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Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System Puff Refills, 24 Count

24 refill puffs (2 month supply) for use with the neutrogena microdermabrasion system.

Key features

  • Easy, gentle rejuvenating puffs
  • Also works with neutrogena healthy skin rejuvenator
  • Visible results in just one use

Honest reviews


Neutrogena Refills are a FLOP

I purchased TWO tubes of these things. Perhaps if I could stick them on my Clarisonic brushes so that they would MOVE around I would use them.I purchased the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System which, in my opinion, is a JOKE. It’s a VIBRATOR and vibrates so hard it makes my ears itch. As I said in my review of the Vibrator, these tubes of blue dots are worthless to me and will go into a drawer with old cosmetics.I feel like such a fool buying this system, don’t waste your money!

Mayra Mendota, CA

microdermabrasioin System and Puffs.

A nice replenshisment of the pads used with the device I saw on Dr. Oz’s program. I bought both. The pads work nicely in the comfort and convenience of your own home, saving a lot of money to the spa for a facial. “Easy does it”! A little goes a long way. Pleased with this purchase.

Katie Glasgow, MO

Love them!

These pads are really great for exfoliating your face! Prior to these, I used an apricot scrub which was great, but really messy and I always wound up with the exfoliate grains in my eyes. With these pads, I can just stick one on and quickly scrub my face in or out of the shower, no mess, nothing in my eyes, and my face always feels so smooth afterwards. Definitely one of my favorite beauty products!

Erma Stratford, NY


Love this. It smooths my face and clears up any gunk that might be clogged on my face. Great buy!

Ella Faith, NC

Microdermabrasion puffs

I have the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System at home. I use it once a week so I go through puffs quickly. These puff refills are great and at a good price.

Imogene Rockford, IA

Skin complexion

Neutrogena made this little toy that is perfect to use on your skin to help with complexion and smoothness of the surface. My mother loves this

Yvette Roy, MT

A Must Have !!

I have been using this microdermabarsion system from 2005 and i will never stop !!! It does wonders for the skin !! Its a must have !!

Rachael Newport, OH

Great product

This is one of my favorite beauty products. I use it every other night. Makes my skin look and feel amazing.

Tonia Varna, IL


Good deal for the price. Will absolutely order this product again when needed. Works even better than expected with Neutrogena’s Microdermabrasion System. Pleased that a new attachment was included with the Puff Refills

Annette Newport, RI

I use them constantly

This is one of those I items that I was purchasing on a regular basis when they were on Amazon prime. Now I am back to purchasing them from a local store since they are no longer available on Prime. The non-Prime options make the price not worth ordering online. Now it is more cost effective to purchase these from the store.

Britney Fairfax, CA

Make skin feel so smooth

So my mom bought these for herself and its makes her skin so smooth =) Product came on time and was packaged nicely

Opal Sardinia, NY

Reduces Wrinkles & Improves Skin Texture!

This is a TREATMENT not a daily cleansing system so this product can not accurately be compared to the Clarisonic/Olay/Dove cleansing systems. This machine VIBRATES because the puffs contain crystals that can be too harsh if used with a circulating machine! The puffs contain the same microdermabrasion crystals that are used by professionals. Amazon has the best price if you are able to take advantage of their free shipping offer.I love this microdermabrasion treatment. It sloughs off dead skin and my complexion looks so much healthier. The texture of my skin is smoother & so very soft! I use this system twice weekly but Neutrogena recommends using it up to 3x weekly MAX! I apply a hot wash cloth to my face prior to treatment to open pores. I run the puff (already applied to machine) under hot tap water before and during use so that the machine glides smoothly over my skin throughout the entire process. If you use this on a WET face there may be enough moisture in the puff. Be sure to use the FULL specified time on EACH area WITHOUT APPLYING PRESSURE! My first treatment was the most dramatic because my wrinkles were less noticeable after all of the dead skin was buffed away. I apply 100% Aloe after each treatment. I have light acne breakouts which improved but I still have to use my store brand Sulfur Mask as an overnight spot treatment on occasion so this treatment is not an “acne miracle” for HORMONAL breakouts but with continued use it will keep pores unclogged and improve the appearance of acne scars. This is something that I will use LONG TERM not just once or twice so keep this in mind & be patient.I recommend watching the “NEUTROGENA” Microdermabrasion System tutorial on their website. It’s also on You Tube. I found other You Tube reviews helpful but be careful when following the advice of others because some of them did not follow directions and ended up with red, inflamed skin after pressing down too hard. You should not be in pain after using this product so if you are, back off on the amount of pressure you apply during treatment. This machine is very easy to use and the instructions are simple. You should NOT have a problem with the puff staying on the machine so if you do exchange the product for another one or contact the manufacturer.

Eleanor East Millinocket, ME

Best Ever !

