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Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Liquid Moisturizer with Helioplex, 1.4 Ounces

Healthy Defense for Moisturized Skin Treat your skin with Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer with Helioplex. This ultra light moisturizer glides into your skin effortlessly without leaving any residue or clogging pores. With SPF 50, this moisturizer provides broad spectrum protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun and also prevents premature aging caused by damaging UVA rays. This moisturizer can be used daily to help protect your skin and also for a visibly younger, healthier, softer and moisturized skin. With SPF 50, provides broad spectrum protection Prevents premature aging Non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic This dermatologist-recommended lightweight moisturizer works beautifully alone or in conjunction with other skin care products. Just For You: All skin types A Closer Look: Infused with Helioplex technology, an advanced stabilized sunscreen complex, Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer with Helioplex provides protection to your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and moisturizes it for a radiant and gorgeous look. Get Started: Shake bottle well before use. Pour a small amount on your palm and apply evenly with fingertips all over the face and neck, every day after cleansing. Can be used under makeup.

Key features

  • Daily Ultralight fluid
  • goes on invisibly
  • liquid formula
  • # 1 Dermatologist recommended
  • Oil-free
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Goes on invisibly

Honest reviews


One-Stop *Moisturizer* + *Sunscreen* For Face 🙂

The NEUTROGENA LIQUID MOISTURIZER SPF 50 has the consistency of water; that’s how ULTRA-light it is. At first, I didn’t think it would do the job of both moisturizing and protecting from the sun, but it worked really well.I have combination skin with oily and dry patches on my face that changes throughout the year, and this light formula went on quickly, easily, and absorbed pretty fast. It did leave a shiny sheen on my face, which seems to happen with sunscreens, and it left that ashen color on my face for several minutes, but not as bad as thicker sunscreens.Although I have light-medium olive skin tone — which tans pretty easily but does burn from extended exposure to the sun — if I don’t already have some color, my time out in the sun without an SPF really goes down. Usually my nose will be the first victim, getting red and hot, and I haven’t been out in the sunshine for extended periods since last August. But having lunch and walking around in the hot afternoon sunshine this past Sunday, and then going to an open patio beer bust, the NEUTROGENA LIQUID MOISTURIZER kept my face and nose from burning.There’s a mixing ball inside the bottle, so you know that you’re shaking it up and mixing all the ingredients properly and it has a very light scent.The bottle is small enough to carry in a pocket or purse/bag and since this stuff is pretty concentrated, even though it’s really thin, a little goes a long way.I don’t see the words “non-comedogenic” (which means that the product won’t clog pores) so I don’t know if it will break someone out with really sensitive skin or if it will aggravate existing acne. My skin breaks out periodically, but it isn’t severe, and so far I haven’t broken out from using it.UPDATE 07/20/10: Thanks to another Amazon consumer who alerted me to my mistake, the word NON-COMEDOGENIC is listed on the back of the box. I was looking only at the bottle so I missed it, LOL, but that means it won’t clog pores. :)You can use another moisturizer under the NEUTROGENA LIQUID MOISTURIZER SPF 50 if it’s too light, but I think it should be enough for most skin types.Powder makeup goes on over it nicely, no cracking or caking, for a nice matte clean look.I deduct one-star for the price. Although you get two bottles, approximately $11.50 per bottle, which should last a while since it doesn’t take much to cover your face, it’s still a little pricey for 1.4-Oz bottle.

Polly Wallingford, IA

Lightweight moisturizer, but not for all skin types

When I travel it’s nice to have a combination facial moisturizer with SPF protection, to make it one less thing I have to remember to pack. With several trips planned to sunny locations this summer, that was one of my main reasons for selecting this product.I started testing it out while still at home to make sure that there were no adverse reactions to it and thankfully there weren’t. It is an extremely lightweight moisturizer, that even after shaking the bottle before dispensing comes out more liquid than solid. And a little definitely goes a long way, which explains the small 1.4 ounce size of the bottle. I used it daily for about a week before my first trip and although I liked the feel of it initially, after 10-20 minutes I would see “shiny spots” on my face that I don’t get with my othermoisturizer. I thought that maybe it was the result of being in a humid climate, but when I used it on my next trip we were in the desert with little to no humidity and I still experienced the same result. Now I do normally have combination skin, so that is the only reason I can come up with for the unwanted reaction. So while I will recommend this as a great lightweight SPF 50 moisturizer, I would caution buyers that it may not produce the best results depending on your skin type.

