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Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub, 4 fl oz

Gently scrubs away impurities and dull, dead skin cells that can build up in pores to improve complexion for fresh, clear skin. Suitable for even acne prone skin. Gentle enough for daily use. Won’t clog pores.

Key features

  • Gently scrubs away impurities
  • Willowbark bionutrient & jojoba bead scrub detoxifies pores
  • Dermatologist recommended brand
  • Dermatologist recommended brand
  • Clinically proven bionutrients work with your skin’s natural functions

Honest reviews


Not For Me

I don’t care for this moisturizer.It’s too thick for my preference and a little greasy.I even speculated whether it was breaking me out.Hm…pass.

Josephine New Summerfield, TX

The artificial fragrance is WAY too strong

Neutrogena! Come on – if you are going to come out with a naturals line, ditch the artificial fragrance!! I literally had to stop breathing in when using this product it is so strong and horrible of a smell. It is bad enough to have an artificial fragrance in a natural product, and it is way worse that the fragrance is super sense-assaulting. According to the EWG (environmental working group) an organization that does independent studies on the safety of products, fragrance is an 8 out of 10 toxic-wise, when it is advised to stick to products that are 3 or below. I wanted to like this product and was happy to see a so-called “natural line.” Ditch the fragrance neutrogena! You can’t be natural and have this toxic chemically smell radiating from your product!

Tasha Sontag, MS


Yeah, no harsh chemical sulfates, etc. etc., but boy is this product FRAGRANCE-LOADED. Ick. Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of creating more natural products?

Willa Canton Center, CT

Maybe To Gentle?

I have really sensitive skin, any kind of harsh products or germs to the face will cause me to have a small breakout. I typically use gentle scrubs and cleansers for my face,but this one oddly is to gentle. I appreciate its all natural ingredients but for some reason they loaded it with fragrance,i guess without it,the smell would be off putting,(anyone allergic to fragrance,probably should avoid)nonetheless i find it to be just a mild cleanser, it’s horrible for removing makeup, after using this, i wipe my face with a toner and their is loads of makeup still on my face, i wont repurchase this one.

Olivia Laceys Spring, AL

Has cleared up my skin significantly.

My skin is very acne prone, it has been since I started the 6th grade and it hasn’t gone away since; I’m almost 21. I have tried every product there was. When I was in middle school, I tried Neutrogena’s orange colored oil free acne wash, and it was horrible. I never went back to Neutrogena, until a few days ago when my aunt bought this face scrub.I looked on the ingredients, and saw it included caster oil and jojoba oil, which is supposed to be great for acne prone skin. I was thinking about doing an oil wash, where you use oil to get rid of acne, but seemed suspicious about it. I decided to try this since I couldn’t find any stand alone caster or jojoba oils.Literally the NEXT DAY my face was half the redness it was the day before. Three days later, my acne is still visible, but it’s not blotchy, red, and embarrassing like before. The bumps have gone down a ton, too.I know, this sounds fake, and I don’t blame you. I’m not a liar; just a ~21 year old female trying to get clear skin after 10+ years of it.Not every face wash is for everyone, so I’m not promising this will work for you; you have to know your skin. I used to use harsh face washes like Proactiv and Clean & Clear, things with long chemical names I couldn’t pronounce, because I thought those would kill the acne. They didn’t. As I got older, I realized taking care of my skin was more than chemicals, and started leaning towards more natural face washes (which unfortunately are on the pricier side), but they seem to work the best on me.This face wash isn’t really a “scrub,” and I’m glad for that really. There are a few little beads to help exfoliate, and they aren’t hard or coarse like most scrubs, and there’s only a few here and there. It’s very light and gentle. The fragrance to me was light and pleasant; though I do agree that if you’re going for “natural” that you shouldn’t add fragrance; some people are allergic to that, or sensitive. When I go to rinse it off, first comes off the little beads, and then with a couple more rinses comes off the face wash, and I feel clean afterwards. I then follow it with a generous amount of Olay’s hydrating “beauty fluid” moisturizer, and that’s usually it.I honestly have seen a big difference, I’m not sure what it is, but I believe it would be the caster and jojoba oil.Hopefully I can continue to use this, and I hope it continues to improve my skin, not just keep my acne from getting worse like every other thing I’ve used.Go with your gut, it won’t hurt to try this.

Wanda Annapolis, CA

Love it

Chemical free!!! Yippie!!!! It’s a great exfoliant! I love that Neutrogena Naturals went natural!!! It’s Paraben and phthalate free and it’s exactly what I’m looking for and I hope that this line of product continues.

Beverly Monticello, NM