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Neutrogena Clean Volume Body Enhancing Shampoo, 10.1 Ounce

Clean Volume Shampoo gently cleanses and adds body to flat, lifeless hair. This body-enhancing formula provides volume without weighing down hair. Its thick, rich lather removes daily build-up and rinses clean. Leaves hair with healthy body, volume and shine. Has a fresh, clean scent. Non-drying Clean rinsing.

Key features

  • Non-drying
  • Clean rinsing
  • Adds volume without build up
  • Rinses clean
  • Won’t weigh hair down

Honest reviews



Someone at Amazon made the decision to ship this product unprotected with 27 lbs of cat food, 4 bags and 48 cans, all in the same box. The shambox was not in a protective box, it was not bubble-wrapped. Somehow the shampoo lids were unscrewed and the shampoo, as you can imagine, was out of the bottles and a sticky mess!!

Tessa Line Lexington, PA


Between neutrogena and aveeeno marketing their products like they are natural, clean and healthy I’m fed up! TAKE THE PARABENS OUT YOUR PRODUCTS ALREADY. I want to use these brands still be since I’ve been paraben free I can not. It’s too bad too because a lot of the products ARE good.

Dawn Wideman, AR

Lives up to its name: Clean!

I’ve heard that for every day shampoos, you should use clear ones and not creamy shampoos because they have more chemicals and leave residue. Normally, clear shampoos are a little too drying though. This one by Neutrogena is great! It really cleans just the right amount and my hair feels great after. It’s got a very light fresh scent, so I depend on my conditioner to leave more of a pretty and long-lasting smell. I’ve also noticed that I shed less after using this shampoo after about a month. It’s great and I recommend it for people who have normal-oily hair who are looking for just a fresh and cleansing shampoo that’s simple and does its job. I just wish they sold these in stores! Well, thanks Amazon

Tina Sewell, NJ

Great for people with fine hair

I have been using this product for a long time and was glad to find it on Amazon because it is no longer carried by local retailers. I have very fine, very straight hair. This product leaves my hair very smooth, silky and shiny. It does not feel weighed down like it typically does with other shampoos. I do have to use a conditioner is conjunction with this shampoo because my hair will be left tangled otherwise. Overall, I am very pleased with this shampoo. The price on Amazon is wonderful as well.

Keri Kanarraville, UT

My favorite

I agree that it was nice to find this on Amazon, since Target stopped carrying it and few local stores have it. It’s my favorite. I don’t usually get sucked in my packaging (or at least I don’t admit it), but I like the clean, almost architectural look of the bottle. The fragrance is pleasant but not fruity. My hair feels pleasantly clean, not weighed down by “stuff.” (I use the Neutrogena conditioner, too, but the pink “moisturizing” version, since Amazon doesn’t sell the matching formula.) Overall, a good shampoo.

Mabel Elgin, TN

Good shampoo, and a good price.

This is a quality shampoo and a fair price. No silly marketing, with magic ingrediants. Your hair is dead, it is either clean or dirty. The magical marketing is very expensive. I choose a quality product, that is priced well.I give 4 stars not 5, because 5 is for truly outstanding products. This is very good, and easy to recomend.

Brianna Hetland, SD


I use this everytime I wash my hair, for the first shampoo. Then my regular for the second. My hair scalp are fresher and cleaner than they ever were. The multi-pack is a great value and was sent very quickly

Katelyn East Parsonfield, ME

My hair looked oily at the end of the day

I tried this, several times. I have very thin blonde hair. I would wash my hair in the morning, and by the evening… it was dull and oily. I know my sister and her husband, swear by this… it works for them. I guess I am the exception. I’ll be giving mine to my sister.

Valeria Arcadia, KS

Average shampoo

I love trying new hair products and bought this after reading the reviews. I have normal hair so I didn’t think a shampoo like this would be not cleansing enough for me…BUT it makes my hair oily faster than usual.It has a nice scent but I probably won’t purchase it again.

Tracey Williams, AZ

lathers very nice smells great

this shampoo smells great and it lathers so much i have shouder lenghth hair i used a quater size to wash my hair the lather was alot i feel the squeaky clean i sweat at night i woke up and my hair is still clean not greasy looking or feeling

Cortney Jet, OK

It made my hair dry

I have shoulder length hair. After I tried it for 3 days, my hair is so dry now, and it made my hair look more flat. I think I will only use it once a week instead of using it everyday. Another thing is one of the bottle was broken after I received my package (see the picture I uploaded), I have contacted the seller, but they ignored me.

Lesa Priddy, TX