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Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes, 100 Cleansing Towelettes

Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes, 100 Cleansing Towelettes

Key features

  • Removes every trace of makeup, even waterproof mascara.
  • Ultra-soft cloths
  • No oily residue
  • No water needed
  • 100 pre-moisetened towelettes

Honest reviews


It’s ok

I thought when I got these towelettes my makeup would come off all the way but it doesn’t you need to wash your face in a shower first then use the towelettes then a soft scrub sorry but I don’t know if I will purshase this item again

Toni Mono Hot Springs, CA

Great makeup remover

I’ve been using these facial wipes for a few years. I use them because in contrast with other facial cleansers they do not burn my sensitive eyes when I remove my makeup. Plus they do a great job of getting my makeup off. Can’t ask for more than that. My only complaint is that some of the packets seem to have less lotion than others and the cloths are a little dry.

Amie Howey In The Hills, FL

best makeup remover!

These are my HG makeup remover wipes. That said, I only use them for my eyes because they make my skin greasy. I use waterproof mascara so it’s always hard to take my make up off. one negative comment is that even if keep these in the plastic holder – I have to wet them.

Geri Duck Hill, MS

Wonderful!!! Removes waterproof mascara easily & with no eye irritation!

Removes waterproof mascara easily – leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out. They don’t irritate my sensitive eyes. Easy to take anywhere. I love these and this is a great price! I will order more!I have ordered the ones in the purple package – think they’re called ‘moisturizing’ – did not like them any where near as much as these.

Shauna Lorman, MS

Excellent product (even removes waterproof mascara)

I appreciate the reviews of others so I had to reciprocate with a review of my own. This product worked beautifully for me. I was hesitant to order because I was unsure it would remove stubborn waterproof mascara but based on the excellent reviews I did make the purchase. Am I ever pleased that I did. These wipes do not leave my face feeling greasy, they remove all my makeup and they actually seem to be improving the texture of my skin. Additionally I learned they won a Best of Beauty award from “Allure” magazine in 2011. No wonder; this is a great product I would (and have) recommend to friends.Update: I am not sure how long this deal will last but I went to the Costco in Chino Hills CA 3/8/13 and got 125 towelettes and bonus vanity for $14.99. Was I ever happy. Great deal.

Brigitte Hartville, OH

Neutrogena Make Up Removing Wipes, 100 Cleansing Towelettes

I have used these for awhile now. They are excellent for removing make-up, however if you want to clean your face also, you must use two or cleanse it afterwards. Because, using these everyday without extra cleansing will eventually lead to clogged pores.

Deidre Stamford, VT

Gentle on the Skin

I have very sensitive skin, but I can use this product on my face without a problem. It is soothing and cleansing.

Evelyn Huxley, IA

Gentle but thorough cleansing

These cleansing towelettes remove your make-up but leave your skin feeling moist and soft. I use them every night even if I haven’t put on any make-up to clean off my face, neck and upper chest. They are perfect for travelers too. There is no chance of liquid leaking in your suitcase. I have been using this product for years. There are more expensive cleansers on the market, so I have tried samples from time to time; but they don’t do a better job.

Irene Bridgeport, TX

Great product for the price

These are great towelettes for the price. I used these everyday to remove my makeup. They get the job done, but I think they are just a little bit harsh on my skin. Nothing some moisturizer can’t handle!

Florine Collins, IA

Sensitive Skin Thumbs Up

I keep these in my gym bag, vanity and car. The best go to for clean glowing skin, minus any irritation. Neutrogena wipes surpass others in size, quality and nourishment to pores.

Candice Bancroft, IA

Neutrogena knows your skin

I can’t add anything new to all the reviews here – this is a great make up remover product, just pull out a wipe and remove your makeup. It couldn’t be easier. The towelettes are sturdy but not too heavy and my skin feels great afterward – no oily residue or burning sensations that alcohol based cleansers give you. Neutrogena has always made great products and I’ve been using them for decades, so when I saw that they made makeup remover, I knew it would be great.One thing is that this is just a box with four refill packs – you have to either already have or buy the light blue plastic container that the packs sit in and helps keep them moist. Each pack has a foil over the opening that you can reseal, but it only stays sticky so long. I went to the local pharmacy and bought a single one with the light blue plastic box and now put each pack in that and they stay nice and moist. Oh and compared to the price I paid for that to get the blue box – this multipack is a great value!

Heather Hampden, ME

Love Them!

And this box helps to cover myself and my two teenage daughters who now wear make-up.And, though this may sound gross, sometimes I save my lightly-use wipes, wet them again and re-use. So I can save a little more. And by this I mean in the morning, when I am putting make-up on, if I make a mistake, I re-wet an unused part of the wipe and use that. Works great.These remove all of my make-up with no problems. I have discovered that if I place the package in the holder with the opening down, the top layer stays more damp than they are when placing the package right-side-up. This way I do not have to either wet them more or scrub harder because it is not so damp.Anyhow, highly recommended for people with sensitive skin and who like all of their make-up removed before bed and who hates washing their face before bed! 🙂

Katelyn Roundup, MT