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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, The Anti-Aging Power Treatment Kit

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator is a very easy to use. Simply wet and attach the puff, then rejuvenate your skin’s look. No measuring. No mess. Just great-looking skin.J ust one treatment exfoliates and boosts microcirculation to enhance blood flow, resulting in more radiant, smoother skin. Its randomized microvibrations make it gentle enough to use frequently. The System Applicator works on and below the skin’s surface, increasing the production of collagen as it exfoliates.

Key features

  • Skin treatment system massages faces for softer, firmer, and younger looking skin
  • Rejuvenating puffs made with ultra-fine crystals and mild purifiers
  • Decreases pore size, wrinkles, and age spots
  • Allows more frequent use for great effectiveness than professional treatments
  • Uses single-use disposable cleaning puffs

Honest reviews


Uncomfortable vibrations, too strong scent, runs into eyes

Unfortunately, I have no idea if this product is effective as I wasn’t even able to make it through a single treatment. Here are the issues I experienced:1. The puff was supposed to be wet “thoroughly.” When I did this, it really didn’t foam up and was running everywhere, including into my eyes.2. The puff has an extremely strong perfume scent. This is really a personal choice, but I really don’t like strong scents. Generally Neutrogena uses very mild scents, but I found this to be very heavy.3. The vibrations were really too much. I couldn’t handle it even on the lowest setting. I finally just turned the thing off because it became very uncomfortable to use.I recommend sticking with your standard exfoliant or get professional treatments at a spa (which I’ve had and the vibrations didn’t bother me there). This product was very disappointing.

Eugenia Coral, MI

Much Better Deal than Pro Treatments

My wife and I have both used this and really like the results. There was a noticable glow and we had a more even complexion right after the first treatment. There are several of these products out there but this one is nice because the the pads have the cream built into them…just add water. Another we have requires you apply the abrasive mixture before using, then clean the spongy pad afterwards, a pain. With this one you just remove the old pad and rinse, very easy. I am not sure what replacement pads cost, but considering what you’d pay at the dermatologist or beauty salon, you are still getting a better deal. The pads foam up nicely and you can really feel it working. My wife and I both liked the scent of the the solution, not too harsh.If I had to nitpick the only drawbacks would be the requirement to buy new pads after the initial supply runs out, the fact that the liquid can run into your eyes, and that the vibrations might be a bit too strong for some. I personally liked it though. It was hard to open the battery door the first time, but once you get it, then it is fairly easy after that.Those are minor nitpicks though. If you want an easy to use, relatively inexpensive and effect battery powered dermabration tool, then I doubt you could do better without spending much much more! In fact, I am going to go give myself another treatment right now! ;’]

Doretha Draper, SD

Product provides good cleaning

I hate to use anything to wash my face other than my hands. But I knew I wasn’t getting as good as a cleaning as my face needed. With so many face cleaning products on the market and most not living up to expectations, I figured I had nothing to lose.I have normal to sensitive skin. When my skin was feeling more sensitive, I didn’t use the product. I had no issues using the treatment. I liked the smell and the gentle pressure. The soap is just right — neither too bubbly nor too dry.The pad doesn’t feel soft or like a massage — more running a rough shower sponge over your face. It doesn’t hurt or get uncomfortable — I imagine the roughness will bother people with sensitive skin.My face felt good after using it. I’m fortunate I have soft skin on my face, so it was already soft. I have some brown spots on my cheek (I am not 40 yet!) and the cleanser didn’t lighten those. My face looked the same the next day. So the effects are temporary — like having given your face a good cleansing.The low and high settings felt fine on me. Although they might be too harsh for some. I adjusted the setting to low when going around the eyes and sensitive areas. Then back on high for regular areas.Pros:
• Thorough cleansing
• Nice scent
• Easy to use
• Just buy replacement padsCons:
• Rough
• Doesn’t decrease pore size, wrinkles, and age spots as promised.
• Lack of various types of pads (sensitive, oily, etc.)Verdict:I haven’t decided if I will buy replacement pads yet as I haven’t found them in the store to check the price. But if the price is reasonable, it’s a nice product for a good cleansing that I use twice a week.Score: 3.5

