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Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Refill Pack, 25 Count

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes offer you superior cleansing and makeup removal at your fingertips. These gentle, ultra soft cloths contain superior cleansing technology so effective it removes even waterproof mascara. With one step, it leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue, so there is no need to rinse. And it’s gentle enough to use around the sensitive eye area, even for contact lens wearers. Make your skin make-up free the easy way.

Key features

  • Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes offer you superior cleansing and makeup removal at your fingertips
  • These gentle, ultra soft cloths contain superior cleansing technology so effective it removes even waterproof mascara
  • Gentle enough to use around the sensitive eye area, even for contact lens wearers
  • 25 pre-moistened towelettes

Honest reviews


I keep these on hand!

I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes a LOT, and I love them. They are great for those nights that a normal cleansing routine either isn’t possible, or that I’m just too tired to complete. These wipes remove every bit of makeup easily, including waterproof mascara! They’re very refreshing even when you’ve not worn any makeup, but want to cleanse your face of sweat, dirt, etc at night before bed.Another great use for them is when my tween daughter and her friends do “makeovers”; the wipes are very gentle and clean off all the many layers of makeup that the Future Models of America tend to apply. I can then send everyone to their respective homes without cringing. :)I highly recommend these towelettes for their economic value (one towelette goes a long way!), their thorough cleansing, and for their gentleness on my and my daughter’s skin.

Kasey Perry Hall, MD

I use these every day!

These are the perfect makeup whip. Work great at removing even waterproof mascara and eyeliner. I use these every night and I love them for traveling. They leave my face smooth and refreshed and I do not feel the need to use a cleanser after using these.

Lauri Madison Heights, VA

Gets rid of make up not too expensive

These are great. They get rid of make up very easily and aren’t hard on my skin. I would recommend these to anyone who needs to find a simple make up remover!

Lauri Chambers, NE

works amazing

This is the best makeup remover I’ve used so far. I’v used Koh Gen Do and Shiseido but this gets rid of my eyemakeup the best. At four dollars, it’s definitely a bargain.Cons: The flowery smell is a bit overwhelming, and it makes my face feel a bit oily afterwards even after washing it off with waterPros: Gets rid of eyemakeup quite easily and is a no-nonsense makeup remover.And all this for just four dollars… SO WORTH IT 🙂 will definitely be buying more!

Glenda Richfield Springs, NY

Best facial cleansing towelette.

I have tried other facial towelette cleansers and none compare to this. Your makeup comes off in one wipe no need to rub hard. And it’s gentle on my skin. No irritation.

Dawn Riverbank, CA

Little too moisturizing

I tried these and found them to work well at removing makeup but they left my skin feeling a bit ‘slimy’ for lack of a better work. I just think there may be too much moisturizing in the product for me. I let my son use them as he doesn’t like to take the time to wash his face properly and he really likes them, so it’s probably me. I tried Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Oil Free cleansing wipes and liked them much better for my acne prone skin.

Anastasia Nucla, CO

Clean Face

No matter how much makeup I use, I can have a clean face in no time with these towelettes. No matter how late it is or how tired I am at night, it takes very little effort to remove my makeup. The towelettes clean every bit of makeup off my face and leaves my skin soft and moist. It doses not leave my skin dry or tight. With the subscribe and save, I’m sure never to run out.

Charmaine Brandamore, PA

I’ll use the pack I bought, but won’t buy again!

Don’t get me wrong, it does take the makeup right off your face. However as others mentioned, it does leave a thickish film on your face. I’ve been using the product for only a few days and have noticed tiny pimples that I have in regions where I NEVER break out usually. I’m unsure if it’s just a common breakout or if these wipes caused it.

Pansy Chestnutridge, MO

love this for travel

I love using these, when my makeup wont come off in the shower or if I’m in a hurry.. or just traveling these are my favorite. Plus they dont count as a liquid container during travel!

Tameka Erhard, MN


Product removes makeup and daily grime from my hideous face. Look had I been born w beauty I wouldnt use makeup but I gotta come to terms: not all of us are models. Some of us are part dog faced and must use makeup for our own halfway human sake…and for facing mankind. Thanks to this product…I can let my face air out when I’m home. Clean happy dog face here.

Rosanna Coldiron, KY

Won’t buy again.

I dont mind the smell – it’s kind of relaxing, but they dont seem to remove makeup very well. My face feels dirty after using them. It’s not something I’d buy again.

Lou Star Lake, NY

Good but there’s better.

I like these but I find they are too big. I cut them into 4 squares and they’re perfect. Unless you use full face makeup, using a whole towelette is a waste. Using 1/4 of it at a time helps a lot.

Selina Middlebury Center, PA

love these

they work so well… I almost never use anything else to wipe my makeup off anymore. they feel so soft on my face.

Celia Marble, PA


I love this item. I’ve bought it more then once because it works so well. Takes my makeup right off extremely quick…even heavy caked on mascara. I am a customer of this product for life.

Erika Kunia, HI

Does a decent job

Does a nice job though is not as effective on eye make up as straight make up remover. Great for my face though when I’m too lazy to wash my face.

Jill Istachatta, FL

work well

i have purchased many different brands of face wipes because I’m frequently too lazy to get up in the evening to wash my face. Especially if I didn’t wear any make up that day. I keep these in a drawer next to the couch in my TV room and use them instead. They work well, and clean the skin without leaving it dry. Presto! No guilt!

Adrian Pittsburg, IL

My favorite wipes

I’ve tried different brands, but these are my favorite make up wipes. I tried them after hearing these specific ‘Night Calming’ wipes were a favorite of Kim Kardashian. Glad these turned out to be great and I wasn’t duped. The top sticks pretty well, but I always place them on the counter upside down so the top doesn’t come up by mistake.

