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Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes, 25 Count

Gentle, ultra soft cloths offer you superior cleansing and makeup removal.

Key features

  • Ultra soft cloths
  • Patented formula
  • Dissolves all traces of makeup and waterproof mascara
  • 25 premoistened towelettes
  • Safe and gentle on the eye area

Honest reviews


So far…

First Impressions, will update upon further use:So I wear a decent amount of makeup, including bright eyeshadows that tend to stain (think Sugarpill and Inglot) and I favor waterproof eyeliner and mascara for it’s long lasting qualities, but that stuff is almost impossible to scrub off. Honestly, I absolutely love the cheap makeup remover wipes that come from the Dollar Tree and find that I can remove my makeup with 1-2 wipes of those wipes. Because of this, I felt a little guilty spending $11 on face wipes and a container (I know they sell them without the container, but the holder keeps them moist longer). Now, I thought the holder would be one of those kinds that have a pop-top where you can pull the wipes through it like similar brands do, but these aren’t like that. Basically, the container is nothing more than a blue plastic box that matches the packaging of the wipes. I could use a Ziploc container for that, so I am disappointed in that aspect.Now, the wipes themselves seem to be pretty good. Tonight I was wearing bright eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner, mascara, lipstain, and full face makeup. I was able to completely remove it all with 1 wipe, though 2 wipes would have probably made the job easier. Since these cost more than I’m used to I wanted to see if it would take less to do the job. It does. They have a light, unoffensive smell, they don’t sting the eyes or irritate my skin, and they did what they were meant to do. Granted it was a bit trickier to get all the mascara off than I ad hoped, but it worked.As another reviewer mentioned, the package says that you DON’T have to wash your face after using these (which makes me a little uneasy having acne prone skin) but I’m going to continue this for 1-2 weeks on their own and will update if there’s any major change in my skin. If that’s true, these will be a staple item I keep next to my bed for lazy nights were I’m too tired to get up and scrub my face into cleanliness in the bathroom!

Lakesha Grand Terrace, CA

all great..

this product was great, it is exactly the product I was looking for for the price I was looking for..

Kellie Rock Hall, MD

It’ removes all my makeup

The first time I used this product I fell in love. I couldn’t believe how well it removed my makeup. At times I don’t wash my face after using these wipes and no breakout the next day ( this is what sealed the deal for me). You have to get this if you don’t own some.

Annmarie Artesian, SD

Foi um pedido

Quem pediu usa para retirar a maquiagem. Afirma que é muito bom e funciona legal. Facilita bem o processo. Diz que vale a pena.

Kathie Cascade, MO

Smells like chemicals.

This makeup remover smells very strongly of unpleasant chemicals that gives you the feeling of a rash just by smelling it. It also doesn’t get eyeliner off very well and you have to scrub which obviously irritates and reddens your skin. If you get it in your eye it doesn’t sting, so that’s good. Also, the box can be reused. Allover, 3 stars!

Penny Chilhowee, MO

Said it before and I’ll say it again.

This is a really good product and I am pleased with it. My skins feels refreshed after using the towelette and I don’t break out with a rash from it.

Consuelo Fenelton, PA

Fantastic product that does what it says it will do!

Love this product. I have used only about 3 different types of makeup remover cloths and I prefer these because they don’t irritate my skin and I have rosacea. They also remove eye makeup. I do use more than one at a time but you could do it all with one if you chose. They leave my skin feeling soft not greasy and I only use these I don’t wash my face because that irritates my rosacea further. Love ’em!

Leila Hersey, MI

Great! Does the Job The First Time.

This is a really great product. It’s a good size towelette and does the job with the first swipe. I like the fact it is refillable. It does not leave your face oily as a lot of the other ones do. I will say that you can buy this a lot cheaper at places such as Wal Mart and Target, but I highly recommend it. I bought it for my daughter and she raved about it so I bought one for myself and I will continue to use them.

Geri Morro Bay, CA

They work.

But for the amount of wipes you receive it is kind of a rip off. I just want simple wipes to remove my makeup. But $11 every 25 days is a little much. Probably wont purchase again.

Eva Weskan, KS