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Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner, Spiced Chocolate 30, 0.1 Ounce

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner defines and brightens eyes with luminous color. Subtle light diffusers make the whites of eyes appear whiter, while rich color nourishes skin with Olive Oil and Rainforest Shea Butter. The builtin sharpener gives precise definition and the contoured smudger softens and blends for a variety of looks. Infused with olive oil and rainforest shea butter to condition the delicate skin around your lashes Creamy automatic pencil glides on smoothly, then transforms into longlasting finish that won’t budge.

Key features

  • Nourishing Eyeliner No 30 Spiced Chocolate by Neutrogena for Women 001 oz Eyeliner
  • Nourishing Eyeliner No 30 Spiced Chocolate by Neutrogena for Women
  • Infused with olive oil and rainforest shea butter to condition the delicate skin around your lashes
  • Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested
  • Longlasting finish that won’t budge

Honest reviews


You mine as well use invisible pencil

I’m not sure if there was any actual product inside the eyeliner, because when I went to draw it around my eyes NOTHING happened. You can’t see this product at all, it makes almost no color. Cosmic black is a joke!

Marcy Dunbarton, NH

Neutrogena Nourishing Eyeliner is a hit

• Neutrogena made a hit with this eyeliner!
• I like the various brown and pewter shades for my hazel eyes
• Comparable drugstore products would be the L’Oreal eyeliners
• I definitely would recommend this product to others

Abigail Cecil, AL

My “everyday” liner

I use this eyeliner everyday. I use the “brushed pewter” because it is less harsh than black. The color is perfect – dark enough to give great definition, but light enough for it to be subtle. It goes on fairly smoothly and lasts a long time. It also holds up great to sweat – no smudging at all. I use eye make-up remover at night, and it takes a few swipes to fully remove this liner.My only complaints are that: 1) it is a bit “hard”, so you have to press down a bit to apply it (which is why I said that it goes on “fairly smoothly” above); and 2) it creates a thicker line than I would like – I routinely have to use a q-tip to make the line thinner.But, overall, great product…especially for the price.NOTE: Be careful when ordering. When I ordered, the picture showed 2, but only 1 came in the shipment. My fault for not looking more closely. But, it is a bit deceiving.

Darcy Booth, WV

Blackest Black!

Comes on super easy, I really enjoy this eyeliner because it is smooth not like the pencil eyeliners and it always is ready to use!

Joy Williamston, NC

Not for me

I found the product itself to be dry and difficult to apply, more like a true pencil than the softer material I was expecting. It smears like crazy and does not last at all.Oh well.

Mindy Enochs, TX

Easy to use and the price is right!

I like this eyeliner because it never needs to be sharpened. It is very easy to apply and smudge a bit if you so desire. I love being able to get a good product at a fair price!

Abigail Underhill Center, VT

blue eyeliner for neutrogena

I like the product. It goes on nicely and stays on well. Its not so hard that it pulls the eyelid. It works well.

Carolina Mc Veigh, KY

Cosmic Black

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…Rates as very safe on the Skin Deep data base.Smooth & super fast to apply.Does not tug or hurt.Does not fade, bleed or run.Great price vs. similar safe rated Organic brands on saving me money!The first time I applied it, all my lady friends & family asked me what brand eyeliner I used & said they loved my eyes! My husband loves it. I love it.Comes with a little sponge tip so you can smudge your lines. It also has a little sharpener if you want a super fine point. I never needed the sharpener. I have sometimes used the smudger. Mainly I just like the dramatic black color making me feel simply beautiful!

Ernestine Alton, UT

Great eyeliner

This eyeliner goes on smoothly and since it’s the twist kind you never need to sharpen it. The downside is that you can never get it to a super fine point because you can’t sharpen it. But I’m not good enough at makeup to make use of a fine point anyway.

Audrey Geneva, ID

Least toxic of non-natural eye liners!

I usually buy only natural products because there are so many chemicals and carcinogens in “regular” products. This eye liner is made in Germany which has very high standards for chemicals and it is rated SAFE by EWG on cosmetics database dot com! It smudges perfectly, great for inner lid lining, and lasts quite awhile.

Sherrie Verdi, NV


I have tried all brand believe me and they were high brands actually channel etc. nothing was like this. It didnt make a mess under my eye as the ones im using didnt hurt my eye i was pretty comfortable wearing this highly recommended!

Alfreda Keene, VA

It’s just “OK”…not what I expected

After reading mostly positive reviews, I decided to try this. Unfortunately, my experience wasn’t all that great. For one, this liner does not stay on the waterline as another viewer commented, and it "runs" or "bleeds" when it the weather gets a little warmer, also contrary to other reviewers. I was expecting a liner that stays on at least 8-10hrs without "running" . On a more positive note, it goes on really smooth and creamy and I actually like the results for the first hour.

Bettie Inglis, FL



Mallory Hyde Park, PA