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Neutrogena Deep Moisture Body Cream, Butter Cream, 6 Ounce

Deep Moisture Body Cream turns even severely dry skin into soft, smooth skin after just one use. Discover a body cream uniquely formulated to deeply moisturize skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and totally touchable all day long ;without any greasy after-feel. This delightfully rich cream formula penetrates deeply into the skin’s surface to moisturize dry skin in three ways. Naturally derived cocoa butter nourishes the surface for supple skin. Creamy mango butter moisturizes and softens skin. Rich shea butter helps seal in moisture for long lasting benefits. It’s love at first touch!

Key features

  • Non-greasy
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Allergy tested

Honest reviews


Love it!

Bought it with the hand cream and both of them work perfectly well in Connecticut’s "never-ended" dry winter! Highly recommend!!

Tessa Ute, IA

Great moisturiZer with a very soothing scent.

I honestly can’t remember how I encountered this product, but am glad I did! I like, but do not love the classic Neutrogena RainbathNeutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel- 40 oz (Mega Size). My daughter, however, really likes their classic line (which is probably what brought me here as she is coming home for vacation soon),I will admit to being somewhat of a fanatic for nice bath products (my husband would eliminate the qualifier) and did write up my favorite boutiqueDream Cream Body Cream by LUSHsome 5-10 years ago (likely not doing them justice 😉 In any event it is a somewhat dangerous obsession unless one is prepared to spend upwards of $10/ day bathing . {sigh} would that I could.Their skin care line is also very nice but…. well we get into mortgage territory here 😉 All that said, this sounded nice, so I gave it a try, and Wow! much much nicer than I had expected. In fact, it reminds me quite a bit of the cream I linked above 🙂 If you are not familiar with that line, that may not mean anything to you. The deep cream moisturizer “butter cream” really is. It absorbs well and does not feel greasy and leaves my skin feeling very smooth & soft. It also has a slightly sweet smell, like butter cream, or creme brulee 🙂 I use it at night and find it a very soothing scent which helps me get to sleep.I have allergies and chemical sensitivities, so I either go natural/ organic, or use a line like Neutrogena developed for people with allergies. I am glad that I have found one that is reasonably priced, safe (for those of us with sensitivities) and which I like so well. I will be keeping this one on subscription! I also tried the pink grapefruit line and like that a good deal too (but personally Prefer this one).I think the grapefruit is better for waking up, and this, for evening. (much as I like it, I think it would not go well with cologne or perfume, and would feel a little odd in a work environment smelling like butter cream. However, as a night cream it is perfect!

Herminia Belmont, WA


I used it so fast, and i need to order more. It moisturized my skin so nice, no ash at all.

Stacey Creighton, SD


A bit on the fence about this purchase, it turns out that I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!!!! It does what it says, the rich deep moisturization, sinks into your skin, leaving it velvet soft, NOT a greasy cream. And YES it is a THICK Butter Cream, Winter can leave us with dry flakey skin, I promise, your skin will drink this cream and LOVE IT! The price is right, so give yourself the gift of velvety skin, all day, all night. DEEP MOISTURE-BUTTER CREAM–ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT FROM NEUTROGENA.

Teresa Kamuela, HI

Not as thick as expected

I had some Neutrogena cream in a similar container several years ago and was hoping that this would be the same thing. It is not. This cream is NOT what you would expect to get in this sort of tub/container. It isn’t thick like body butter from The Body Shop (which is more like a soft solid). It’s closer to regular lotion from a pump bottle that has been put into a different container. Other than that, it’s good. I am sensitive to fragrances, and this does have one. It isn’t overpowering though and doesn’t bother me unless I put it on my hands right before bed. It does dry quickly and is not greasy. I wouldn’t really call it “deep” moisture, but I have other things to use on really chapped skin.

Lynette Hopkins, MN