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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup, Classic Ivory 10, 1 Ounce

Finally, naturally beautiful coverage that takes your skin’s health seriously. Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup takes over where your skin care leaves off. Silkylight coverage glides on for a perfectly natural look, while the exclusive blend plus SPF 20 work together to visibly improve skin’s luminosity, tone, and texture.

Key features

  • Flawless coverage, lightweight, silky formula
  • Exclusive blend of antioxidants and SPF 20
  • Maintains skin’s young and healthy look
  • With Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Antioxidant Blend
  • SPF 20

Honest reviews



I have tried them all, from la prairie at over $150 to most cheap drug store brand.. right now the only thing that seems to do a good job of looking natural and not making me breakout plus having a stay ability although in and of itself is a bit drying is the rimmel brand. I bought this twice, you’d think I’d learn a lesson after the first time. I thought maybe the problem was the wrong shade.. but the problem is the formula itself (I have tried Nars too) not particularly crazy about NARS but this isn’t a cheaper version of it..Cons:1-Makes me breakout, I have had months without a single zit all of a sudden three and smack in the middle of my cheek not somewhere less conspicuous.2- The formula is just off, liquidy no great coverage looks odd and I am incredibly pale but it managed to make me somehow gray looking.3- no staying power so if you’re working all day you’ll have to carry it with you for touch ups and potentially4- haven’t really seen anything positive when removed, if anything I can be grateful for it is my clarisonic although I don’t know how long it will take it to clean this current mess is cheap so you don’t feel terrible tossing it out.

Zelma Como, CO

Not too bad, but not for me (Amazon Purchase)

The company makes very good skincare and makeup products. I liked the creamy high SPF compact very much. This makeup doesn’t do anything like give a nice glow, etc. Maybe the shade was wrong, but I didn’t like it and threw it out after using it several times. Maybe I just like cream compact makeup. It’s not bad, but not for me.

Gena Cement City, MI

need more color range

Feels good on and does not aggravate my acne prone skin. Provides enough coverage to even out skin and offers some sun protection. Have been using this for years (recently the packaging changed.) Tried other drug store brands and other Neutrogena bases but I always come back to this. Just wish CVS and Walmart would carry more than 8 colors where I am — I ended up buying two colors and mixing. It’s a bit of a pain and more expensive in one go. Other stores used to carry more colors but, even then, Neutrogena colors tend to be too pink for me — I don’t love my yellow-y complexion but I want my makeup to blend rather than look like a mask with a different skin color from the neck down.

Phyllis Rogersville, TN

Not enough fair yellow undertones

I really love this foundation, i only ever hear good things about it. My only wish is that there were more lighter yellow undertoned shades. The only shades that come close to mine are still too pink undertoned, so i usually have to mix mine with another foundation i have to get my right match. But if you can find your perfect shade, i highly suggest buying it! This is the best drug store foundation (next to Revlon) that i have come across.

Milagros New Richmond, OH

It was expired!!

I have acne-prone skin and I decided to try this liquid makeup since I read a lot of good reviews. I’ve never used liquid foundation on my face and I did a lot of research on which one I should use. I only used Bare Minerals. So I browsed amazon and bought it for $10. When I got this item (in July 2012) and looked at the bottom for the expiration date, it stated 2009!! I immediately returned it and had to pay for return shipping!! I when to target and paid $15 for it, at least it wasn’t expired.

Cathleen Eva, AL

Best Drugstore Foundation Currently

Drugstore foundations are a total bust. There are no try me’s or color matches, so you kind of just go in hoping the drugstore gods will have a color for you. This is no different, there are 12 total shades; obviously, the human race will never be able to match only 12 shades and so the darker skin tones will not find a match with this foundation unless they mix it with another.Nonetheless, that is the only flaw I can see in this foundation ( a common one for drugstores). I did find a match for my skintone and it was number 40, nude. This would probably suit most light olive skintones, with neutral undertones. It is yellow but nor overwhelming and has the slightest hint of pink, so I think it is a great neutral shade.The application is simple and easy, you can use any make-up tool you wish: hands, brushes, sponges, etc. I end up using hands and brushes most times, sponges gives me literally zero coverage with this one. It blends very well, and is almost like applying silk to the skin. It feels great and light on the skin. I have dry skin, and the only part of me that this leaves a non-matte finish is my nose, but I still powder my face to set it. Also, I only apply one layer because most liquid foundations emphasize the dry patches on my skin, but it is build-able to a medium coverage if you so desire.I like the smell of this foundation, most foundations usually have this weird cheap waxy scent to them. This one, has a pleasant scent on application. It might bother some, but I rather like it. As for it promoting healthy skin, I don’t think any foundation can actually do anything like they claim except even the skintone on application. Also, this has sunscreen but make sure to put on your on broad-spectrum sunscreen prior, there is no way that a person can use the required amount of sunscreen as a foundation. Also because it has sunscreen, do not wear this at night; it will give you a ghost white appearance.For me, this is my everyday foundation when I wear it for casual purposes. I really love this foundation and if any of the shades match you, go ahead and try it!

