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Neutrogena Light Night Cream, 2.25 Ounce

As part of your daily skin care regimen, the following Neutrogena products are recommended: fresh foaming cleanser, alcoholfree toner, oilfree moisture SPF 15 during the day. 8hour moisturization. Neutrogena Light Night Cream is clinically proven to provide effective overnight moisturization for softer, smoother skin. Effective moisturization. Light yet effective over night cream provides an immediate surge of moisture, doubling skin’s moisture level for 8 hours. Won’t clog pores. Oilfree formula absorbs quickly and won’t clog pores, which can cause breakouts. Light Night Cream is: hypoallergenic, fragrancefree, alcoholfree (contains no drying alcohol).

Key features

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Noncomedogenic
  • Made in the United States

Honest reviews


The BEST AND Least Expensive Moisturizer on the Market

I use this both night AND morning and have never experienced a break out, rash, or any such thing. I used to use Clinique oil-free “moisture in control” because I would frequently break out. While I didn’t break out after using it, my skin didn’t feel moisturized, and after turning 40 that is key. I’ve been using Neutrogena Light Night Cream for over a year and love that it also contains few ingredients, no fragrance and NO sunscreen. Personally I don’t like the idea of rubbing sunscreen into my face every morning, especially when I don’t spend much time outside during the day. So I recommend giving this a try for both morning and night applications for sensitive skin. It makes my skin soft and moisturized but never greasy feeling. I use this in conjunction with Regenerist for sensitive skin.

Melisa Georgetown, FL

please improve this product!

I’ve tried the following night creamYves Rocher Bio night creamHildegard Braukman chamomille night creamAveda night creamAnd neutrogena light cream is still the best- it is fast absorbing, light, creamy, leaves no residue, and leaves the best light scent. The only set back is that this product contains paraben. I hope the company improves its formulation so it no longer contains known carcinogens.

Lily Sunderland, MA

Love This Stuff

Neutrogena Light Night Cream IS in fact light, it goes on easy, you only need a little bit at a time, and guess what? I wear it during the DAY! It’s the only thing I can ever find that isn’t greasy, that goes on so smoothly and that doesn’t have sunscreen in it. I’ve had Melanoma before so I’m very careful about not only wearing sunscreen when I need to, but also not overdoing it and not having it on my face CONTINUALLY. It’s not good for your skin when you have chemicals all over it all the time. So… the "night" cream is what I use on my face to moisturize in the morning, then if I WANT to put on sunscreen, I do. There are weeks at a time in the winter when I don’t need sunscreen because the UV index is virtually zero when it’s cloudy and/or raining, so I like to have a choice about whether to have it on my face or not. Again, too many chemicals are not good for your skin, so while sunscreen is a great invention and allows us to go outdoors without being burned from damaging ultraviolet rays, it should still be used sparingly.

Eugenia Bakers Mills, NY

Not so light

I really wanted a very light night cream. I’m sure this mosturizes well but it left a residue that was still present the next morning. I tried it again and again, using less each time until I was putting the merest suggestion of cream on my face – no longer enough to even begin to moisturize. Reluctantly I took this off my subscription list and won’t buy it again.But I do realize this is a preference thing. For some people – different age, different skin, different preferences – it might be wonderful. Certainly it seemed well blended and was fragrance free as described. For me, it came out probably one or two stars. But I’m giving it three because I think it’s a nice enough product – just not for me.

Jessica Ruckersville, VA

the best

This is hands down my favorite moisturizer. It’s worth every cent. It feels great, lasts all day, and no more dry skin.

Rena Medicine Park, OK

great basic facial lotion

Light lotion, absorbs quickly, virtually no scent (no strong chemical smell.) Excellent basic light night lotion especially if it’s a hot night. As with all neutrogena products, not a problem for my acne prone skin.

Jillian Selman City, TX

About the Best for the Money

This is a great night cream for sensitive skin. It’s not going to take away wrinkles or remove dark spots, but it’s so inexpensive that you’ll have money left over to spring for the expensive creams.

Flora Chesterfield, VA

Love this cream!

I’ve used this for the past few years and it’s perfect.I’ve tried other drug store creams that do fancy things like anti-aging or helps with sun damage, tightening, brightening, etc. They all irritated my skin or had little effect. This cream moisturizes and gives me a very clean glow. I don’t feel greasy, there is no stinging, tingling or itching. It’s just moisturizer doing its thing.My skin type is pretty oily too, and I live in a hot, humid area. Despite the weather and all that, this doesn’t leave my face like an oil slick in the morning and I still feel clean and moisturized. So if you have dry skin and you want to use this, just adjust the amount of cream you use accordingly.The lack of extras in this cream may be considered a negative to some people – look at it as an opportunity to use more intense products like serums on targeted areas. Right now I’m just using some acne spot-treatment cream and a simple eye cream for hydration, and this clean cream allows those things to do their work without having conflicting chemicals. I like it, I’m sure other people like that too.Totally recommend this product!

Magdalena Osceola, IN



Julia Fort Ashby, WV