Cortney Kremmling, CO

Average quality moisturizer

I did not find Healthy Defence to be any better or worse than most products of this type. It has a very liquid texture (those who love the ‘spa’ luxury sense will not be likely to find this appealing – nor does it give one silky feel to the skin), and I did not notice its having any particular effect on my complexion.

Kirsten Campbellsburg, IN

Light product won me over

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer SPF 50 With Helioplex is my new favorite SPF product for the face. I’ve destroyed my skin by exposure to the sun, so I do not go out without sunscreen, and this one is an absolute winner for my delicate and sensitive skin. Working in a garden, I often have felt my eyes burn and water with SPF moisturizers flowing as I perspired, but this stuff is great! I have been using Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream with another SPF product on top, either a J&J; product, Kinerase, or Kiehl’s, but this is better for me than any of those, even the more expensive products. In a small bottle, it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and the mixing balls let you know the product is moving around when it’s shaken prior to use. The small tip allows for minimal liquid to be dispensed onto the fingers (directions say into the palm, but I use the fingers), so it’s not wasted. I am not sensitive to the indiscernible scent and I’ve not shown any redness or sensitivity to the product. For dry skin, it’s definitely not enough moisturizer, but then I’ve always used the two step approach anyway. I’m hooked AND protected.ADDENDUM: After using this product for a bit longer, I must add one criticism. It’s not always easy to get the lid lined up on the first try and I sometimes have to struggle with multiple attempts to close the bottle. Despite my clumsiness, I love the sunscreen even more than when I wrote the first review and I’ve discovered that the small size at 1.4 oz allows for taking the entire product on journeys with the NTSB travel regulations, a definite asset for travelers!!

Valerie Winterville, ME

Good enough

Works well under makeup, b/c it’s thin, not greasy. I wouldn’t wear this in full sun for several hours, but for a city sunscreen, it does its job. I’m prone to breakouts, but my skin has tolerated this formula. Makeup looks balanced, not cakey or greasy. Recommended.

James Wartrace, TN

Lightweight, feels nice on your skin

This product is so thin and light, it is hard to believe it offers Spf 50 protection. I’ve used this while working outside in the sun and heat, sweating, and it seemed to offer a fair amount of protection from the sun- I wasn’t sunburned, at least. It is very comfortable- feels like you are simply wearing a moisturizer. There’s no residue to cake in skin creases, which is good.The price is a bit steep, however it does beat slathering on the white, thick stuff! Neutrogena offers several sun protection products, and of the 3 I’ve tried, this one is the lightest.

Mona North Hollywood, CA

Reliable, Affordable, and Great for my Sensitive Skin

My sister was looking for a product that will protect her skin and reduce wrinkles, so I let her try this product. Below is her review:I have been using Neutogena products for sometime and this liquid moisturizer is great. You have to shake the bottle before using, a little different from sunblock and other moisturizers I’ve used. This moisturizer is very liquidity and was easy to apply to my face and neck. It is non greasy and I can use a liquid foundation over it which is great. ( I think it is hard to match skin types in the one color fits all schema of fair skin people, so I appreciate the clear transparency of the product.) There is a light scent, but it is not too noticeable. After using it all day, there was no skin irritation and I have sensitive skin. Since live in the south and the weather is usually hot and sunny, it was great to use a product with a SPF of 50 that will protect my face and neck from harmful rays. A little goes a long way, so it is affordable despite it’s small size.

Luella Taopi, MN

Very light

This liquid moisturizer is very light–make sure you shake it before you use it. Also, its very liquidy–don’t squeeze the bottle–too much may come out. This is great for every day use, but if you are going to be exercising or exerting yourself use another sunscreen. I used this while playing tennis and it made my eyes sting.

Yvonne New Manchester, WV

Perfect For Summer!

I cannot say enough good about this SPF moisturizer from Neutrogena! It has a very lightweight texture- liquid, in fact, so it’s perfect for me to use during these summer months when a heavier moisturizer would be slip-sliding off by ten a.m. It has a very light scent that reminds me of plumeria, which always puts a smile on my face. I’ve tried it by itself and with makeup- Bare Minerals powder foundation, and it works well both ways, absorbing into my skin quickly, so I can get on with my day.As for the sun protection, I have not felt as though I’ve gotten the hint of a burn on my face since I started using this SPF 50 moisturizer which is pretty remarkable, since I’m fair-complected, prone to freckling, and it’s been hot and sunny where I live. The other day, I really put this SPF 50 moisturizer through its paces when I was flying a small plane that features a plexiglass bubble for a cockpit (I’ve come home from this very activity with a mega burn before!). I had sunscreen on my arms and this sunscreen on my face, and after an hour in the bright, sunny sky, I had more freckles and a feeling of vague burned-ness on my forearms, but on my face, neck and ears, where I applied Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 50, no new freckles, no pinkish sunburn! So I’m a true believer in this product and it will now be my official face SPF for the remainder of the summer, and I’ll probably carry it with me through the winter as well. It’s that good!

