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Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Facial Cleanser, 6 Ounce,

This face wash contains natural salicylic acid found in Willowbark bionutrients to penetrate deep into pores to detoxify and help remove dirt, oil and makeup, while rinsing clean without pore-clogging residue.Suitable for acne prone skin. Product uses 90% naturally derived ingredients and packaging is 30% Post Consumer Recycled Content. Supports Clean Water: We partnered with the Nature Conservancy, a global organization dedicated to protecting natural sources of clean water for people, plants and animals. Product was not tested on animals.

Key features

  • Deliver clean, smooth skin without phthalates, parabens, dyes or harsh chemicals
  • Works with your skin to remove more hidden dirt, oil and toxins than the leading natural facial cleanser
  • No parabens, sulfates, dyes or phthalates for balanced beauty you can feel, from the skincare experts you trust.
  • No harsh chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes or pthalates

Honest reviews


My Review Forced Them to Finally List The Ingredients – An Actual Natural Soap Better Than This [ C. BOOTH DERMA]

[UPDATE] When I 1st wrote this review the ingredients weren’t shown on this amazon page… atleast my review made them man up and finally list the ingredients. But now you can see they’re lying about it being natural because everybdy can see that sodium bezoate and fragrances are in it. They use chemicals in fragrances so the “no chemical” claim they’ve got up for this soap is a lie. The frangrances in it are why people on here are complaining about the stinging and breaking out in rashes with this soap. Buy a lot better facial cleanser that’s ACTUALLY NATURAL on here called C. Booth Derma C 24 Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser. Now that soap actually does what this soap wish it did without hurting your skin. See my review on it on my review page[1ST REVIEW] I’m checking ths product out to see if its good enough to buy and like a crapload of other so called “natural” products I can’t find the list of ingredients in it. The fact that they’re not listed anywhere on the neutrogena natural website or anywhere on here or the reviews makes this product lose a bunch of stars. Common sense, if you make a natural product with natural ingredients List – Them – In – The – Ad. People who buy natural products wanna know exactly what they’re buying.*ADDED* This is a perfect example and the exact reason why the company chose NOT TO just easily list the so called “natural” ingredients on the front page of this soap’s ad and why I dont trust companies like this who claim their products are “natural” and then don’t list the ingredients anywhere in the ad. This product IS NOT NATURAL. Whoever finally hunted down the list of ingredients hiding somewhere on the site, and then listed them in the comments under this post, just listed the non natural chemicals that are in it. The ingredients in an actual Natural product should be easy to find on the front page of the ad or atleast in an ingredients section somewhere in the ad. This only happens when the companys not trying to hide something.The list of ingredients for this soap (someone claimed they found on the webiste somewhere) says it has Sodium Benzoate and (chemical) Fragrances. Both which are either cancer causing or can harm your skin (allergic reactions [fragrance] or damage to DNA [sodium benzoate]. And aren’t natural (the fragrance anyway – sodium bezoate is not a chemical but has shown to be cancer causing mixed with other things and has damaged DNA ). They’ve even got asteriks (**) sitting next to them because they know they COULD be harmful. Just check out the review someone else left for this soap titled “Cleans well but not nearly as gentle as it says it is”by Kithi Prem-on. That person said the soap stung their skin. Why would anyone have a problem with a “natural” soap stinging their skin if its really natural?. Because of the chemical fragrances and sodium benzoate they put in it. I know for a fact you have to watch out for companies like these who market “natural” products to make sure the product is really made from all natural ingredients. Half of the time they’re not. Because “natural” products aren’t checked or regulated by the government like organic products are. That’s all I needed to know to know not to buy this one.(UPDATE AUGUST 24 2011) I finally found a realllly good facial cleanser on here thats actually really ALL NATURAL plus it has vitamins in it.. its called C. Booth Derma C 24 Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser. [[[[This is a perfect example of an ACTUAL REAL NATURAL PRODUCT having no problem showing all the natural ingredients that are in it on the amazon page]]]. My skin is so sensitive to everything with chemicals and natural that Ill break out in either pimples and one time a rash from a fake “natural” indian soap I got on here called Medix. That one had green dye and fragrance added to it and now I know is why I broke out. The rash left bad milia bumps 5 months later that I’m just now getting rid of after using witch hazel a couple other products and that C. Booth Derma face soap It got rid of my dryness plus evened out my skin tone without giving me extra pimples. Thats a 1st for me. My face looks really good… healthy.. brighter .. tighter.. all that. ANYBODY HAVING PROBLEMS WITH BREAKING OUT IN RASHES USING THIS NEUTROGENA DEF NEEDS TO BUYC. Booth Derma C 24 Daily Vitamins Healthy Skin Facial Cleanser 6.7 fl oz (200 ml)INSTEAD. Click on my “See all My reviews” link next to my name to get to it on amazon.