Nichole Selma, NC

Unnecessarily rough treatment for the face

The Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator, Anti-Aging Power Treatment Kit consists of a hand held battery operated device which vibrates at either low or high speed, with an attached single use cleansing pad. The pad reminds me of a Buf-Puf Single-Use Facial Sponges with Cleanser – if the Buf-Puf was attached to a power sander.According to the instructions the treatment should be used for 1-2 minutes on each area of the skin, and can be used up to three times a week. Honestly it’s hard for me to imagine the kind of facial skin that would benefit from this much exfoliation. After one treatment, at considerably less than the recommended time, my face felt raw. The vibration of the unit, which is supposed to increase circulation and promote collagen production, just felt uncomfortable and made my teeth ache.One recurring criticism of the kit has been the unavailability of replacement cleansing pads. I can report that boxes of replacement pads are available at both Walgreens and CVS. They are sold next to the packages with the kit.I believe this might be a fine product for occasional use, or for someone with very dry, flaky skin. The concept is fun – however, the recommended regime seems excessive and just short of painful. Not recommended.

Bertie Wykoff, MN

Loved the idea but not the product

I was really looking forward to trying this, but it unfortunately didn’t live up to my expectations.It was easy to put together and worked fine. I didn’t find it too harsh but I think I might be allergic to the soap as I got a rash after my second use.It would be nice if the puff were soap free and you could use your cleanser of choice. Also the refills look really hard to get, Amazon has them on backorder as does other internet sites I checked.If I hadn’t had a reaction to the cleanser I would have liked this, it’s a good product for the price.

Nina Blue Ridge Summit, PA

A vibrator for your pores. Do they need one?

I’m a guy. So ladies, you can move on to another review of this product…because though we all have skin, the genders approach taking care of it in different ways, have different goals, and have different limits to what they’ll put up with.Using this product for 1 to 2 minutes on each facial area is time consuming. It just doesn’t fit into my morning or evening toilette. I chose to do it in the morning & was nearly late for work each time. The first time I used it, I thought my skin felt like it was a canvass ready for make-up. (So ladies, if you are still reading & that’s what you want: buy!)After using it as instructed, I have to say I’m not impressed. I don’t think my skin is rejuvenated or more radiant. Using it on my face was reminiscent of a ride on a wooden roller-coaster. It leaves you kind of dizzy & light headed (so two stars for the nice head-trip). It really just vibrates the little pad. So I’d say it’s the perfect machine for anyone with a broken wrist or those with carpal tunnel syndrome so bad they can’t rub a pad across their face.Katherine Helmond’s character in the movie “Brazil” would probably use this and like it.

Claudette Springfield, TN

Feel the vibrations

I outsourced this review to my mother. Although a brilliant woman, she is sometimes baffled by devices and technology. I didn’t hear from her for some time and finally she confessed that she couldn’t figure out how to get the pads on the vibrating doohickey. So I repossessed the device and tested it myself.First, apologies to my dear mama, its not terribly complicated to get the pad on the doohickey. You simply attach the velcro thingy to the doohickey and then attach the velcroey side of the pad to it.Thereafter the major challenge is in avoiding the dripping from the pad landing in your eyes. After use, the pores on my forehead felt noticeable cleaner and tighter. Visually, it left my skin pinkish for a while, so you may not want to use this product right before stepping out on the town.The pads can be used two, maybe three times before being replaced depending on how long you clean each time. I can’t say that some of the more extravagant claims for this product or for facials generally were readily evident, but it does seem like a very good exfoliating product. It is certainly stimulating having the massaging action on your face as well.I have to confess that I have never had a spa facial, so I have no idea whether the cost justifies itself. But if it is comparable, then the cost seems very reasonable.

Jade Humboldt, SD

I’m Thinking I’m not the Target Demographic

To be fair this is the first time I have used anything like this, so I really don’t have anything to compare it to. I am also only 28, so I don’t really have too many skin problems, but I thought why not. So both my wife and I read the directions and tried it out. First off it was nice that it actually came with the batteries and the directions were easy to follow. So we put on one of the pads and tried it out, it felt a little strange and after it was done both of us agreed that our skin was burning a little. But it was really clean feeling and actually squeaked when we rinsed it. Neither of us really noticed our skin looking significantly better, but as I said before it is not all that bad to begin with. So, I guess if you are looking for a unique way to clean your face or if you have skin blemishes that you want to try to lessen this is an option, but for me it really didn’t do much.