Chrystal Big Springs, NE

One of my favorites

I love neutrogena foundations. I consistently go back to using this one but will also use the shine control one at times. I have explored high end foundations but for the money this is perfect. I also have a few makeup "snob" friends that use a lot of department store makeup but use this as their base. Thumbs up from me!

Keisha Brookton, ME

Heavy foundation

I just bought this Foundation. It’s Neutrogena so I’m guessing it’s suppose to be healthier. There’s alot of ingredients in it that dont sound healthy to me though. Anyways, I tried it this morning and it’s very rich & thick, it also feels a little greasy because it has sunscreen in it. If you like a lightweight foundation then do not purchase this because it’s very heavy. If you need to hide something on your face like a pimple or scar then this is for you. There’s no odor which is nice and it blends fairly well. I bought the wrong color though because it’s hard to tell what your getting from the tiny pictures posted on-line. I bought NATURAL BEIGE but next time I’ll have to get something a little darker because the NATURAL BEIGE kinda looks like it has a pale greenish color to it as your blending it, very weird. Good luck!

Selma Minden, NV

Did not work for me

Normally some foundations are good for oily skin, some are good for dry skin, etc. I have combo skin, so I have one or two dry areas on my cheeks and between my brows, but an oily nose area. This foundation simultaneously stuck to my dry areas and made them way more noticeable AND made me oily areas look 10 times more shiny. I tried it with primers, tried applying it with fingers, beauty blenders, and buffer brushes and still none of it worked. Even when my skin isn’t dry and flaky, the formula of this foundation just seemed to really emphasize oiliness.It’s really a shame that this product did not work for me. I know it does work for a lot of people. Also, what I can say great out this foundation is the finish. I can see on the normal areas of my skin (not oily not dry) where the finish of this product could be incredible! When they say liquid skin, they mean it, that is the texture this foundation could finish to for normal skinned people.As one of the more expensive foundations on the drugstore shelves, I say proceed with caution if you have anything other normal skin. But I am aware that makeup is personal and everyone has different experiences with these products. Which is why I won’t give it only 1 star, because I could see where this product could work for someone else, it just did not work for me.Just to note, my shade is classic ivory. Other foundations that DO work for me are Revlon Colorstay, the one for oily skin, and Covergirl Outlast 3-1 (when it doesn’t oxidize). Hope that helps some of y’all out.

Bettie Lake Park, MN

Dewey, medium coverage foundation at a GREAT price

I have tried loads of foundations and this one has been my favorite for a couple of months now. I have very dry skin, so in the winter, a foundation like this is fantastic. It is super creamy. A tiny bit of foundation goes a very long way. It has a dewey finish and it lasts all day even without setting my entire face with powder. The packaging is good. It comes in a heavy glass container. It doesn’t have a pump, but not many drug store products do. The foundation comes in a range of colors, so I have a couple different tones on hand to mix together throughout the year. I find myself reaching for this product far more often than my MAC liquid foundation that was easily 4 times the price.

Alberta Beresford, SD

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup, Soft Beige

I have been using this makeup for a long time. It doesn’t enhance wrinkles like a lot of makeup and feels good on my skin. The Soft Beige is perfect for me. I am very pleased with it.

Bobbi Fort Smith, AR

Light color nice, but doesn’t go on smoothly.

Nice light-colored makeup, covers well. Nice especially in summer. But we have very dry winters, and already this fall, I have to mix it with lotion to make it go on smoothly. Not just put lotion under, but apply lotion, And mix it into the makeup. Once I’ve done it, though, it’s back to being a pretty good foundation.

Christina Savoy, TX

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation

This make up is good for a natural dewy look. I have this in 120 Tan and it is awesome. The consistency is quite runny… and it feels more like a lotion. I try to apply it with my normal make up brush but it doesn’t work well. This foundation is something like a lotion and well… Imagine trying to use a make up brush to put lotion on your face.. It just doesn’t work well with brushes for some reason… And Idk why… So, for me, this foundation needs to be applied with hands. It’s like a tinted moisturizer that provides a little bit more coverage than the average tinted foundation. I was afraid it wouldn’t cover my blemishes and acne scars but it did… Really well. It also keeps your face moisturized and hydrated. I would definitely recommend this product for dry or combination skin. As far as the color and tone… I love it! It blends with my skin nicely and it never looks like I am wearing a mask of make up with the wrong shade. I found that neutrogena foundation is perfect for yellow toned skin types. Most of the make up I come across in a drug store like maybelline, loreal, cover girl & etc. has way too much of a red tone for me. My skin is pretty neutral like it’s not red toned but it’s not overly yellow either… And Neutrogena has a fine balance of both. It doesn’t settle in my laugh/smile lines… It’s just a very fresh and natural looking foundation.. I love it. I would purchase this product again..