Kari Brule, NE


I was SO HAPPY when I discovered this in the isles of Walmart. A natural face cleanser with the Neutrogena name? Brilliant. I checked out the ingredient list of course, and then impulsively purchased it. All the ingredients are plant-derived except for one (I think. I don’t have the bottle with me). It has a liquid (more on the gel side than the water-y side) consistency and a weird smell – not bad, but definitely shouldn’t be made into a perfume anytime soon. Some days, I would dilute it a bit with water and some days, I wouldn’t but I always got the same results in the shower: stinging and after the shower: not that great.It wasn’t a horrible cleanser (my face did feel clean), but it didn’t give me results that I wanted. It made my combination skin quite flaky and greasy…not oily, but greasy and while it cleared some whiteheads on the sides of my face, it gave me acne on my neck…It was weird. I don’t like it, but I will have to try the other products before I can completely discard this one as I really liked that the packaging was “green” (the ink was printed onto the bottle and not paper on top of the bottle). And if I remember right, the ink was made of soy. But I could be wrong. Overall, it was just a weird experience.

Brigitte Chatfield, MN

Gentle and effective

This neutrogena cleanser works well without stripping your skin. The packaging is attractive and the pump on the bottle works well. I will buy this again and again.

Adriana Crescent City, CA

Could it be love?

I am typically very weary about picking a new cleanser. I ran out of my last one and decided to buy a different one because the one I had been using was too drying for use in colder weather. I saw this in a flashy display, bought it on a whim, and I am so glad I did. It is supposed to “gently” cleanse for “fresh, clear skin,” and that is exactly what it does. My skin feels very smooth and it didn’t strip the moisture from my skin. It foams very nicely without feeling like a soap, has a very pleasant scent and rinses away without leaving a residue. The best thing about it is the simple ingredient list; the back of the bottle says it is 90% natural, which is more than I can say about previous cleansers I have used. I will definitely purchase it again and perhaps try other products in this line as well.

Dessie Ellsworth, ME

How Can I Use This? I Can’t Even Be In The Same Room As It!

If I worked at an old hospital and got used to the smell first maybe this would be okay. It smells horrible! I got it on half my face and felt sick so I washed it off and still smelled it on myself all day. I don’t care if it worked, I had to throw out the bottle because I can’t use something that smells this bad. If you have no olfactory senses, you might want to give this a try!

Imelda Holcombe, WI

Absolutely perfect for sensative skin, oily, that peels too with minor breakouts

This product is great. I bought the set though from Target for only $20 you get lotion, face wash, bar, and lip balm (insane good price). All great products. My skin cleared up really fast and it is so soft.Okay, to be honest, my skin got a little jolt at first going for the change but a few days in all has calmed down.I have very oily skin that likes to peel TOO which drives me insane. I only break out before my period and during (usually). And I have stupidly sensitive skin… This stuff helped a ton! I just love it. I have looked for a long time for something that is natural and works. I am just so happy.I moved toward more natural products in the past year and definitely for things NOT tested on animals. Overall, I’ll be a continuing customer of these products for a long time! 🙂

Marion Plano, IL

Great face wash

I love this stuff. It’s very gentle and it smells pretty good. It gets all of my makeup off and doesn’t dry out my face too much or cause me to break out. Pair this with a decent moisturizer, and it’s all the skin care you need. I switched to this stuff from Cetaphil and will probably never go back. This two pack was a pretty good deal when I bought it for $13 back in May, but now that it’s $17 I will probably buy it somewhere else. If it were still the original price that I paid, I would probably buy this again.

Ingrid Scotland, PA

I was Amazed …

I use this product every night…I work in a post office and would get skin blemishes on my face from all the dirt. It’s basically Oxy pads without the chemicals and the rough pad. It does its job and I was amazed at how well it cleans my face. I also use it on my neck and hands with some good results…it’s not too harsh and has helped allieviate my dry hands. But I will say…avoid this product if you are sensitive to the Salicylic acid in Oxy pads, the Willowbark might be too strong. Just keep that in mind. Otherwise…for a natural product…I’m very excited about this one! Thanks Neutrogena!

Loretta Watertown, WI

Not too Bad!