Amie East Branch, NY

Love that ‘spa’ feeling

The experience of using the skin rejuvenator I found most appealing for the sense of relaxation and glamour I felt. The overall sense was of a warm massage for the facial areas – certainly a treat for those like myself who, though well past the age where wrinkles may be expected to evaporate, love a sense of beauty and pampering. It would be an excellent gift – unless, of course, it were given to anyone who’d be insulted at the thought of needing ‘rejuvenation.’The product leaves one’s skin feeling very smooth and soft, and there is no irritation (as one might have with certain scrubs). The pressure is light – sufficient to give the ‘massage’ effect, but not at all rough to the touch. Overall, it is a delightful beauty product.

Edna Liverpool, NY

Brighter, softer skin in just a few weeks!

Although I have pretty good skin already, as I approach my forties, I am ever more conscious of preventive measures regarding skin care and health in general. Because of this, for the last year or so, I’ve been interested in trying a home microdermabrasion kit, but had not yet taken the time to do so. Then Amazon Vine posted the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Rejuvenator for review, and I jumped at the chance. Having long trusted the Neutrogena brand, I felt comfortable trying their latest skin care gadget.Neutrogena didn’t let me down. From the very first use, I could tell a difference. My skin felt softer, looked a little brighter. Now, after several weeks of use, I would even venture the expression `soft as a baby’s butt’ in regards to my skin.The Rejuvenator is easy to use, with disposable pads that simply stick sort of Velcro-like onto the device. The pads have some kind of cleanser in them, and they create very mild suds as you apply them to your face with the tool. The cleanser has a very light aroma that is simply clean and fresh, as you may expect from Neutrogena. At the time I wrote this review, I was able to easily find refill pads in several local retail stores and online.The tool itself fits comfortably in the hand, without excess weight. However, once you turn it on, the vibration is very strong in the hand, to the point I can feel it all the way into my wrist. While not painful, it is a bit weird and I still haven’t become quite used to it after several weeks of use. Still, requiring only a few minutes of use three times a week, I can live with this, especially after seeing the effect it has on my skin.While the vibration feels a bit strong in the hand, it does not feel so on the face, which is good. It is very comfortable as it works the skin, not at all abrasive as I feared it might be.All in all, I have to rate this unit with five stars. I am very pleased with the effects it has had so far and have already purchased refill pads with the intent of continuing using it indefinitely.

Melba Kearneysville, WV

New Year, New Scrub, New Skin

Want a better complexion in the New Year? This little kit, might just be the way to get it.The kit, which is used for home microdermabrasion (aka power-exfoliating) comes with an applicator (machine which runs on 2AA batteries, which are provided), and 12 puffs which contain ultra-fine exfoliating crystals and “mild purifiers”.It’s easy to use. The puffs attach to the machine-head, via a velcro-like substance, then you wet them, and gently go over each area of your face for about two minutes. (Go easy!) When you’re finished, you’ll see a better tone to your skin (blood circulation is up, so you’ll be slightly pink), and your skin will feel noticeably smoother.I gave this just a one-time use, so I can’t report on what long-term results will be. But so far, it’s a nice cleaning and exfoliating system.If you use a scrub regularly, I think you’ll enjoy the novelty of using the machine. But I gave it four stars instead of five because:–cost of the batteries and replacement pads will be more than your usual trusty tube of facial scrub.–simple is good, and that old tube of scrub can be left in the shower, and used regularly.–“old-fashioned” scrubs require just your hands. The machine part is novel, but I don’t think my face felt any better than when I used a certain apricot-scrub that comes in a tube.If you like gadgets, you’ll like this. If you just want better skin, any good scrub will do.

