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Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 oz

The concentrated weekly treatment for soft, lustrous hair. Developed to treat extra dry or over-processed hair. This intensive moisture treatment rescues even the most dehydrated hair strands. Use this restorative mask each week for effective treatment of extra dry or over-processed hair. So powerful, just a small amount is enough to restore dried out strands to be soft, lustrous and shining in minutes. Three naturally derived extracts penetrate to help moisturize each layer of the hair strand: Olive penetrates to the center; Meadowfoam Seed helps moisturize the middle; Sweet Almond wraps the surface.

Key features

  • Salon approved
  • Non-waxy
  • Freshly fragranced
  • Treats extra dry,over-processed and color treated hair

Honest reviews


Brilliant and smells great :->

I’ve always loved Neutrogena products and when I’m in the States, I stock up on this and some shampoos because you can’t get these here in slow Australia. This is one of the best hair treatments I’ve ever used and I love how soft and silky my hair is afterwards.I straighten my hair every 2-3 days which can be highly damaging, yet with this, you couldn’t tell. It’s great for putting moisture back in, and for dull looking hair and split ends. You have to be careful not to use too much or it can feel a little heavy and ‘greasy’ otherwise, but with the right amount (you have to play around to get your own right amount based on hair length), it feels great and leaves your hair smelling gorgeous. It’s easy to use and I use it religiously once a week on Fridays and you could never tell that I don’t go to the hairdresser as often as I should or that I straighten it too much.I cannot rate this highly enough and hope that you’ll give it a go. You certainly don’t have to use super expensive items, and this is great value and does a wonderful job. I love it.

Antoinette Sayre, PA


I read the reviews on this item and I wish it would have worked better for me. I am gray/blonde and my hair needed some conditioning so I read the reviews and one person even said they kept it on all night. DON’T DO THIS. iF your hair is really dry or brittle and you put a softening agent like this one on it, it will make it soft alright, it caused pretty bad breakage at the crown of my hair. Now, some could say, it wasn’t this, but I know it happened right after I washed it out. It was very very soft but so soft it broke since it was dry. I have never had a real case of breakage or split ends so I was pretty shocked. My husband noticed it and said, you better check out your hair. There’s got to be something in this product that softens too much. I am living proof. I take good care of my hair, and I will never put anything Neutrogena on my hair again. Glad it worked for some people. I recommend Purelology shampoo, conditioner, and when you put the conditioner on, dilute it so that fragile or dry hair isn’t overweighed by the thick substance of recovery mask and breaks. This was not recovery for me, it’s going to take a long time and lots of babying to work with this breakage. I hope this helps people who really need their hair replenished.

Laverne Peck, MI

It’s OKay, 3-1/2 stars really

I’ve noticed that most reviews are from those with fine hair so i didn’t have very good reviews to go by. My hair is very thick and kinda corse and being that i dye it (too much grey not to), it’s corser then it used to be. This product is no better and maybe even inferior to the conditioners that come with drugstore boxed hair dyes. My hair is shoulder-length and i used about a Tablespoon-full of it, so not a tiny bit as others indicate for their fine hair. It left my hair nice but not nearly as good as some salon brands leave it. It’s okay, that’s all. Worth the price if you bought it at the local drug store and didn’t have to pay the shipping. I don’t know if i’ll get it again, maybe since there isn’t much out there that doesn’t have an extra zero in the price… I give it 3-1/2 Stars

Elsie Barton, OH

Makes my hair soft and silky!

It’s just a great conditioner! I wish it was a bit bigger but it is worth the price! I recommend this for all hair types, especially African-American hair.

Zelda Scobey, MT

Best Purchase All Year

In an effort to stop spending money on high end products, I’ve spent a lot of time in the regular stores looking for great products. The scene has changed from when I was kid. Back then, grocery/drug store brands weren’t very good. However, it has been a real treat trying all the products. Some are pretty awesome and work just as well as the salon brands, and some drug store brands work even better. This Neutrogena is the best conditioner I’ve tried in a long time. The smell is candy-like but light and doesn’t linger; the texture of the conditioner is like cream, and the result was super easy to comb hair that dried nice and soft. There was no need for leave in conditioner or smoothing hair serum after this. What a treasure this is! I hope others have as good of luck as I did. My hair is super dry!This might be too conditioning for people with fine, oily or limp hair textures though.