This is the first Natural face soap I have ever tried so I was not sure what to expect- but I was amazed- it cleaned my face a lot better than most of the non-natural brands out there! I don’t get a lot of pimples- but I do get a few every so often and have seen my fair share of blackheads and this soap was very good and cleaning them right up. My skin tends to be more oily than dry so unlike some of the reviewers on here I did not notice my skin getting dried out. There were a couple of issues with the soap but generally here is how I see it:PROS:- Cleans thoroughly- Removes most blackheads and helps clear up white heads- lathers nicely- smells ok- 90% Natural ingredientsCONS:- No directions for use- Face turns red after using (this does go away within an hour or so)- Soap consistency is kind of watery and a little sticky- Feels like it is a little hard to rinse offAs sort of an allergy note- I live with someone who has a lot of allergies and I have to be careful with this soap (aka: don’t spill it and let them touch the residue) because there are Coconut (which is something they are allergic to) Derived ingredients in it. Just because it is Neutragena does not mean it is Hypoallergenic (it does not say it is on the bottle, but a lot of people assume).

Goldie Elmo, TX


I love this facial wash.It keeps my skin feeling clean & purified! I do think my complexion has improved with continuous use.I have acne-prone, oily skin, and I’ve finally gotten a hold of my breakouts. I still get 2-3 bumps/pimples/zits (what have you) here and there, but nothing like before!(I’ve also improved my diet, so that’s a big factor)Anyway! The only con I’d say is that the bottle runs out too quickly. Maybe I just use too much. I’m on my 3rd bottle now.I’m happy to have found this, and I’ll continue to use!–Greatly recommended!

Beatrice Excelsior, PA


This is what I use to wash my face and it is gentle on my skin which I love. It doesn’t overly dry my skin and is free of a lot of the harsh chemicals I want to avoid, a fact I love.

Bertha Portland, MI

great product

This is a really good product. It made my face feel clean and literally removed all my makeup without me rubbing my face. It was a little drying, but not anything a good moisturizer couldn’t fix! I especially love that it’s all natural and that the scent is very mild. It’s a great product for anyone who is irritated by cosmetics that smell either too sweet or too strong. This product is just right. One more note: don’t get turned off by the weird look of the product. It has a very runny look to it, but when you actually do squeeze it out of the bottle, it feels like gel. It’s not watery. Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Cleanser great, and I really do recommend it.

Lizzie Stratton, ME

Not hypoallergenic, and doesn’t clean well

This purports to be hypoallergenic, but it is not, since fragrance is perhaps the top allergen/irritant, and this is highly fragranced (and not naturally so as the ad copy suggests–the label clearly excepts it from the naturally sourced ingredients–claiming it is somehow necessary for the product ?!?!). It also doesn’t clean very well–it seemed to be repelled by the long-wearing makeup (silicone is the sensitive skin’s friend!). I also tried just using it as a hand wash, but it seemed ineffective for that. I’m not sure what this is good for–washing skin that isn’t really dirty?We have soft-ish water here, and it felt a lot like I was using hard water. FAIL!

Tammy Jewett City, CT

I have not been using very long, but

I have not been using this cleanser very long, but I must say it stings my face and eyes. I will continue to use it since I am not much of a fan of wasting, but please be aware it may not be for sensitive acne prone skin.

Latisha Sherrill, IA

The sweet spot… gentle yet really cleans my combination skin

SWEET SPOT FOR COMBO SKIN:With combination skin, there’s always a tradeoff of finding a cleanser gentle enough for the dry areas, yet effective on the oily areas. I previously used a milky type of cleanser from Neutrogena, and it was gentle on the dry areas but didn’t seem to clean my pores in the T-zone very well. I’ve used other brands that were either too expensive or ineffective. And I tend to break out in rash if a cleanser is too harsh.NATURALS:On the other hand, the Naturals facial cleanser is surprisingly effective on both areas. It has a wonderful scent, rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. The “Naturals” line is also supposed to include more natural and safe ingredients.INGREDIENTS TYPO:Please note there is a small typo in the product listing (at the time of this review). There should be a comma to separate the two ingredients…… Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate *and* Salix Alba (Willow) Bark ExtractHOW EFFECTIVE FOR YOU?Of course everyone has their own skin type, chemistry and sensitivities, so the true test is how well this product works on your individual skin. There is no one product that works well on everyone.PROS:- It does a great job cleaning my combination skin… gentle, yet effective.- Fresh pleasant scent.- Rinses off easily, leaving my skin feeling fresh and clean- The price is very reasonable, and I like the 2-pack so that I have one in the shower and one at the sink.CONS:- None that I know of.NOTE:- Now that I found a cleanser that really works for me, I hope Neutrogena doesn’t discontinue this cleanser.