Emilia Belmore, OH

Ok buy..not amazing

I’ve used quite a few Neutrogena products in the past…facewash, sunblock, you name it. I hadn’t tried any of their make-up before and since I loove their other lines, I decided to give it a try.I was somewhat pleased with Healthy Skin foundation, but I wasn’t so blown away as to throw out my other foundations. I thought it was too runny and a strange consistency. It provides very light coverage..almost too little. (I had to wear concealor under it). The shade does blend nicely and matched my skin tone.I don’t think I will buy this in the future, but I don’t think its all that bad either. Just a so so foundation.Give it a try, you may like it.

Libby King Cove, AK

Finally a light liquid makeup that covers great and it has SPF 20!

I am very happy with this foundation. It covers nicely and it seems light to the touch on my skin. The added bonus is the SPF 20…I don’t have to use a separate SPF lotion. 😉

Lilia Mathias, WV


Don’t use if you’re very pale, even if you buy the lightest shade. You WILL be more orange than a pumpkin.

Renee Dunnegan, MO

Great makeup

This makeup is perfect for "older" skin. It blends wonderfully and looks very natural. People have complimented me on my beautiful skin. I’m 75, but women are always shocked when I say that. The most common response is: "No way."

Penny East Boothbay, ME

natural looking but zero coverage

I do hope it improves the skin, because it certainly doesn’t cover anything. Not that I’m looking for a lot of coverage, and i do realize it states “light coverage”, but I still expect at list some coverage from a foundation. This one provides none, but looks natural, if you are looking just for color. I still like it for a natural, no make up look.

Chasity Inman, SC

Good product…

I use this liquid makeup only on my chest to help even skin tone and provide sunscreen. I’m sure it would work just as well on face, but I use pressed foundation instead because I have very oily skin.

Josefa West Sayville, NY

Dewy, Glowy Awesomeness!

It took me allot of reviews later but I finally tried this for myself and man I love this stuff. I have combination skin, Mostly dry with hormonal acne. This foundation gives me medium coverage and makes my skin look great!!! This has not broken me out so far even with the SPF (SPF in makeup tends to break me out) I don’t have acne all the time and my skin is pretty clear but I do have large pores around my nose, chin and forhead and this covers them. I use the Sonya Kushuk Flat Top Kabuki brush (See My Review) to apply and it gives me a nice glow with almost airbrush finish, I highly recommend this foundation. Will never go back to a high end again and I have tried them all! I will say if you have allot of dark marks and acne this may not be enough coverage for you, it’s light to medium but buildable, One coat is all it takes for me to get a nice coverage but I don’t have problem skin. I have fair skin with pink undertones and this line is built around my skin color, But if you have yellow undertones, It may not be the foundation for you. They really need to come out with more shade selection for you olive toned and dark skin beauties, That is the only issue I can come up with. But for me it’s AMAZING!

Estella Rebecca, GA

Neutrogena is going to make me go broke!

I was skeptical to use this makeup because my skin breaks out easily when I wear concealer or foundation. This makeup is AMAZING. Not only did my skin not break out, but it seems to clear up every time i use it. I think I should start wearing it daily just to clear my skin! As if that weren’t enough, it covers very well so I don’t even need a concealer when I use this, and it isn’t heavy feeling and awful like other foundations I’ve tried. Plus the color matches my skin perfectly, which can be really hard to find. Overall, I LOVE this product, as I do most of Neutrogenas products. That company is going to make me go broke with all of the great stuff I need to buy!! 🙂

Renae Avant, OK

Ususally use this when i go out

I’m reviewing on my dad’s account. This foundation is my first and it’s really great. It smells lovely and i find that if i pat it on like i do with BB creams, the coverage is even better. Sadly, this doesn’t work well with my forehead since it’s darker and dryer but it still works wonders. I don’t have scars, but i do love the fact that it does have SPF in the formula as well. I just use the number 80 which i think is Medium Beige just about every day. It does however, smear in the summertime and when you sweat, so i would recommend it in the winter. I set it with a Maybelline dream matte powder. The two go hand in hand very well!! Would highly recommend it to anyone.

Maureen Landis, NC