Tammi Ridley Park, PA

Great deep conditioning

This conditioner makes your hair so soft. I love the cream and the smell is amazing. I think that this is one of the best conditioners out there. I like that the container is air tight I can keep it in my shower and it is readily available.

Twila Williamsburg, VA

great mask

I have oily scalp, but dry-straight-thick hair because I swim twice to three times a week. The chlorine really dries out my hair even though I have used special shampoo for swimmer. I use this hair mask every time I wash my hair (usually every other day)&leave it for 3 minutes before rinsing; and once a week I would apply the mask, cover my hair w/a plastic hair cap & leave it on for at least 1/2 hour. It makes my hair sleek.

Betsy Pensacola, FL

Not worth the hype

Tried this deep conditioning hair mask and was not impressed at all. The container it comes in means you take a huge risk of getting all the contents wet when opening in the bath or shower especially since you need to dig in with a wet hand. I always feel like when I open this container it is soaking wet and needs to be drained of excess water. Maybe I don’t like it due to the fact that the product always seems to be watered down, I would rather use Aussie 5 Minute Miracle which is cheaper and way easier/less messy to use!!

Ashlee Troy, NY

My hair loves this stuff!

I have relaxed color treated hair, I have used many deep conditioners and this one is the best. I started my healthy hair journey in March of 2011 and began using it then. It leaves my hair soft, manageable and it smells great. I mix it with my oils (Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut Oil) and deep condition for one hour. It works great and I am very pleased with this product. I just wish it came in an economy size since it is costly to use it weekly.

Francesca Oakboro, NC

Must Have

I absolutely love this conditioner. I’ve been using it for about 4 or 5 years now. I have afro-textured 4a/4b, relaxed hair and this conditioner makes my hair feel like silk. When I have lots of new growth, it melts the tangles away making detangling sooooo incredibly easy for me. This product is a staple of mine.

Manuela Era, TX

great conditioner

this conditioner is moisturizing but the bottle is small and i used it up in a i would purchase again but i found something better.

Nichole Pittsfield, NH

Pretty decent

I have really dry hair that often gets tangled and breaks off easily. So after hearing from a friend, I should try this hair mask. I thought okay and was very surprised. It really made my hair soft and I could tell that my hair had improved through one use when I flat ironed it. Gone were the tangles and dryness. My hair no longer felt like brillowpad and seemed to be recovering. However, I would not buy this product again simply because its too expensive. You only get 8 ounces which is a small amount. With my thick hair, I could be finished with this jar in 3-4 shampoo uses. I believe that I can find an equally good deep conditioner with much more. It was good but I’ll probably keep looking for something with a greater value that will last longer.

Valarie Rutland, ND

Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 oz

Works really well on my natural Afro textured hair. Makes my hair soft and smells amazing, I do recommend to EVERYONE

Bettie Koyukuk, AK

Conditions very well without weighing the hair down- perfect for thin hair

I use this hair mask as a conditioner after shampoo for the last couple of years now. It does a great job for me. I have a very oily scalp (dandruff), thin , fuzzy and curly hair. I use a very tiny amount in shower, keep it on for a couple of minutes and rinse. It doesn’t wear my hair down and doesn’t leave a oily residue after my hair is dry. It smells very nice. I tried many many other conditioners, none of them was comparable. Only a tiny amount is enough for all my hair so 6 oz lasts very long time. Great deal, highly recommended.

Sally South Beloit, IL


Its good, and leaves hair soft, but Morrocan Oil for me is much better. bought 2 because my sister does not like Morrocan, prefers this one. so, each of us have different opinions.

Bettie North Adams, MI

This is the Best Hair Mask Ever!!!

Im just going to put it out there, and say that this is the best hair mask Ive used in a long time. I have tried very expensive brands and they have nothing on the Triple Moisture Mask. I have very corase hair that I consider to be type 4b, so I use a lot more that a dime size and I leave it on for at least 45 mins to and hour. I use the mask just like any of my deep condiditoner or hair mask. My hair feels so soft and tangle free after using this product. This is diffenently one of my staple DC this is a product I can not be without. I hope they never change the way this product is made. It may have some cones in it but it does my hair good 🙂

Katina Hannibal, MO

light, super moisturize

smize while you’s super light! does the job. smells amazing. 10/10 would do again best deep hair mask that i’ve used.