Lorrie Buffalo, WY

a great skin polisher with a few negatives

I have gotten a few skin treatments at spas and this product does not compare. But I do love the smooth feel and brighter appearance of my skin after two weeks of use and I hope that continued use will bring better results still.PROS:
• the convenience of being able to use the system at home
• the cost of this system versus spa treatments
• the results are not as good as promised but still, nicer skinCONS:
• the amount of effort it takes to find replacement pads in a store
• it takes 1-2 minutes for each spot of skin (a little tiring)
• if you use this system on your forehead, solution gets into your eyesand stings!If you are looking to brighten up tired looking skin, this is the system for you. Just don’t think it’s going to remove fine lines or anything on a grander scale and you’ll be happy. I know I intend to keep using this product as long as I can find those darn replacement pads.

Martina Coahoma, TX

Love the softness and fresh look of my skin…

After using the Skin Rejuvenator for several days, I have to say I love the feel and look of my skin…it feels tight, smooth and appears glowing and healthy. I was amazed at the ease of use of this product. You simply install the batteries (had a little trouble getting the cover off the back) clip on the attachment head, and stick a rejuvenating pad on the attachment. Simple!! I’ve been using mine in the shower…apply a little water to the pad, and massage my face and neck for several min., concentrating on the areas I feel need it most. It suggests focusing on problems areas for 1-2 min…for me this won’t work, as my skin is really sensitive, and the abrasion is too much, so I just focus on those areas for about 20-30 seconds before moving on. The skin abound my mouth was fairly sensitive the first time I used it, but after figuring out what works for me, I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this product is!! For the price, there is NO WAY to beat it. I have tried peels, other ‘rejuvenators’, exfoliants…and this is by far the best product I’ve run across yet. I’m not sure what the additional pads run, but you bet it’s worth it!!Don’t miss this inexpensive “trip to the spa!”

Deidre Wink, TX

Use less often for sensitive skin

I don’t normally use “beauty” products. I’m mostly a water and soap kind of gal, but I’ve trusted the Neutrogena products for some time and was willing to give this a try. It is easy to use – the instructions are virtually fool-proof. I like the soft feel of my skin after using this, but I have noticed that my skin is even more sensitive than normal the day after using this product. I would advise reducing the number of times per week you use this if your skin is sensitive (I ended up with something close to a sunburn sensation on my face).Although I like this product, I don’t know if I would use it for the long term. A 24-count refill pack is about $17, and that seems rather pricey to me for what amounts to about a month’s worth of use. Over the course of a year you could spend over $200 to keep this gadget in use. I know other reviewers have raved about the spa-at-home benefit of this, and $200 is definitely cheaper than visiting a spa a couple of times a year. Still, to essentially wash and moisturize my face, I would probably stick to my old routine.

Allie Buffalo, MT

Leaves skin feeling soft, but not necessarily wrinkle free

My wife was the main user for this product, and liked the feeling, but doesn’t think it lives up entirely to the hype.First of all, the packaging was nice, and it was a nice touch that they decided to include batteries. The cleaning puffs work very well and leave skin feeling fresh. It is nice that there are different vibration levels, as the highest level felt a bit too much for my wife, but when I tried it was just right for me. It is a very nice to have this treatment available on a daily basis, which does feel like it cleanses pores and cleans off dry skin. The only concern my wife raised about the design is that the circular base works well enough but is not easily adaptable to the chin and the upper lips and other curvy areas of the face.Does it really remove wrinkles and age spots? It may be too soon to tell but after a few weeks it doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference. While it’s not magic, the skin rejuvenator does leave skin feeling, well, rejuvenated and fresh. If nothing else, that’s not a bad way to start the day.

Sheri Waupaca, WI

For younger looking face

My wife has been extremely satisfied with this product. The product offers gentle massaging micro-vibrations that apparently increase blood circulation and as a result build collagen for a firmer, younger looking skin. She has been using it for nearly a month and has noticed considerable improvement to her skin, which make me very happy. The only complaint is that it is difficult to find refills apparently they are expensive. Overall 5 start rating.

