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Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream, 0.5 Ounce

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Key features

  • Moisturizes and reduces appearance of fine lines

Honest reviews


I am a guy and I fully support this product I use myself

First off, I am a man. For many years I have lived with dark lines under my eyes. Many people mistake me for being extremely tired or suffering from allergies. I dislike glancing at my photos and suffering from the feeling that I am a walking talking raccoon and so I decided to do something about it.For the past month I have been using Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream and it has worked wonders.I apply a small pearl sized drop to the underside of my eyes once in the morning and once in the evening. The cream is very light weight, goes on smooth, and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Within moments I can feel the cream interacting with the skin below my eyes. The puffiness and dark circles are still present but have been diminished greatly to the point that, compared to before hand, look like they have disappeared.My wife has been impressed and has been using this product as well. Due to the fact it leaves a very thin layer and drys instantaneously she is able to apply her daily make up over the cream.I have had a difficult time finding it in stores and am fortunate that amazon carries many of the neutrogena products online. I subscribed to this produced and so, when I am just about to run out, one is already on its way through the mail to me. For myself, each small tube seems to generally last about a month and a half to two months on average. Amazing product.It does not smell the greatest and, being a guy, I am not use to creamy gels being applied to my face but, for the results it produces, it is well worth it.Recommended product.

Pamela Ozona, FL

skin firming cream

I love the Healthy Skin & Ageless Essentials lines of Neutrogena products. I’ve used the Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Cleanser, and the Ageless Essentials Continuous Hydration – Night for years now, and just added this firming cream to see how it goes. I do like it; it tightened up my face and got rid of numerous tiny blemishes after the first use.I will advise not to use it on or close to your eyes – it burns if you accidentally get some IN your eyes. I’ll use the Continuous Hydration for that – I’ve never had any ill effects using that on my eyes. I’m happy to add this to my Neutrogena skin care regimen; it does do what it’s supposed to, and then some. Only negative is the eye burn, so it didn’t get five stars for that reason only.The price is the best, here on Amazon, when you use ‘Subscribe & Save’, which is ultra-convenient. I do use ‘Subscribe and Save’ for many, many products. I highly recommend it!

Hattie Peru, ME

Will keep buying this one

This had made a definite change in the skin under my eyes I really like the ease in wich it goes on and also the tube it is in is very easy to use and makes dispensing the product very accurate. I feel that this product has changed my eye area for the better, as it feels firmer and softer and I do think it has changed the dark circles a little, but the biggest change is firmness and softness.

Cheri Grand Haven, MI

nice scent not greasy

I love this product I like the smell its nice and clean. Its not too greasy goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. Have only used less than a week so not sure how good it works.

Aimee Round Lake, IL

Good Moisturizer

I like this facial moisturizer. The consistency is good and is easliy applied. I like the SPF, which is mainly why I bought it. It doesn’t leave my face looking too greasy, unlike many firming/wrinkle creams with SPF. Unfortunately, it burns my eyes. I have to be very careful when applying it in the eye area. I have to make sure I don’t apply it too close to the eye, otherwise my eyes will burn. I can still use it there, I just have to be careful. Some other moisturizer I tried couldn’t even be used under the eye at all. I had to use a different one for that area. I may purchase it again if I can’t find anything else I like. As far as wrinkles and lines, it doesn’t really do anything, but I didn’t expect it to. My skin looks a little better after I apply it, unlike some other brands.

Matilda Forbes, ND

Perfect on a budget

Not greasy does not burn and gives the right amount of moisture in your eye area. I hate to apply the eye cream around your eye area and it ends up in your eyes and running down your face, I have periodic acne and cannot afford lotion on my face.

Gabriela Paradise, PA

See the Neutragena above

Using another item, so decided to use it instead. Will be using instead in the future, The item is good.

Sondra Corinne, WV

Does the job

Very emollient, and you only need a tiny dab, so it’s economical.Why pay a fortune for fancy eye creams when this one, at least in my experience, does as good a job?

Verna Dupont, CO

Love this product

I love this product as it moisturizes without being oily, has firming effect and does not aggitate my sensitive skin. I use this during the day under makeup.

Janet Winterport, ME

Favortite eye cream

This is the only eye cream that does not make my eyes burn and itch, makes them feel great. Not too moist so it is hard to put on makeup and not too dry, just right. Great price.

Wilda Bunn, NC