Kristen Baltimore, MD

will keep purchasing this

I have very sensitive skin (to fragrances mostly) and this doesn’t break me out at all. I also have severely dry hair and using this 3 days a week has helped to make my hair a bit softer and MUCH easier to brush out.

Lillie Carrollton, MS

Make dry hair soft

I have natural 3c/4a hair with protein overload. I just started using this and after one application my hair is soft.

Hester Young, AZ

Thank you neutrogena

This is the best I ever used. I like it very much. It makes my life full of good-hair day.

Felicia Melrose, IA

Love it!

This product works as well as people say it does. excellent for very dry hair. Restores the moisture and life in your hair. Mine hair is heat and chemically damages, but this product really made a difference after using it only twice. It’s now part of my routine.

Victoria Wetmore, KS

Neutrogena Clean Replenishing Deep Recovery Hair Mask, 6 oz

Do its job. Hair feel moisturized and smooth.I would recommend it to anyone has long hair.s s s

Ann Linden, AL

Great for repairing damage or for general maintenance

Once a week I strip my hair of buildup using Neutrogena’s anti-residue shampoo, and then condition with this. Keeps my hair sleek and shiny. Best deep conditioner I’ve used and great price.

Mia Springfield Center, NY

This was definitely not worth the money.

I bought this Neutrogena Hair Mask and the Daily Deep Conditioner–this did absolutely nothing to my hair. I might be exaggerating a little, but if felt like I put it in and after keeping it in for a couple of hours it just came right out. When I used the Daily Deep Conditioner, I put it in and then washed it out after the remainder of my shower, which was like 10 min. HUGE difference!

Adela Clearlake, CA

Not for me

I have long, fine hair, greasy on the roots but dry at the ends. I was looking for a good and cheap moisturizing treatment. I read many reviews about Nutrogena Triple Moisture at the web and Amazon. Every time i use it ( i just put it from the middles through ends) my hair feels greasy and heavy as if it were dirty. I think it most be for very dry and damaged hair.

Gail Nebraska City, NE

Leaves hair feeling soft and strong without annoying residue

A lot of deep conditioners unfortunately leave a nasty residue after use. They might make your hair look fabulous but you absolutely can’t let anyone touch your beautiful tresses because they feel totally disgusting.Thats why I love this hair mask! Its perfect in so many ways…. During the summer I use it once every 3 weeks (or more frequently if I’ve been using a lot of heat and styling products) and during the winter about every 9 days.My favorite part is the winter static prevention.My thin hair is incredibly prone to become static and on some days I look electrocuted by mid afternoon.I’m so glad thats under control now because of this.

Clare Brackettville, TX

makes my hair feels gross

I’ve heard so many good things about this product but my hair didn’t take to well to it. It made my hair very stringy and dry. Used it twice and both times it was just disgusting.

Tammy Walker, LA

luv Neutrogina Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask

Neutrogina Triple Moisture Deep Recovery hair Mask is extremely moisturizing. I use this treatment overnight. I allow it stay in my hair for at leat 8 hrs. The next morning, i rinse it out. My hair is very soft,shiny, and deep-moisturized. It only comes in one size, small. It cost about $8. Its small enough to throw in your purse for traveling or overnight stays.When you need a emergency fix for your hair, this is the product to use. It will transform your dry damaged hair into beautiful healthy hair.

Dolores Durango, CO

Helps revive bleached damaged hair

I go to cosmetology school and wanted blond hair. The instructor bleached my hair 4 times in a row. Imagine the damage I received from that! My hair felt like a wig that was thrown into a closet for months. I bought this at walgreens on sale. I left it in for 30 mins and my hair felt amazing. You can run your hand through it. I even bought a shower cap (hello kitty of course) and I sleep with this in my hair over night. To rinse this out I suggest using cold water to close the cuticle up and cold water adds shine to your hair. 🙂 I would recommend this product to anyone.

Doretha Susanville, CA

Loreal’s works better

It looks like lotion and has a mild scent, but I think the Loreal brand works a little better. I’d still use both, as I just started trying this product about a month ago.

Susanna Jacksboro, TN