Lynne Ninilchik, AK

Not worth it in my estimation

Contained within the box is a vibrating handle with a circle on one end, upon which a cleansing pad is secured (it’s velcro). There is one month’s worth of pads in the box (12). There’s also a pair of AA batteries, which is convenient and will get you started right out of the box.But I haven’t seen any particular benefit in using the product, which claims to provide luminous smoother skin and an overall younger appearance. It takes kind of a long time – you’re supposed to rub the vibrating pad into each area of your face for a couple minutes at a time. The vibration is quite vigorous and while not painful, it’s not what I would call especially pleasant. Plus it causes my eyes to vibrate – actually causing a “shimmer” to my vision when I am holding the thing anywhere below my forehead. Speaking of forehead, the pad foams up a bit and cleansing fluid starts to drip down and can get in your eyes.I am not a particularly “metro” kind of guy, though there’s no reason any guy shouldn’t try this if they want their skin rejuvenated. The reason I mention not being really “into” this kind of thing, is that I can’t recommend an alternative – all I can say is that I haven’t seen the results this thing was supposed to provide. I had my wife use it for a week, but she stopped because each time it left her with very red – somewhat irritated – skin for hours afterward. Not recommended for people with sensitive skin, that seemed clear from her experience.The amount of pads to start with is pretty paltry – a dozen pads? They’re gone in a month’s time and you have to reorder. They could’ve at least put in three months worth to get started with.

Lorraine Hodges, AL

Digging it, big time.

Unusually for me, I read several other reviews before using this product. Many of the complaints seem to be about the excessive “heaviness” of the vibrations, a couple of people also mentioned issues like lack of foaminess of the pads, difficulty keeping the pads on the rejunevating unit and so on.So, when I used this for the first time, I applied very little pressure to the unit against my face. I’ve got a high pain tolerance and would normally have used it like a sandblaster or something, face be damned. But after reading the reviews, I took a gentler approach and was happy I did. It works great like that and I did not experience pad slippage or roughness.After only two uses, my skin felt great! This is also a very dry time of the year wear I live, and I tend to exfoliate with facial scrub and use lotion a lot to combat this (neither of which I like doing.) My skin feels fresh, and “tight” and although I don’t have wrinkles anyway, I do feel like I’ve got “younger” skin after using it.Complaints? Nothing serious. It is a little tedious to use correctly. You’ve got to schedule some time in the bathroom a few times a week to do a proper job. I don’t think there’d be any way around that, though. As one person mentioned, the scent is a little strong, especially by Neutrogena standards. I’d have preferred something with no smell. The low setting is fine, but I actually vary the speeds a bit, depending on which part of my face I’m working on (for instance, forehead – heavy, around the nose and eyes – low.) The pads aren’t very foamy, but I actually like that – just don’t expect a lot of suds!I was a little surprised that this works as well as it does with only two small batteries (which are included) and the thirty-something dollar cost seems really reasonable. More than just a skin rejuvenator, this Neutrogena system has actually eliminated some of the skin-damaging effects of a cold and dry winter. For me, that’s the best thing about it.

Josephine Stratton, CO

My skin glowed right after the first try!

This a good product and works as advertised. I am careful about what I apply to my skin and try not to abuse my face with too many chemicals. I take care of it by just cleaning my face every night with water or gentle cleansers and moisturize it regularly. This is a product that I can adopt as it is convenient to use, fast, not at all messy and gives great results.It’s simple to use, the abrasive pad sticks on to a head that goes onto the massager wand. Then you turn it on, to the low or high speed setting, and gently massage your face while the abrasive pad does the work to slough dead cells off your face. I found that not pressing too hard is better while moving the hand in circular motion in an upward direction. When you gently massage your face you’ll feel a tingling sensation as it gets “rejuvenated” . I have good skin but it took on a luminous glow after using this product and also felt a little firmer right after the first try. It felt good after a week too, especially right after I use this massager on my face.Applying a good moisturizer right after just adds to the effect. I useOlay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum, Concentrated Amino-Peptide Complex, Fragrance Free – 1.7 fl ozwhich is a fabulous, fabulous product. Light, non greasy and makes my skin very smooth and soft.Overall, I love the Nuetrogena Rejuvenator as it is less messier than the other products like the microdermabrasion cream. It also seems to be gentler yet more effective than some other products out there. I’ll not be using this wand more than the recommended 2-3 times a week as I’ve found with previous experience that less is more to maintain my skin. Due to the abrasive nature of the pads – despite their gentleness – I’ll also caution you from using it if you have very sensitive skin or acne prone skin. I do recommend this product if you have healthy skin and want a product which will take care of fine lines that start appearing post 35. I will post an update here after I’ve used it for a few more weeks.

