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Neutrogena Body Lotion, Light Sesame Formula, 32 Ounce

Feel the difference. The sheer, part lotion, part sesame oil formula of Neutrogena Body Lotion silkens your skin while it moisturizes. It’s so sheer, it absorbs instantly to allow your skin to breath. The whisper-light lotion glides on easily and leaves skin soft and silky.

Key features

  • 32 ounce bottle
  • Special Value
  • Absorbs instantly
  • Softens and silkens skin
  • A Whisper Light Skin-Silkening Moisturizer

Honest reviews



I love neutrogena, but this does not last long I do get ashy later on during the day but it smells good. I will not buy this one again.

Dale Elroy, WI


love the feeling of pampering myself and the scent is nice for its not overwhelming but will make you feel clean and fresh plus the size is ideal to make it last longer.

Roxie Tescott, KS

Best reasonably-priced body lotion I’ve ever tried

I don’t buy very expensive body lotions, so it’s possible there are others out there that are better. However, for the price, this is the one for me. I’ve used Neutrogena products before and used to use the regular Neutrogena body lotion. This lotion, with sesame oil is the best. Nice soft skin, without that greasy feeling. I highly recommend this product.

Dorothy Hanceville, AL

Good to have large size

We use this every morning & frankly, I get tired of trying to get that last ounce or so out of the smaller bottles. Really like the large size, very convenient.

Lupe Battle Creek, NE

Perfect lotion

I buy this regularly – a better deal when bought in this quantity. Some lotions have caused me skin problems, but never this one. Seems to be perfect for me – a "light" lotion that I use every day all year long. No more flakey skin!!!

Sherri Revillo, SD


goes on sheer and not greasy and perfect for summer. I have used this for years and always been happy. It has a clean light fragrance and the large size is an excellent value. I will buy again!

Roxanne Boyne Falls, MI

Golden oil of youth in a lotion, perfection!

This lotion is a pure dream, it feels wonderful on after a bath or a shower and goes on in a light layer that hydrates the skin, making it feel silky and elastic. I cannot describe how nice it is to use it in the morning and not have it stick to clothes. It’s even light and fast enough to use at night when I’m tired and it still does a great job of quickly quenching any thirst in the epidermis. Not to mention the light nutty scent, the sesame seed is a golden little nugget of rich nourishment to the skin, it smells woody and so light, making me feel pampered and relaxed.In the winter I combine this with a rich and silky body wash, nice salt scrubs and when I use any self tanner it makes the skin glow, sesame oil has long been known to be beneficial to the skin, being called the healing beauty oil that is not only beautifying but also has antibacterial properties. In fact this year I’m planning on slathering this oil on as much as possible, the more I read about it on the internet the more wonderful it is, the cure for dry hair and scalp and skin conditions as it’s even said to penetrate to the bone marrow as it helps toxins pass, it’s literally a miracle product. In bath or shower or in my salad, sesame seed oil will be on my radar this year and this lotion makes it so easy to use daily, the size for this price is truly amazing.- Kasia S.

Carol Oakville, CA

the best!!

This is the absolute best body lotion ever. If you use this, you will NEVER go back to anything else. It goes on nicely, smells heavenly and makes your skin ever so soft. The light sesame aroma is perfect and not overpowering. I will continue to buy forever!!!

Lakesha Plummer, MN

Great Value!!!

I love this lotion and so happy to have 32 oz bottle!!! Smells great love the way it feels not too thick or greasy!!!! Great product!

Ava Grassy Meadows, WV


Love the light smell and feel with this lotion. I was expecting the lotion to be be very heavy and thick….its not. Its perfect for me.

Dixie Palestine, WV

Love this moisturizer

I use both this and the sesame oil . I love them. My skin feels smooth and healthy. The pump makes it easy to dispense too. It is very light and not greasy.

Kristie Big Bay, MI

Makes skin shine without being greasy !

I love it and would keep buying more. Moisturizes, yet you hardly feel it on the skin.I can see the skin shine after application.

Althea Grambling, LA

Nice feel and love the fragrance

I am a big fan of the oil version: the best. But I wanted something that I can use at work or transfer to traveller’s pack. The cream version did not disappoint, it was light to apply, and without the stickiness, you can feel your hands are smoother. Love the light sesame fragrance, just like the oil version. Great value. Love it.

Carissa Silverton, CO

This stuff is awesome.

I bought this along with the sesame oil, since my skin has been VERY dry this winter. So i’ve been putting on the oil first then once i’m done i will go back through and put lotion on. Even after doing both i’m not greasy. This lotion works well alone and has a nice light scent. It absorbs rather quickly so you don’t have to wait for it to try. Only down side is i went through a whole 8.5oz in a little less than a month. I’m happy to find the bigger bottle on amazon.

Queen Kennedale, TX

Soft and not greasy!

I’ve always loved this lotion, but haven’t been able to find this 32 oz size in local stores. I go through the small bottle quickly, and it’s more cost effective to buy it in the large size. The price on this item was awesome!

Cornelia Kane, PA