Lois Banning, CA

Delivers Good Results

Brand name recognition seems to help us suspend our doubts about a new product. At first, the scent seemed a little off-putting, but after a few minutes it seemed to become more agreeable. Now I like the scent. The same could be said for the consistency. A first-time user would also expect a watery solution to squirt from the pump, but in fact it was more gel and less water. But bearing the Neutrogena label, I willingly went for it.Before long, the Neutrogena went right to work, foaming and tingling, working up a satisfying lather. The rinse was easy and clean, leaving my face with a satisfying clean feeling. The scent stayed for a short time, which was nice.There was a slight drying feeling after a few minutes that I didn’t usually experience with my usual Noxema. It wasn’t enough to stop me from buying this product again, but enough that I noticed it. Over, it’s a recognizable and reputable product that delivers good results.

Eliza Greenfield, TN

Gave me a rash after a few uses!

I bought this on a whim while losing my stand by wash on vacation. I have used it for about a week and will be discontinuing use. I noticed that I have developed a stinging, itchy, red rash after using the product. I have not changed any other products in my routine. Wish I would have read the reviews first!

Sherrie Philomath, OR

It must be doing something!

Let me say upfront that I’m past the zit age. Well past it. And even when I was a teenager, they were few and far between. So when I tell you that the morning after I first used this cleanser I woke up with a huge zit on my cheek, you will understand why my first thought was “Great Godfrey Daniels, what did that stuff do to me?” Possibly I was just experiencing some kind of deep cleansing action… bringing problems to the surface… whatever. It hasn’t happened again — for which I remain grateful — and my skin looks and feels good, so that’s really what counts.What I like about it is that it doesn’t dry my skin out and it doesn’t smell like cheap perfume. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t really lather very well, and it does leave some dirt, which a quick swipe with toner and a cotton ball will show. Both of these issues are minor compared to the fact that it contains no parabens, pthalates or any other icky and potentially dangerous chemicals. Whether all the added vitamins and botanicals help my skin… well that’s hard to judge. All I can say for sure is that I don’t mind using it, and my skin says “thanks” when I do. That’s good enough for me.

Effie Fairgrove, MI

Just right.

Amazon sent me a free bottle in exchange for writing a review. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed, so it was a pleasant surprise. Neutrogena has struck an excellent balance with this cleanser. The scent is very mild. It is just astringent enough to make my face feel really clean, with excess oils removed, but not overly drying or excessively harsh. It rinses away easily. It’s high in natural ingredients. Nice job.Unfortunately Amazon hasn’t figured out how to ship this pump bottle: fully a third of the contents had leaked out of the bottle by the time it arrived. But I assume they’ll fix that.

Rochelle Bunker Hill, KS

Powerful, fresh facial wash

This cleanser contains a naturally-derived form of salicylic acid, which is a mild chemical exfoliant and has been shown to reduce acne [1]. If you are expecting a plain facial cleanser, you may be surprised by a tight, dry feeling, and a little redness. It may itch a little afterwards.If you are someone who benefits from this sort of facial wash, I think you will find this Neutrogena Naturals product quite nice.Pros:- Great fresh smell. Natural, not perfumy.- Naturally derived salicylic acid (from willow bark).- Milder than some other salicylic acid-containing cleansers.- Excellent for oily or acne-prone skin: Breaks up oils and opens up pores.Cons:- May be a little drying if you have dry skin. However, those with oily or clogged skin will like the way this works.References[1] Clin Ther. 1989 Mar-Apr;11(2):264-7.Comparison of a salicylic acid cleanser and a benzoyl peroxide wash in the treatment of acne vulgaris.Shalita AR.

Twila Tioga, PA

Good “light” cleansing product.

Neutrogena “Naturals” facial cleanser is a light, fresh scented cleanser. The product is packaged perfectly, with a pump for easy use. The pump gives a perfect amount of soap for each cleansing without making you feel as though you are wasting product. The cleanser “suds” just enough to give a “soapy/clean” feel. Overall, a good product! The product was used for about 2 weeks before I decided to write the review to see how well the product worked. The product did not leave my skin any oilier or dryer than my other cleanser. The product did not appear to make my face any more or less prone to breakouts.(As a side note for someone who has tried many facial cleansers. I did not give this 5 stars because although this was a fine cleanser I did feel as though I wanted to go back to my normal cleanser. I feel as though the reason is because my daily cleanser an exfoliating scrub. Because this product did not make me want to switch cleansers I could not give it a 5 star rating.)

Rae Plevna, MT

Pretty much half and half….