Lucille Minoa, NY


From the first treatment, my skin felt smooth and soft. The rejuvenating crystals in the buffs aren’t harsh and are very gentle on the skin. The treatment feels more like a facial massage and is relaxing. In other words, this is one product I look forwarding to using. The only problem I had was opening the battery compartment. Other than that, this is perfect.

Cora Caldwell, ID

I like it but needs some improvement

I didn’t think it was too rough for my skin and I found it somewhat enjoyable to use on my face. (I don’t like the feeling on my neck though) My face feels smoother, I didn’t see any real difference in wrinkles and lines though. The pads I feel should be slightly bigger so that they cover the area on the vibrating head better and I don’t feel they have enough soap in them. Maybe a more moisturizing type would be a little better also.

Wilda Tidioute, PA

A Skeptic Converted

I’m always suspicious of products that sell hardware for a reasonable price but that require you to purchase software that only that manufacturer makes (e.g., razors that only take expensive cartridges from the same maker, cheap cameras that require you to purchase expensive film, etc.). So when I saw this product, I assumed it would be the same sort of scam. To my amazement, the Neutrogena Rejuvenator not only works, it works really well and is idiot-proof to use and, most shockingly of all, results really are noticeable right away. It will take more use to see whether in the long-run it minimizes fine lines and reduces pore size as its packaging insert claims, but right out of the box it makes skin super soft and smooth both to the eye and to the touch. The day after my first use I ran into a friend at the gym whom I hadn’t seen for several months and he told me that I looked really cute and like I was about 30 years old. For the record, I’m 48 and I wasn’t wearing any make-up.The Rejuvenator couldn’t be easier to use (at least once you get the battery cover open, which is a bit difficult and so my only criticism). You pop in the two supplied batteries, open the box of puffs, wet a puff and stick it to the snap-on attachment, which has a rough surface that the pads stick to. Push the switch to “on” and the pad vibrates, creating a soapy lather that helps the pad glide over your skin. As some people have noted, the vibrations are kind of intense, but not painful. After you use it for about five minutes, you switch it off, pull off the puff and throw the puff away. Rinse your face and you’ve got instantly softer skin. My skin is extremely sensitive and there is no reaction to this product other than a slight reddening of my cheeks which goes away after a few minutes. Also on the plus side, since unlike a scrub there are no granules that get washed down the grain, presumably this product is better for the environment. And although you will have to buy replacement pads at a cost of about ten dollars a month, it still works out to less than a decent scrub and works a lot better. So I am sold on this product and find myself looking forward to using it. What a pleasant holiday surprise this has been!Update: January 1, 2008 — Some people have noted that the pads either don’t get foamy enough or that the lather runs into their eyes. It helps to wet the pad throughly, per the instructions, then squeeze it out gently to remove excess moisture. This keeps the lather from running into your eyes when you do your forehead. I’m still in love with this product and have already ordered replacement pads. I find I look forward to the days when I can use the Rejuvenator. My skin has never looked or felt so good.

Darcy Chillicothe, OH

Like a power sander for your skin

The name of this product is a little daunting — a power treatment? — but it surprised me. I thought that it would be a perfumy, lotiony kind of thing that smelled nice but didn’t do anything. Wrong!The word “power” in the name is appropriate — this product is like a power tool. It reminds me of the electric sander I used once to sand down the wood on the front door after my dog Max scratched it up. The Healthy Skin Rejuvenator uses disposable little pads that are like fine sandpaper infused with crystals that turn into soft foam when wet. The pads attach with velcro. There are two settings, one fast and one slow. The slow speed worked just fine for me. You’re supposed to use the product a few minutes on each area of your face three times a week. The kit should last one month, and you can order refills of the “rejuvenating puffs.”While you are using the product, it hums and gently vibrates your skin. Afterward your skin feels smoother and firmer, tingly and very very clean. Just shake off the sawdust and you’re good to go!

Trisha Red Oak, TX

does a great job of scrubbing your face

For the most part, this product does what it claims to, providing you follow the directions. I found it very effective around fine lines of the eyes and on the forehead. however to see the promised effects you need to use it at least 3 times a week.