Lula Natural Bridge, AL

perfect for summer

This product is different than anything I have tried before. It is very thin, almost the consistency of milk. It feels like nothing is on. I’m a make-up minimalist: I use a moisturizer, and sometimes a mineral powder. There is no “product sweating”. What I mean is, sometimes a moisturizer/sunscreen makes white ‘puddles’ when out in hot sun. This product has none of that. It feels really nice on my skin. And the high SPF is awesome. I definitely recommend this product.

Rosemary Willington, CT

Great for the acne-prone – won’t cause breakouts!

I am quite particular about what I put on my face – general run-of-the-mill brands like Cover Girl make my skin breakout in seconds, though I have used Neutrogena products in the past with no issues. So I was excited to try this new moisturizer with SPF 50. That’s what got me, the SPF. It’s all fine and good to have a nice moisturizer, but I don’t want to fiddle around with a moisturizer AND SPF on sunny days, so this is a perfect match. I followed the directions (which I though a bit odd for something that seems pretty straight forward) and shook the bottle. Then I understood – it has a ball inside that helps the moisturizer mix a bit, so you get the right amount of SPF I am assuming. Anyway, just a small amount in my palm was enough and it was incredibly smooth putting it on my face. I could do without the smell, but it’s not awful, just that I don’t really like anything with a smell on my face. But no breakouts, no redness, and no funny feeling that I sometimes get from face sunscreen. Great product!

Robyn Blanco, TX

Makeup doesn’t come off

This is a light moisturizer with SPF 50. It is a white, lightly scented liquid that smells somewhat like a clovery tanning lotion. I like the smell, and it is subtle. It blocks UVA and UVB, and is noncomedogenic (which means it won’t clog pores).It comes in a shaker bottle-shaking is important, so be sure to follow this step.It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, and didn’t cause any discomfort to my chronically dry skin when applied. It is light and only has a very subtle feeling of residue, like you’d find with a tanning lotion. It wasn’t bad, and I didn’t mind it because I’m glad for my skin to not feel dry.Here’s the great surprise: usually moisturizers with any greasy feel mean trouble for your makeup. Many moisturizers cause your makeup to wear off, and you end up with makeup on your clothing. This didn’t happen at all. I used Almay powder and Aziza blush, and nothing came off. Nada.Rinsing did not remove the moisturizer, consistent with the claim of all-day protection. (Yes-it stands up to perspiration as well.)The compact bottle size and flat design make it a perfect fit for backpacks and most purses. I would recommend this for people who tend to spend enough time in the sun that they would need UV protection. If your time in the sun is within normal ranges, I would not recommend a sunscreen because it blocks the synthesis of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is common and can lead to lots of very serious health problems, and spring and summer are the limited opportunity many people have to get D. But if you think you’d burn, then I’d reach for this product. I wouldn’t use it for everyday, but I do like it and plan to take it with me whenever I go to the beach and think I might burn.

Laurel Newburyport, MA

Light but Still Moisturizing

The Neutrogena Healthy Defense liquid moisturizer is for daily use. It’s a liquid not a cream and feels very light but my skin actually felt very moisturized. It’s good to use alone or under makeup. It contains a broad spectrum UVA-UVB, SPF 50 sunscreen with Helioplex, an advance stabilized sunscreen complex. Helioplex is being touted as the thing to look for in sunscreen. I was very pleased with the feel, smell, and protection of Neutrogena Healthy Defense.Definitely recommend.

Sophia Butler, AL

Good Moisturizer/Sunblock Combo

I’m not the type of person to write very much about basic beauty products, but this moisturizer gets the job done. It has sunblock and moisturizing aspects in just one bottle – imagine that!However, for those people with very dry skin, I’m not sure if this item is the most cost-effective solution. I need to use a lot of it to prevent any dry skin from showing up in 10 minutes, and 1.4 ounces is not very much at all. I usually use a post-shave moisturizer first, so this Neutrogena product works for my sunblock needs, but it’s something to consider.