I love these ! They clean your face very well and my face is silky smooth and works well if you are using Retin A!

Kristine Montalba, TX

This is the best system ever

I have recently had some acne issues with some hormonal changing due to breastfeeding and this system is the only thing that has helped clear my skin up.Because my acne is hormonal it means that my skin is producing so many cells that it cant shed them and therefore my pores get clogged. I use these almost every other day to help exfoliate and it makes my skin beautiful. I feel like its helping make my complexion smoother, fine lines are dissapearing and ooo my, when I am done I feel fresh and beautiful. I am in love. I think the price is good, the results are amazing and I am happy.. it has stopped about 80% of my breakouts so I couldnt ask for more!I enjoy the way it comes with a nice cleanser in the pads that makes fine soap suds and smells good.easy to use, stick on, and dispose.

Pam Edmond, OK

Good buy

This was a very good deal for the amount of pads. I will be buying them again when I need more.

Tammie Commerce, TX

Better options

The Neutrogena Microdermabrasion system is an affordable microdermabrasion imitation at-home solution that is cheap enough to try out. The immediate results were hopeful — my skin felt smoother after each use. However, the pads combined with the vibrating power of the device itself felt too harsh for my face, so I’ve resorted to using the system on my body. Unfortunately, the puffs are sized for facial use so it’s not the ideal device for body exfoliation. In the end, this doesn’t even come close to the effect of my Clarisonic or a good body scrub/exfoliating soap bar.

Elda Hargill, TX


Fast shipping, and good packaging for shipping. Cleans my face without drying it out, and smell pretty good too. Like others, I can get 2 uses out of each puff.

Virgie Douglas Flat, CA

Simply Love this System!

I have enjoyed using this system for the past 3 months….really makes my skin feel smooth and soft after a good treatment on the weekends! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to the expensive visits to the salon!

Ester Tallapoosa, GA

Not So Much!

I agree with the person who said it’s a hyped up product. The first time I used it my face felt smoother….but its temporary & does nothing else. The refill puffs are way over priced. My review is….it’s not so much….been using it several months…no big deal. Cost is expensive & it is way over rated.

Georgette Garner, NC

Works great

I purchased the Neutrogena system and the refills so I wouldn’t run out. Great product and not to much soap in the pads which is a really good thing.

Maryann Ocean View, NJ

Neutrogena Puff refills

I recently started using this Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System and absolutely love this product! The refill puffs are sturdy and stay in place when used on the Neutrogena apparatus. They exfoliate your skin efficiently and your skin looks great the more you use them. My skin is very sensitive but the puffs do not irritate my skin at all but I only use them every 2-3 days and really noticed a difference. I would recommend this product to women and men that want there skin to look radiant and healthy. These puffs are a ‘must have’ for me.

Latisha Rattan, OK


I own the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System so I must have the refills. The price is comparable to the local store and I have the added benefit of them being delivered to my door. I love the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System..

Ernestine Smyrna, NC


I love these exfoliating pads. After use my face feels smooth and conditioned. I use the system a couple of days before using a mask. The combination makes my skin smooth and bright.

Lela Washta, IA

Refill Puffs Return!

Pull those old Neutrogena Rejuventors and Microdermabrasion Systems off the shelf. The refill puffs have returned at a decent price of under EIGHTEEN BUCKS for two months of treatments. Yes, they’re good, they’re very good. Follow directions carefully, don’t get over zealous and our beauty regimen and skin is improved at a reasonable price compared to the past year’s highway robbery pricing on the secondary market.Be sure to look for the available buying options and prices including Amazon Subscribe and Save 🙂

Sondra Chicken, AK

Works with the dermabrasion machine

I purchased the machine and these are the replacement pads that are offered at a great price, the product works great in the machine that you can purchase on Amazon and it’s really a wonderful system for skin care.

Sheila Mc Carr, KY

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion puff refills

These refills go with the Microdermabrasion puff system. I use this system daily, either in the a.m. or before bed. It is an amazing product that helps to exfoliate and keep your skin smooth. Two settings on the system, slow and fast.

Nita La Ward, TX


It came with an extra head attachment which turned out to be awesome as my mom accidentally threw out the one the whole system can with

Ashlee Louisville, GA

Love !

I love the entire Neutrogena microdermabrasion system. The machine and the pads. Your skin feels so clean afterwards !Highly recommended !

Erika Sierra City, CA

it’s very nice product

Exfoliates, makes skin smooth and it glows afterwards. I have been using it all over my body not just the face.Glad that it also contains an extra head in the refill pad. I am definitely going to keep ordering.

Fanny Little America, WY

Exact Replacements

These refills fit the original product well and does the job intended. I don’t find the system to be something that I particularly give much value. I have used scrubbing cloths that, for me, seem to work better with less fuss and mess.

Glenna Caratunk, ME