Flossie Electric City, WA

It’s okay but not perfect

First of all many reviewers complain the refill pads aren’t sold on Amazon-THEY ARE NOW. I happily use several Neutrogena products and think they are GREAT. I thought the skin rejuvenator was too intense even on the low speed although I have become somewhat used to it. I could not get it close enough to the sides of my nose to scrub away blackheads. The cleaning pads themselves worked very well as my skin felt clean and soft. I now have used them 3 times a week for a few weeks and honestly cannot tell any change in my facial tone or texture. None of my friends apparently noticed either, so for some of us it may just take longer to work. I do plan on ordering one refill to give it a fair chance to see a change.

Mae Fosterville, TN

A capable multi-tasker

Neutrogena’s ‘Healthy Skin Rejuvenator’ does exactly what it sets out to do – gives your facial skin a healthy and invigorating dermabrasion-esque scrub for pennies on the dollar from the comfort of your own home. Setting this up couldn’t be easier and Neutrogena includes everything you need to get started right out of the box including 2 AA batteries and 12 Rejuvinating Puff Pads. The device has 2 settings – low and high. I found the low setting to be perfectly adequate in giving your face the needed scrub over without feeling too overpowered. My personal opinion is that the high setting was a bit extreme but feeling slightly knotted up on my shoulders that day as a result of some long racquetball sessions I applied the rejuvinator (sans puffs of course) to my muscles and found the device to also function very well as a portable massage device. This 2 for 1 functionality makes this product a good value in my book.

Jami Halltown, MO

Smooth and polished skin!

My biggest concern when trying this product is that it would leave my extremely sensitive skin very red and enflamed afterwards. I was surprised after the first use of this product. My skin was polished and silky! I was delighted by the results. Any dead or dry skin was buffed off and my skin looked luminous. My only negative comment is that I had to quickly apply a moisturizer as it left my skin tight.I couldn’t be happier with the end result of this product however and I will continue to use it as part of my daily facial program.

Eunice Mc Coy, VA

no good

do not believe what they promise you. A complete waste of money so do not buy. Get so,mething musch less expensive from your local pharmacy

Francisca Badin, NC

A nice exfoliator, but I don’t know about the “anti-aging”

This is quite a nice little product for anyone who’d like some exfoliation and a smoother skin. Is it “anti-aging”? I’m not so sure.You get a little “wand” and 12 puffs (with cleanser built in). Just stick one of the puffs onto the wand, wet it, turn on the wand (it vibrates) and rub it gently in circles on your face. Afterward, rinse well.The first time I used this, I couldn’t believe how incredibly smooth the skin on my face felt. (It did leave my very fair skin slightly reddened, though, so I would recommend using this at night, rather than as part of your morning routine.)I’ve been using this faithfully three times a week, as directed, and my skin definitely looks smoother and “glowier.” I don’t feel like I look particularly younger, but I’m only 31 and thankfully don’t have much in the way of wrinkles, so I may not be the product’s target audience.That said, I do think this product is rather pricy, and the replacement puffs seem overly expensive as well. I may stick to a baking-soda scrub after my current supply of puffs runs out. It doesn’t work as well, but it’s SO much cheaper!

Stephanie Corsica, SD

Feels so good!

I was one of the skeptics about this product until I tried it.I did it for the first time last night, and this morning when I woke up, my skin indeed looked fabulously glowy and smooth, even better than a lot of the high-end exfoliation products I’d used! I could not say enough good things about it, but here is the summary:1. Very easy to operate.2. Facial massage:Despite the instruction that recommends three minutes of use, I did it for 10 minutes because it just feels so good!3. Safe for sensitive and thin skin.Mine is sensitive/thin/dry skin. With 10 minutes of use, my skin actually took it very well, no redness or peeling at all.4. Multi-function:Yes, I also used it on my neck. Then, I applied a thick layer of Vaseline lotion onto my neck.5. Amazingly effective:My face/neck visibly and feel smoother, bouncier, more even, less patchy, less red after only one application!I cannot stop touching my skin!!! It feels so soft and looks so radiant! I also notice that it absorbs my moisturizer better, which helps a lot with the skin improvement. I personally use a lot of anti-oxidant products on my face on a daily basis.

Dena West Chazy, NY