Lisa Ransom Canyon, TX

Gets the job done

This erases my makeup effectively and, most importantly, doesn’t irritate my eyes when I try to take off my mascara and eyeliner. I still recommend using a facial cleanser afterwards, because some of the soapy residue can be sticky on your skin from the towlettes. However, this is a great makeup remover that I’ll continue to use for years to come.

Carol Mattawan, MI

Easy Breezy!

I only wear eye makeup so this review is regarding just that.I wear eye primer (basically paint) and then shimmer that stays even when you rub your fingers on it. I use heavy duty mascara that I usually have to pick off and then wash off…and still have raccoon eyes.I just used my first cloth and it was painless and everything came off. The eyeshadow took a couple swipes and the mascara only took about a minute. I think that this is def worth the price. I will have to check back within the next month and update this. I bought these to take to the gym. I go right after work so I wanted something that would be fast, easy, and portable. These are the wipes for me. I only bought the refills, but I think that I will just keep them in a plastic bag…less storage that way I guess. So far so good!

Allie Bagdad, AZ


Neutrogena makes really good products. The cleansing towelettes are very convenient to carry and use. They take off all the makeup and great for traveling or lazy nights!

Katina New Freedom, PA

love these wipes

super awesome i love these super durable thick makeup wipes i put tons of makeup and it simply wipes it off love it a 10

Jaime O Brien, FL

Works great!

This works like a charm to get make up off! I would order again! I love this product! Yes I do!

Dorothy Whitmer, WV

The best I have ever used

OMG just love it!!!!! This is the best I can find so far!!!! Very mild and leaves a clean feeling to your skin, I sometimes just use this to wipe off the makeup and go to bed directly and it is completely okay!!!!! I would recommend this to everyone!!!!!

Melanie Cummings, ND

Good Makeup Remover

I just received these wipes in the refill pack option a few days ago and have used them in the evenings since then. I really like Neutrogena products, I have used their eye makeup remover for quite a few years and it works amazingly. Admittedly I do wear quite a lot of makeup so overall I was satisfied with the power of these wipes, they just don’t get absolutely ALL the makeup off my face. Also the remover on the wipes leaves a sort of film on the face so I recommend washing after using a wipe. I think compared to using nothing they are worth the buy–great price through Amazon too!

Marianne Mohawk, MI

Great on the go!

Washing my face and removing make-up daily is important for me as it keeps my pours clear. If I don’t do it every night my face break out in blemishes and pimples.I have two favorite facial cleaners: Neutrogena Makeup (they come pre-moistened) for when I am traveling on somewhere on the go without easy access to water and Olay 2-in-1 Normal Daily Facial Cloths when I can wet them (these come dry).NEUTROGENA Makeup towelettesI like:
• Nice size, big enough to wash the entire face, and use a cornerfor removing mascara
• I like how they leave my face soft and feeling clean withoutany greasy feel.
• They alcohol and paraben free so safe for eye makeup removal.I don’t like:
• I would have preferred if they scent free. They have a lavendar center which is not unpleasant,but I would have preferred unscented.
• Resealing mechanism does not always close wellOLAY facial clothsI like:
• Cloths exfoliate and clean the face, very effective clearing pours. I love how my skin feels after using them.
• They are dry so no need to worry about the sealing mechanism and keeping them moist
• More cost effective than the wet towelettesI don’t like:
• Not the best option when need on the goOnce I finish with my face, I also use the wipes on my neck. Nice to keep it clean and exfoliate as well!Each of these products has a place in my cleaning routine. I recommend them both!Ali Julia review

Melody Maysfield, TX

Night calming are great

I really likethe night calming towelettes. They smell great and I enjoy using them to wipe off all my makeup before bed. These really remove all traces of my makeup including waterproof eye liner and mascara. I also love the size of these. They are bigger than most other similar products so they are easier to clean with and I feel like I can use a new part of the cloth for each part of my face. The price on amazon is also the best I have found. However the night calming ones aren’t always in stock.

Jill Highlands, NJ

soft wipe gets everything off but GREASY

This is a very soft wipe and it does get everything off but it left my skin feeling greasy. I prefer Burt’s Bees white tea wipes. This is good, however, for the eye area.

Ethel Liberty Center, IA

not great

these are thin and they make me breakout. I’ve had better luck buying the CVS brand that matches the Cold Cream brand. The wipes are much thicker and remove ALL make up completely. I still wash my face after using them to ensure I don’t break out, but I’ve never tried not washing my face after using the CVS brands. These just are not thick enough to remove ALL make up and are no replacement for actually washing my face.

Margarita Malcolm, AL

Great product!!!

This definitely is a must have even if you don’t wear makeup that often. Clean any makeup in a few minutes. I can tell there is no harmful ingredients used in this product cause my eyes are very sensitive but feels nothing but fresh after everytime I use it. Highly recommend!!!

Deidre Saint George, SC

Everyday necessity

These are wonderful! I no longer dread removing my makeup! I even use these before I take my nighttime shower to make sure my skin is really clean before bed. I open the cloth and refold into quarters, start with my forehead and work my way down, turning the cloth around and refolding as I go, saving the eye area for last. They don’t irritate my eyes, but occasionally I do get a little in my eye and it just feels slightly oily. No burning! I sometimes wear bright eyeshadows that can stain but this product takes care of that without rubbing my skin off in the process. I get it using the subscribe and save feature, so it ships to me automatically every month so I don’t run out. I love not having to add it to my shopping list. Very easy! Thanks, Amazon!

Eileen Manistee, MI