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Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Refill Pack, 25 Count

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes gently and effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up. These ultra soft cloths offer you superior cleansing and make-up removal, with patent-pending technology so effective that it easily removes waterproof mascara. This pack includes three refill bags of 25 towelettes.

Key features

  • Case of three packages, each containing 25 sheets of make-up remover (total of 75 sheets)
  • Gentle, ultra soft cloths contain superior, patent pending cleansing formula
  • Effectively dissolve all traces of dirt, oil and make-up–even waterproof mascara
  • Leaves skin thoroughly clean with no heavy residue; no rinsing necessary
  • Safe and gentle on the eye area

Honest reviews


Good for removing foundation but not a solution for eye makeup

I use these wipes at night to remove foundation. I haven’t found a cleanser that effectively removes makeup so I use these and then wash my face with a gentle cleanser. These wipes don’t break me out. They seem to be oil free, though they are not advertised as such. They also are much less harsh on my face compared to the Neutrogena Deep Clean wipes. However, I do want to warn that they still feel drying, which is ok for me since my skin is very oily. If you have dry skin, however, I suspect that these may be too drying for you.Of all the makeup wipes I’ve tried, these are my favorite. They are a good size. They aren’t overly drying (for my skin type). They remove foundation well. However, they really don’t do a great job with mascara or eyeliner. I end up with racoon eyes afterwards and still need to follow up with some eye makeup remover on a cotton swab and cotton ball to get it all off. So if you’re hoping for a do-it-all product that will remove all of your makeup in ONE easy step, this isn’t it.I also know that you don’t “have” to wash your face after using this. At the very least, you’ll want to splash your face with warm water. In my opinion, this does leave residue. Because my skin is breakout prone, I prefer to follow up with another cleanser. Then I use toner and moisturizer.

Letha Natoma, KS

work great

I got the Neutrogena Make-Up Cleansing Towelettes because I was having a hard time getting my mascara off with the Cetaphil and water that I’ve always used. The towelettes work as described, I can see that all my make-up comes off when I use them, including the mascara (though I still have to rub a bit). When I am at home, I still wash afterward with Cetaphil and water, just to make sure my skin is clean since my pores tend to clog up. At the gym the towelettes are great to get my make-up off quickly before a workout or sauna without hauling around a pile of products. The frangrance is pleasant too, not overwhelming or super perfumey.

Bobbi Panora, IA

Off in one swipe!

I have stubborn mascara and this product takes off my makeup in one swipe. It’s like a magic eraser! And it keeps your face feeling like a baby’s bottom.

Ollie Westons Mills, NY

I love these towelettes!!

I love these! I use them for removing eye makeup!! Gets the job done! Highly recommend! AAAA ++++ And also smells nice!

Polly Coralville, IA

LOVE these!

I picked up a package of these after my local grocery reduced them to just over a dollar a pack and boy, do I love them! I have highly sensitive skin, which dries very easily, so there are very few things out there that I can use. These are just superior with cleansing everything off your face, just as advertised. I like the smell too – even a child commented on how nice I smelled after using them! I didn’t have any trouble whatsoever with any film on my face afterwards, nor did it bother my overly-sensitive, allergy filled eyes. Just a great product, well worth trying just for curiosity sake and quite frankly, grab them if for nothing else, to travel. Just toss them in a suitcase and voila! No more bulky bottles to carry! I even sell makeup for a highly marketed home selling progam and I love this product SO much more! Highly, highly recommend!

Julia Fort Thomas, AZ

They work for the most part

I don’t wear make up very often, but when I do my regular face wash just wasn’t cutting it in removal at the end of the day so being a fan of Neutrogena I grabbed these. First thing I loved was the smell, it’s very light and pleasant, also didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. The cloth itself is also very soft and gentle another huge bonus for my skin.The package is small and resealable, which is another huge plus for me as I can fit it comfortably into my make up case with ease.The cloths are pretty moist, but I still had to use two pads to get off all my make up, but they did get off all my face make up in the end which is all that mattered to me.They however failed terribly at removing my eye make up and (non waterproof) mascara, I had to use a cotton ball and regular eye make up remover after.There was also an awkward greasy film on my skin. The directions say no need to rinse afterwards, but I did anyway and washed my face twice just to get rid of the greasy film on my face.Overall, I like these cloths and would buy again just for convenience sake and for the fact that they do not break me out or irritate my skin, but if I can find something better and for equal value I would definitely look into something else.

Maritza Tuscarora, PA

Work well, no added fragrance

When I first received these and pulled one out I was a little doubtful as it looked like a simple moist towelette that comes after a rib dinner.However, these things work extremely well, even for waterproof and heavily troweled-on makeup. The wipes have no odor, no chemical feel, and they cause no irritation, nor seem to leave behind any residue. They just take the makeup off leaving a clean feeling behind. Sometimes I have to use more than one, but that is a small price to pay.They are just fresh and pleasant to use. Finding a product that removes any and all makeup without feeling harsh on the skin is almost a miracle.Great job Neutrogena.

Michell Upper Marlboro, MD

Goodbye eye makeup

I buy them for that sole purpose – it removes eye makeup instantly. Any other make up removal is a bonus. I will continue to buy these on a regular basis. I use a lot of Neutrogena products, and this is up there on the list.

Nora Buena Vista, VA

Love these

I think thes are the best makeup wipes! I always have them on hand, and they work wonders on my waterproof mascara… and are still gentle on my sensitive eyes! Have been using these for years, with no plans to stop!

Michele Bloxom, VA

The Best

I’ve tried all brands, but keep coming back to Neutrogena. They do an excellent job of cleaning, don’t rip apart and stay moist in the package.

Wendi Scottville, MI

Clean and clear

Neutrogena Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes, Refill Pack, 25-Count Packs (Pack of 3)Taking of my makeup and the grime of the day from my face is something I never skip – at home or traveling, even camping. These towelettes are easy to use (the pack reseals itself), and leave your face and throat feeling soft and clean, but never tight or dry.

Margret Freeland, PA

Removes makeup efficiently without damage!

I’ve been using these makeup remover wipes for a couple years now, after having experimented with different brands of wipes and liquids. I primarily use black waterproof liquid eyeliner, black waterproof mascara, and various shades of brown pencils to fill in my brows. Those are used daily, while I use lip products and eyeshadows very occasionally.These wipes have been very successful in removing the entirety of my makeup each night. Yes, I do still feel the need to wash my face after using them, but I would wash my face before bed anyway. And compared to some of the (even supposedly oil-free) makeup removers I have used in the past, the trace that these leave is miniscule.I’ve also had problems in the past with makeup remover doing funny things to my skin… either drying it out or making me break out pretty badly. So far I haven’t had any of these issues with this product.On top of all that, as far as these products go, this definitely seems to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so that’s bonus points right there.What could be bad? A product that works well and does what it says it will, and doesn’t make you shell out extra cash either. Wonderful!

Adele Vado, NM

They work

They work well. Removed my waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, eye makeup and foundation very well. For waterproof eyeliner I find I have to put the wipe on my finger and gently wipe the makeup lining my eye back and forth until it all comes up. For other makeup like foundation it’s easier to come off, but these wipes do work well. I find they make my already oily skin even oilier, so I always follow up with a wash. I would not use them as a face wash, but a makeup remover wipe. Will repurchase

Trina Augusta, KY