do much of anything. It is neutral for me, which is why I give it 3 stars.My solution? I grew out my bangs and keep my hair out of my face. I am now acne free. (:

Mae Hawleyville, CT

I think it works

It is suggested by beauty magazine not to use such a scrub everyday, because this is harsh for your skin… the beads in this are large also, unlike finer scrubs you may have tried such as ProActive… I believe those other scrubs are much more the consitancy or sugar/sea salt scrubs, these beads are large, and I am unsure of the effectiveness of them, but as for the formula I enjoy it a lot, and when your face feels really dingy I turn to this, use 3 times a week, or I reach for it every 3 days, because this is the renewel time of the skin, so this helps get rid of those dead skin cells, but you dont want to be abrasive to your skin constantly, I feel that might give you wrinkles, or just all around hurt your face in the long run. So since I cant pay for a quality scrub this one is just fine.

Millicent Potterville, MI

Best of Both Worlds

It seems like it is difficult to find a really good face wash these days. Some have the microbeads, but dont lather; while others have a ton of lather but no microbeads. Well, this facewash, I am proud to say, has both. It combinds a generous amount of lather with a moderate amount of beads, so when I wash my face I dont feel like I am washing it with pure glitter (as some other microbead washes feel like). This face wash feels good on my sensitive skin, and I like the fact that it comes infused with Vitamin C. You don’t see many companies these days infuse face washes with anything besides triclosan and basic soap ingrediants. It smells good too, and it doesn’t burn or cause my skin to dry out as much as it should. I would reccommend this to anyone wanting a good face wash at a fair price.

Marva Mission, SD

Works really well for me.

I use this every day not as my primary wash but as a treatment on my arms, chest and back after I’ve showered with -insert your wash product of choice-. I’ve been using it for a while now and I can honestly say it works perfectly for me, and pairs well with citaphil. Now I only breakout a little if stop using it for more than a day or two, and it’s brought back under control by using the product. I suppose the only downside is that I now have to use this product for who knows how long.

Frieda Otway, OH

Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser

I have very oily and acne prone skin. this facial cleanser didn’t take all the oil from my face, therefore after using it I didn’t feel completely “clean”. but I still use it from time to time, when I feel that my skin has become too dry.I’d recommend it for normal or dry skin.I didn’t have any side effects/breakouts/allergic reactions after using this product. I believe it’s individual.

Cora Toeterville, IA

Broke me out

I have been using the Neutrogena grape fruit foaming cream for over a year and really love that product. Last week, I just wanna look for a different product for substitution because I think my skin is so used to the foaming cream and the it wasn’t affective anymore. I gave this one a try and after only one time use, It broke me out like crazy. I had 3 big breakout in just 1 night. I don’t know why, maybe this just dried out my skin too much. And this price is a little pricey for a cleanser. Gonna go back to my foaming cream cleanser.

Lilly New Lisbon, NJ

Irritating for Sensitive Skin

I tried using this for a month and found that it only made my face redden and peel. It was only after I tried the body wash and then the scrub that I realized that I was sensitive to salicylic acid (stupid, yes, but I was a teenager). I wouldn’t recommend this product in the least.

Avis Trout Creek, NY

Not just for acne

This is a great product, cleans without drying. I use it on my mature skin to clean out my pores and help with exfoliation.

Shannon Sun Prairie, WI

Love It!

I admit – I am a girl, and I like pink. When I started looking for a new exfoliating scrub, the Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub from Neutrogena immediately caught my eye. But as it turns out, I am very pleased with my girly purchase. I can definitely tell it is working when I use it, and my face feels super clean afterwards. And oh yeah – it smells so good! I am excited to try the whole line of the Pink Grapefruit products. One thing I will say – if you do get dry skin easily, don’t follow the directions and use twice a day. I use it twice a week at most or it will dry me out too much.

Lakeisha Milroy, IN

Works for Me

I never by anything but Neutrogena any more as it always seems to leave my skin the healthiest. I buy this one because it comes with the most product in it and I have never suffered from bad acne. I do however use this facewash daily to prevent the rouge pimple, and in that the product succeeds. I don’t know how it works for actual acne, and therefore, cannot personnally recommend it for use as such. For a daily face wash for an adult, I think this product is great and have been sold on it for years.

Natasha Villas, NJ

Makes my face so smooth

It’s great. I can see the difference in one wash no exaggeration. Micro beads made my back heads disappear like wow. I wasn’t expecting this facial wash to be anything special but wow it’s best facial wash I’ve ever used. Highly recommended! I also use Neutrogena 3in1 acne lotion afterwards. Can’t be sure which one but my face looks brighter too.

Kayla Fayetteville, PA

The best one for my acne combination skin.

I have a combination-acne skin and this face wash seems to help.I been using this product for over 2 years now and didn’t find something’s leaves my skin smooth and prevent brake outs.What can you ask more from face wash?

Cortney Ferndale, CA

Good Product

This is my first acne wash that I have tried. It is effective at preventing/minimizing future break-outs. However, what I dislike about the product is that once applied, it made my skin VERY dry. I would recommend buying a very light and oil free acne wash. Supposedly it is unscented, so if you can deal with that medicinal scent you’ll be fine. Next time I plan on ordering the one with aloe and chamomile.

Hilary Melstone, MT