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Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisture, SPF 30, 1.7 Ounce

Designed to hydrate skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth, Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Oil-Free Moisture SPF 30 is a lightweight, oil-free and fast absorbing formula. Developed with Pro-Soothe Technology, it immediately calms skin on contact while evening the look of skin tone and preventing future discoloration. It also features Helioplex, an advanced sunscreen complex that protects six layers of surface skin.

Key features

  • Oil-Free
  • Pro-Soothe Technology
  • Helioplex
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Soothes and hydrates on contact

Honest reviews


False advertisement – NOT oil-free

If you are looking for oil-free, when I say oil-free I mean "non-comedogenic", this isn’t it.When people usually look for oil-free cosmetic products, they are looking for non-comedogenic, free of substances (usually oil) that clogs your pores, products. Just because it doesn’t have any ingredients with word "oil" doesn’t really make it oil-free. It’s a shame how Neutrogena deceptively markets this product as oil-free moisturizer as they make great products that are non-comedogenic already.Look, I would imagine that it works for some people who aren’t as acne prone/sensitive to oil, hence the high review score. I find that it is helpful to clarify some of the marketing jargons companies use to mislead people.Use non-comedogenic moisturizer, and separate light/oil-free sunscreen, if you want to be cautious.

Rae Loyal, OK

I bought this for my husband and ended up using it on myself

I am a bit obsessed about moisturizing and figured my husband would benefit from a nice lotion for his face to keep wrinkles down and to keep his skin healthy. I have my own collection of all kinds of different brands specifically targeted towards women and out of curiosity I wanted to see what his lotion would feel like. Compared to the neutrogena lotion I got for me, this formula is much less greasy and blends in well. It also doesn’t have that sunscreen consistency that many lotions have- especially with SPF protection. He only uses a little dab here and there on dry spots but this is a great cream for the whole face and neck. I have a feeling that I will be using most of it and buying this again for myself especially for summer time.

Nichole Lawai, HI

good product!

A little dab goes a long way although I think you need to apply heavier if you care about the UV protection. In any case, I use this instead of the Eucerin oil-free daily moisturizer which irritated my eyes.

Marta New Suffolk, NY


Very nice and has a clean touch. It’s easier to spread than the regular product (non oil-free). Using it after shave.

Angelica San Saba, TX

Protects well

Protects well and leaves no greasy feeling on the skin. Doesn’t irritate my eyes like most sun screens do. Will definitely purchase again.

Chasity Crystal Falls, MI


i searched and searched for affordable moisturizer with 30SPF that wasn’t greasy. This is so nice i’ll even use it for my night moisturizer, and the bottle is shaped well for travelling. I am so happy to have finally found this product after years of searching. no nasty smell that some moisturizers have too

Tara Sherrard, IL

Superior Moisturizer for Men

I use this product after a nice, warm shower to seal in the moisture (and soothe my skin after a shave.) It goes on smoothly and absorbs rather quickly and easily. It’s not heavy, and unlike other moisturizers with SPF this product doesn’t leave me with a grey-ghost tint in certain lighting. Since it goes on lightly it’s perfect for use year-round. Though it’s "only" 1.7 ounces it should last you several months of daily use. No more than a nickel-sized amount is necessary to properly cover and prepare the face for going out in the sun.

Arlene Cherrylog, GA

Always there as an aftershave

Even though this is not advertised as an after shave balm, I use it as such. Knowing I have the added benefit of having SPF 30 protection on my face is simply a bonus. I’ve always liked Neutrogena products and this is no exception.

Lucy Baltimore, OH