Faith Ducktown, TN

Great, high SPF for face that doesn’t sting or clog pores

I don’t wear a lot of makeup or have a complicated skin care routine. However, with much of my work outdoors, I do want to protect my face from UV damage. Almost all other facial sunscreens are SPF 15 or so– hardly enough to get me through a day of mowing and gardening. I really like that the product is so thin that I feel like I have nothing on, plus a high enough SPF that I can stay out longer. It doesn’t drip down into your eyes with sweat and sting like most other high-SPF products and doesn’t aggravate acne. Even the bottle size is great for travel. A must-have if you spend a lot of time outdoors and want to protect the skin on your face with a higher SPF that won’t sting your eyes.

Toni Fulton, MS

Definitely a lightweight moisturizer

Overall, I found this to be a pretty good moisturizer. I love a lightweight moisturizer and am not a fan of anyting that feels heavy on my skin. I also really like the high SPF in it without it feeling like a sunscreen. The moisturizer absorbed quick (maybe a bit too quick) and seemed to keep my skin soft and healthy. I really liked the design of the bottle with the small tip so I could squeeze out a small amount. I have issues with other bottles where I seem to get way too much at once or pumps that get clogged and then squirt the product all over the place. On the downside, I found the size to be rather small. I guess I didn’t realize how little 1.4 oz really was but this bottle certainly won’t last more than maybe a month. Other than that, I’m pretty pleased and would recommend the product.

Isabelle East Bethany, NY

I liked the product, but not the smell

I liked the fact that this protects my skin from the sun, and I liked the fact that it is so thin. When you put it on, it really doesn’t feel like you have anything on. On the other hand, it doesn’t really feel like a moisturizer either. I have always used Oil of Olay, but that is very expensive. I think if this had a better fragrance, and it had more moisturizer in it, I would convert.

Annie Lecontes Mills, PA

Light weight & Sunscreen Coverage = Modrate Moisturizing

Not a bad product but hardly ideal.The Pros: Light weight and non-oily, it also works well with Retin-A and at the end of an 8 -10 hour day in the sun my cheeks were only slightly pink so there was some definite sunscreen coverage.The Cons: A bit too light weight and my skin felt a bit dry half way through the day. ( I live in Wyoming – a very dry state. In a more humid state this would probably be just right.) Also since my skin was not fully moisturized it stings a bit every time I apply it. I have combination skin so I would really have to re-apply it at some point in the day to maximize it’s effects.For it’s price, in my experience, this is as good as a moisturizer can get without being greasy and causing breakouts. I do not have a problem using this in fact I have found it most ideal for travel conditions.

Julianne Billingsley, AL

Works Great!

Neutrogena Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer SPF50 – The manufacturer’s claim that this is an ultralight liquid certainly holds true. Despite the SPF50, this moisturizer does not feel heavy, and does not clog pores. It keeps the dry patches on my face moisturized all day, yet oily patches don’t turn into a greasy mess. I have sensitive skin with some rosacea, and this moisturizer does not irritate at all. It provides a nice base, and my liquid foundation goes on smoothly over this moisturizer. The first day I wore this, I actually received a compliment from a co-worker on how nice I looked, but she couldn’t put her finger on exactly what was different. The biggest test of the SPF quality is my one-hour commute to work each day, in a sunny climate. Since I normally wear SPF30 daily, I can say that as a sunscreen, this moisturizer works just as well as any SPF30 I’ve used in the past. I have not put it to the challenge of longer periods in full sun, so can’t really comment on how well it performs as SPF50. I normally avoid chemical sunscreens, but after giving this one a try, I find myself reaching for it every morning before applying my foundation. Although I received this via the Amazon Vine program, I intend to purchase more when when I run out.

Stephanie Bernard, IA

Great for sensitive fair skin

I have very sensitive, dry skin and this works great as my daily moisturizer. I wear it under full foundation and I’ve never had any issue with the foundation moving around. It is very moisturizing, but not so heavy that I can’t wear it in the summer. I love the SPF in it. I prefer this product to many department store brands I’ve tried.

Kenya Hyampom, CA

Perfect for a Sunny Day

When I am planning a day of outdoor activities on a sunny summer day, I am faced with a dilemma: wear my normal facial moisturizer with a minimal 15 SPF, or wear some goopy sunblock, or wear both. This Neutrogena product solves that problem. The Healthy Defense moisturizer is a fabulous 50 SPF, goes on fairly lightly and is a very nice moisturizer to boot. I don’t think I would wear it on a cloudy winter day when I spend most of my time inside, but it is terrific for outdoor days.

Margie Windsor, CT

this thin cream is nice change to heavy moristurizers. Makes skin feel great while protecting against sun damage.

Anyone will love this thin easy to apply moisturizer that comes with the added bonus of SPF 50. Keps skin soft and supple.

