Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunscreen SPF 45, 5 Ounce

Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock with Helioplex is a breakthrough! Its cooling, continuous spray instantly refreshes as it provides skin with unsurpassed UVA protection. This waterlight mist cools, and instantly refreshes skin, leaving it feeling fresh and clean. Sunblock never felt so cool. This product features Helioplex a breadth of stabilized sunscreen technologies that delivers superior protection from the sun.

Key features

  • Waterproof
  • Sweatproof
  • Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Water Resistant (80 Minutes)
  • No1 Dermatologist Recommended Suncare

Honest reviews


Our standard sunblock for the past 3 years

We – as in the entire family – have been using Neutrogena’s sunblock spray for at least 3 years and we’ve been happy with it whether at home by the pool or at the beach, including some tropical ones, where we use the higher SPF versions. Besides helping us avoid sunburns, and it does, there are a few more reasons that made this product our favorite.- It’s a spray – this makes it easy to apply. I wouldn’t call applying sunblock ‘fun’ but spraying is less of a chore than rubbing it in.- There’s no need to rub it in – yes, we do use a light rub after spraying to even the distribution but it’s mostly to avoid wasting it.- No oily goo on your skin – which partially explains why rubbing it in is not mandatory. This spray is remarkably oil-free.- Swimming pool friendly (see above) – not much oil in it, which allows our entire family to use the pool with the sunblock.- No overpowering smell – it does smell a little like ‘vacation’ but, even if you spray it in a room, the smell goes away rather quickly and while it stays it’s not unpleasant.- Friendly to my skin – I tend to be allergic to things on my skin that contain perfumes but I don’t mind Neutrogena’s sunblock at all. There is no PABA in this product.- Water/sweat resistant – it’s true.- Effective for several hours – even after swimming. I use to reapply a little after a second swim but, even though I sometimes forget, I haven’t been burned, literally speaking in quite a while.The one claim the maker makes and I dispute is the ‘resists running into eyes’. I don’t even understand what ‘resists running’ means but I would NOT have this applied anywhere near my eyes because if it does run into your eyes it WILL hurt. We are actually using theNeutrogena Healthy Defense Sunblock Stickaround the eyes.It’s probably worth noting that this is a Helioplex-based sunblock, which is the main ingredient. I looked it up and it turns out it’s formulated to provide UVA/UVB skin protection and it contains Avobenzone (for protection) and Oxybenzone (to help make it stay effective longer).

Deidra Gretna, NE


Less oily and messy than traditional sunblocks, and the best of the spray-on ones that I’ve tried. Though, it really IS cooling so be warned if you spray it on in a cold room.

Ericka Clifford, IN

SPF 70 Unnecessary

Hi folks,I’m a dermatologist and wanted to share a tip with you all about sunblock. Anything above SPF 45 is just for consumer purposes, to sell to you a product that you think is more beneficial than lower SPF’s.You see, the way sunblock works is SPF 30 will get you about 97% protection against the sun. SPF 45 will get you 98% protection. However, anything above SPF 45 (such as 50, 70, 100, etc.) is when it gets silly and more about companies trying to make more money.You’d think SPF 50 or 70 would get you 99%, even 100% protection against the sun if SPF 45 is 98%, but it actually lingers around 98%.So spending 2 to 4 times more money on a higher SPF is only getting you the equivalent of SPF 45 or 0.1 to 0.5% more protection than a SPF 45. It’s impossible to attain 100% protection from the sun so I can guarantee you no amount of SPF will protect you perfectly, but it’s good to know that the protection stops at 98-98.5%. Which means SPF 50, 70, 100, etc. are all unnecessary expensive products. It’s also something that gives people peace of mind.SPF 30 is more than sufficient protection, SPF 45 is ideal (the most you can gain from sunblock, really). So next time you shop for sunblock and you see a SPF 45 for $10 bucks and SPF 110 for $20, go with the 45.Oh and I enjoy this product, I use the SPF 45 of course, but when it comes to sunblock I’ve always used this brand.