I was looking to buy a cheap cleanser in the drugstore to replace the Naive foam I’d run out of. This was what I picked after some deliberation in CVS, and I’m still not sure if I’m impressed.The first time I used it, I was really impressed by how fresh and clean it made my skin feel. Another heads up for all the girls and guys with blackheads out there, this is a minor miracle for them. All of my blackheads disappeared with the use of this product, which is a huge plus in my book. It also has a nice, light fragrance and a gel consistency. It leaves your face feeling soft and thoroughly cleansed.The only thing about this cleanser I wish I could change is how drying it is. It’s a huge deal to me when a product is drying, because I have naturally dry skin as is – I don’t need to aggravate it further. Unfortunately, this cleanser dried up my skin pretty badly, with my face feeling itchy and stinging with its lack of moisture. I tried to remedy this by attacking my face with Hada Labo several times a day, and that really did help, but seeing as it was winter it could only do so much. I guess that’s another plus for acne-prone an oily-skinned folks, though, so I highly recommend this to them! I still use this cleanser to purify my face(purging blackheads and such) but I don’t think I can use it for everyday cleansing.

Barbara Malaga, NJ

I wouldn’t buy it

Minute I tried to use this Neutrogena Naturals facial cleanser the cap broke off the pump and it happened very easily.The product claims to remove impurities and improve complexion for fresh clear skin. Contains Willowbark and detoxifies pores. Rinses clean with no pore clogging residue- Is hypoallergenic.I do not care for the consistency. Though it smells nice it is sticky and runny. Worked ok as a cleanser.Very refreshing smell yet I’m not sure if this works better than soap and water to be honest.I’d have to give this somewhere between 2 and 3 stars.

Bobbi Ocean City, MD

Probably best for oily skin

This facial cleanser promises to clean and detoxify skin without chemicals. Comprised of natural, plant derived ingredients, this cleanser feautres willowbark, an astringent reputed to stimulate cell renewal and skin rejuvenation. It is a low lather cleanser with a somewhat gelatinous consistency, much like hand sanitizers. It has a strange fruity aroma best described as faux cherry that tends to linger even after the product is rinsed off.I found that my skin was clean after use. It adequately removed makeup. My skin did not feel tight or tingly and it was not irritated in the least. However,while it did not feel tight, it did not feel soft either. I do not think my skin was detoxified any more than with any other cleanser. This certainly was not a facial and I haven’t seen any noticeable improvement in skin texture or quality.While this may be an adequate cleanser, I think it is best suited for those with oily skin. It is gentle and non irritating, but I prefer cleansers with a bit of emollient. I need repeated rinsing to remove the product and I found the fragrance objectionable. I generally like Neutragena products, particuarly their makeup removing towelettes. This cleanser, however, barely passed muster.

Lindsay Council Grove, KS


I really liked the cleanser. I don’t know how hard these other users are scrubbing their faces, but it seemed gentle enough for me. It also has a nice, apple scent coming out of it.The cleanser, however, tends to use more water to cleanse your face.

Freida Unadilla, GA

Cleans OK, doesn’t rinse off completely and leaves a bitter taste

Let’s deal with the last thing first, the bitter taste. I certainly don’t put any of this in my mouth. However, the residue (doesn’t rinse off completely), over the course of the day, seems to work its way down to my mouth and the taste is always there.It does clean my face pretty well. I’m a safety razor in the shower kind of guy and this stuff works pretty well for prepping my face.Bottom line: I’ll keep using it until I run out and never get any more.

Queen Celestine, IN

Great cleaner but a little drying

I love the smell. It smells great. It’s gentle on my skin and eyes. It is a little drying on the skin and you may need a moisturizer. I used one and it was fine.

Eula Wibaux, MT

okay cleanser

When I first opened the container the co-called fragrance of this cleanser reminded me of an institution-like smell and almost discouraged my using it. The odor isn’t necessarily offensive but it is pungent and just short of overwhelming too much.As far as its cleansing abilities, it’s nothing new or different from other face cleansers. I’ve used the product religiously for over a week and there is no discernible difference in the softness or cleanliness of my skin. It is pleasant to use because it foams up and feels as though it’s doing a good job of eliminating oils and make-up but that can be done with a bar of normal face soap just the same.Neutrogena carries a good reputation for quality products but this cleanser is nothing out of the ordinary.

Tamika Alva, OK

A little goes a long way.

There weren’t any directions so I had to experiment on how much to use. It works well as far as getting clean but I couldn’t tell any difference between it and a superfatted bar of soap. The pump dispenser didn’t work so I had to take it out and get a little with each use so I couldn’t tell how much was a decent amount to use.

Hollie Talcott, WV

Seems to be helping my teenager

This seems to be helping with what little acne my daughter is showing. Uses every night to wash face before bed. She is pretty happy with the outcome.

Angelique Fairview Village, PA