Vilma Baraga, MI

What a surprise!

I’ve never used a liquid moisturizer before, so I was surprised by the consistency of this product. The consistency is very similar to that of whole milk–a bit thicker than water but not by much. I was worried that such a thin product would not provide the daily moisturizing that my skin needs, but I’ve been very happy with this product. My skin (generally normal with some dry patches) does not feel dry when I use this product except around my eyes (requiring use of a thicker eye cream).Best of all, the sunscreen feature is a real bonus with this product. I have never found a sunscreen product that I liked to use daily on my face. So many of them leave a greasy layer or a chalky layer, and many of them have an unpleasant smell or a stingy feel after application. This one has none of those downsides. I’m not sure this is the right product for a day at a sunny beach, but it works great for my daily office routine. It keeps my skin moisterized and protects it from the incidental exposure to the sun that I get in a normal day.

Latoya Cobalt, ID

Nice, light lotion for day wear

This face lotion is nice and light and doesn’t feel sticky like so many sunscreen lotions. I haven’t had much of a chance to wear it outside to test the sunscreen, but with 50 SPF, I imagine it’ll work fine. The smell isn’t bad, either, not like Olay products.Update: I wore this all day outside at the state fair this summer and no sunburn! I recommend.

Mariana Jeffrey City, WY

did not like the liquid

I like this product as a lotion and not a liquid. And the scent was too much, gave it to my husband to use after shaving.

Alice Ashville, AL

Neutrogena Liquid Moisturizer

This lotion is truly light. When you pour it out, it’s a liquid about the consistancy of milk. It absorbs much faster than any other facial moisturizer with sunscreen that I have ever tried. A little goes a long way. It also feels light. You can tell it’s there but it doesn’t feel like it’s clogging your pores. I also don’t end up sweating it off mornings as I rush around the house preparing myself and my toddler for the day ahead.I’ve been using it for a week with no adverse affects. The last moisturizer with sunscreen that I tried caused my eyes to water to the point that I had to discontinue using it.The fragrance is also light and pleasant.Excellent product! I’d recommend it.

Maribel Darden, TN

a bit too thick for my taste

The moisturizer seems a bit thick (not the disappearing type) for me.I tried it for under the sun, really can’t tell about the SPF 50 part.My wife seem to like it but since there’s really isn’t any scent, she doesn’t use it often.I kind of have a little allergic reaction to it after I put it on and go under the sun. The skin on my hand and forearm gets itchy.But then again, it’s like that with many of the creams I use (they all claim to be non-hypoallergenic).3 stars (it’s a market flooded with millions of kinds of moisturizers, I give it three because it is NOT unique.

Rae Bristow, IN


We all know how important sunscreen is, we hear about it in the news and from our doctors all the time. Yet, why is it that most skin care products have only minimal SPF, if any at all. Most body lotions contain no sunscreen at all and most facial products only have an SPF of between 15 and 25.Well finally, Neutrogena has developed a light weight sunscreen/moisturizer with an SPF of 50 that doesn’t leave a white film on my face or take a lot of vigorous rubbing. It has a thin almost watery consistency that seems to soak into my skin on contact. And unlike the sunscreen I use on my body, this stuff doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight dried out.

Lavonne Bluffton, AR

Very nice

The product is a thin, opaque white liquid. There’s a shaker ball in the container, to keep it mixed. It only takes a small amount to cover your whole face, and it’s more of a surface treatment than lotion. It leaves a slight white sheen, but is surprisingly not too shiny. Might not be suitable for someone with a medium or darker skin tone.It’s faintly floral scented, but the perfume is nice, rather jasmine-like. First time I wore it I kept wondering what that pretty smell was — oh right, my face! Ha.I had plenty of opportunity to test this during numerous long walks in the hot sun these past few weeks. Generally, it works great…. BUT… do not rub it. If you get sweaty it will stay in place and continue to protect. But, if you wipe your face off, it’s gone. Patting the perspiration away seems to leave the protection in place okay.I have not tried using it under make up.Overall, pleasant to use. Good choice if you want some serious facial sunscreen, but aren’t going to be exercising so hard you need to mop your brow.

Britney Texarkana, TX

Love It

I have used different brands of moisturizers with SPF protection before, but was always disappointed due to the heaviness of the products and the difficulty with getting them to apply invisibly. This product is light, rubs in completely, does not feel greasy and has a light but pleasant scent. It’s a new part of my daily regimen and I’ll definitely be buying it in the future.

Susanne Wanatah, IN