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Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover Pads, Extra Gentle, Large Plush Pads, 30 Count

Extra Gentle Eye Makeup Remover Pads make it fast and easy to remove all traces of eye makeup. These large, cushiony, pre-moistened pads make removing eye makeup a snap. The extra gentle formula thoroughly removes even waterproof mascara, but is gentle enough for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Key features

  • Ultra-soft moisturizing pads make it easy to wipe away makeup
  • No oily residue
  • Safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Dermatologist & ophthalmologist tested

Honest reviews


Shhh, keep this great product a secret…

Well Neutrogena has terrific products. Was already using their make-up remover towelettes. As I was ordering those, this popped up… And I said why not? Tried them. Loved them. No, I don’t think you heard me: I LOVE THEM!!! But keep these a secret because the secret is out about the towelettes. You’ve seen the commercial on tv…right? These will be the next best commercial about Neutrogena make-up removers! These are great for just removing make-up from the eyes. The are so soft and gentle, no sting…Just wonderfully effective. They get the job done right! But of course this supplier provides a really incredible price point and amount. So buy, buy, buy!

Anna Proctor, VT


These are really nice for full face make up removal. They are large and I probably would be happier with smaller ones since I only wear eye makeup but I like how gentle they are-better than a different brands smaller pads so I am happy with them. I haven’t really looked to see if they make smaller ones that are extra gentle and have the same texture yet. I like neutrogena for my sensitive eye area.

Judy Wilmont, MN

Just the thing!

Takes the mascara right off! It’s so nice and soft and doesn’t sting my eyes or irritate that sensitive skin around my eyes at all!! Excellent product!

Lesa Paducah, KY

Works great and is very convenient

I bought this product for several reasons. First…Neutrogena is a well know brand and I’ve always been happy with their products. Second, it’s a great size to use on vacation. I’m always amazed after I wash my face and then use these pads because there’s always traces of dirt left and these pads pick it right up.

Noemi Brookwood, AL

Dry pads

The pads have almost no moisture to them at all. I ended up putting baby oil on the pads to remove my mascara. I won’t be getting it again

Luann Berkley, MA


This is the best Eye Makeup-Remover Pads and using this for many years. Very gentle and soft just love it.

Bernadette Gore, OK

Great product

I have been using these Neutrogena pads for about 5 years and I absolutely will not go to anything else. I personally do not wear a lot of makeup and when I do, it’s just eyeliner and mascara. So, seeing as I do not wear makeup a lot I do get my money’s worth out of these because they last forever. However, I know many women and girls wear makeup daily and that they’d be used every day. So, this is something I do, and maybe it will be of use to you all (if you don’t wear a ton of makeup). To conserve my makeup pads, I actually cut them in half with scissors. This way, I don’t have 30 pads I have 60. This works for me because as I said earlier, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I find the pads to be very gentle and soft. I like Neutrogenas packaging for this as well because I don’t like getting pads that come in plastic packaging because they dry out. Those are also too big for what I need so I feel like I’m wasting my money. These are also a better alternative to the liquid removers; I always find those to be messy and they make my skin feel oily. I have never purchased this product off Amazon, I usually buy it from my local Walmart. Hope my review helps in your choice of a makeup remover!

Renee White, SD

Two Stars

Didnt like these pads for makeup removing .I will go back to cold cream.

Brittney North Middletown, KY

They’re okay

These are pretty decent makeup remover wipes, but they haven’t really made a big impression on me. I love the fact that the pads are nice and big; normally when I buy circular makeup remover pads, they are half this size. I was a little taken aback from how thick these pads are, they feel much thicker than is necessary. Also, the pads don’t feel very saturated, which is fine for the first couple of uses, but I always fear that this will result in them drying up faster than I can use them. That said, the fact that they aren’t extremely saturated ensures that no oily residues are left on your eyes, which is nice. Occasionally I have noticed slight stinging on my eyes, but that doesn’t happen with every use. It removes the makeup very well. All in all it is a great makeup remover, but I personally believe that there are probably better ones out there.

Bernice Farley, IA