Hazel Newberry, SC

Outstanding daily sunscreen for men and women

This is an outstanding sunscreen and may even be what I have been waiting for my whole life. 🙂 That might sound extreme, but I might actually be in love with this product.Doctors and skin care professionals tell us we need to wear sunscreen every day – rain, snow or shine – to prevent skin wrinkles, skin cancer and hyper-pigmentation. Sunscreen is an essential skin care element, and actually, the most important cosmetic you wear.I have been searching for a sunscreen that doesn’t feel gloppy on, won’t make me break out, is easy to reapply and pleasant to use. This sunscreen wins on all counts!First off, Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock comes in a spray container. You press the nozzle and a very fine mist comes out. The mist dries instantly, leaving no sticky residue. No need to rub anything in: you totally forget you have this on.You can stick this can of sunscreen by the door to spray on your arms, neck and face on your way out each morning. There is no longer any excuse to
• not
• wear sunscreen every day.My husband, who has a skin condition and needs to wear sunscreen daily, will actually wear this product without making a face. That’s worth a lot to us right there. :)Secondly, this spray is very pleasant to use. There is a clean subtle scent, and you feel a lovely cooling sensation as the mist touches your skin. On hot days it feels great!Thirdly, with this sunscreen you can actually get sun protection into the cracks and crevices normally missed, like around the ears, the back of the neck, the bald spot on top of someone’s head.The directions do NOT encourage spraying this product on your face. This is probably because the manufacturers don’t want anyone breathing in the sunscreen or getting it into their eyes. They instead suggest spraying it on your hands and then rubbing it on your face.I have found it works just fine if you close your eyes, hold your breath, and lean into a burst of mist you spray into the air in front of your face. This feels nice with the cooling effect, and makes a nice even layer of sunscreen over my entire face.Putting the sunscreen on in this manner is a GREAT way to make sure you have sunscreen on every day, even if you are already wearing makeup. You can do your daily morning “face” with a moisturizing facial sunscreen, then makeup, then a spritz of this sunscreen to “set” and protect your face. You can even reapply the sunscreen throughout the day, without needing to remove and re-apply makeup!While I have nothing but raves about this sunscreen, I wonder about the cooling sensation
• after
• summertime. In the dead of winter, I am not sure I’ll want a “cooling mist.”But this is really a minor quibble in a dream-come-true cosmetic. I believe I will actually be able to wear sunscreen
• every day
• for once!

Susie Quinter, KS

Blocks the Sun

I am an avid water sports enthusiast and often spend an entire day out on the water so I need a sunscreen that stays on and really blocks the sun rays. This sunscreen does that. I’ve been using it for 2 summers now & have never gotten a burn.It’s very easy to apply because you just spray it on. But it does tend to overspray all over the place so I make sure I stand away from other people & anything I don’t want sprayed.I have a couple complaints. It really stinks – my husband & I both dislike the “fragrance” they put in it to cover the chemical smell. But maybe you won’t mind it… It is hard to get out of your clothing – even after a couple washings w/Tide, soft water & a HE machine, the clothing still has the odor of the spray. We now have clothing we only wear if we’re putting on this sunscreen.It is also pretty greasy compared to other spray-on sunscreens we’ve tried.I would give it 4.5 stars because it’s stinky/greasy but it does block the sun rays & that is what is most important!

Kara Mansfield Depot, CT

Great product

Very effective sunscreen with a truly no-mess application. In my opinion you’ll definitely want to apply it in a well ventilated area–the fumes seem a bit strong if you were to apply it in a small bathroom, for example. Once it’s actually on, the smell is pleasant and mild.

Odessa Pine, AZ

Smells good, is cooling but

I used this sun block religiously last year and guess what? I still got darker. I never burned though but when I would go home I could take off my shorts and see a contrasting difference of skin tone after some time in the sun. So I team this up with the UltraSheer spf 100 sunblock now.

Yvette Elmwood, NE

Works, but needs improvement

I prefer spray sunblock because they are easy to apply. This can sprays upside down and sideways. It is a bit strong in the scent department, but I did not find it particularly unpleasant. It’s like wearing strong perfume.Neutragena body mist does feel refreshing when applying it in searing heat, but it could use improvements in a couple of areas: it does not dry instantly, and it left my skin with a sticky residue.One 5 ounce can only lasted my daughter and me about a month, and we use a total of 4 applications between us a week. The sun in our area of Southern California can be intense, with temperatures this week hovering near 110 degrees. My daughter’s skin is medium tone. She is swimming in that sun, and she hasn’t burned yet.This product works.

Essie Bena, VA

Easy effective sunblock

My husband loves this stuff, applies it everyday. Much cheaper locally though – $9.99 minus coupon. Great sunblock!

Monique Mc Alisterville, PA

leaves skin looking very shiny but protects

i liked how this is a spray and is easy for applying and reapplying, unfortunately it leaves a oily shine. it doesn’t feel oily but makes my arm shiny. u can definitely feel the sunblock, i hate the feeling of sunblock/sunscreen so i dont like this product. i prefer Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Sunblock SPF 30 spray more. obviously, after two application it feels worst. Yes, this protect with spf 70. I think the Helioplex formula is what makes it so shiny.

Sarah Elk Grove Village, IL